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  1. It just means that you'll get more points per fish if you're using a lower test line to catch it. I actually quite like that option, as it "intensifies" the drill, and makes you think more about the right setup for the target fish. E.g. you'll get less points for catching a trophy LMB on a 9 kg BassCaster setup, than you'll get for the same fish, using a 6 kg JigWinner / or even FeatherLight setup.
  2. There's already been a lot of good tips in this topic. Maybe the best one I can give you is to make friends in this game. To me, it's pretty rude to expect someone who has put thousands of hours into this game to give you a quick walk-through with all the tips he or she gathered during years of practice. Why would he or she teach random guys how to compete with - or even beat him / her? Don't send random messages to the guys that always finish top 10. Talk to the people on the lake, that are fishing next to you. If they're catching what you're trying to catch, ask them how they do it. From my experience, most people in this game are pretty chill, and always willing to help a newbie out. Be nice to them, and ask them if they'd like to join you in a party. By the time, you'll make a friend here and there. For once, it's much more fun to fish with other people. Also, you'll gather much more info on spots, equipment, etc. when sharing info with each other. But it's a give and take. The guys in the top 10 won't gather anything from feeding you with info. But another player that's trying to make his way to the top is gonna be more willing to share his tips with you, if he's also gonna get some from you. I wouldn't have made it to the top 3 in the carp tourney last year, if it wasn't for this random guy from the UK I met, and was training with for a couple of days. He's a great fisherman and a nice guy. And also trying to compete with the "same names". We shared everything we found out, wished each other luck, and gave our best. Standing in Weeping Willow, we recently met two guys, that were catching 30 kg+ carp all the time. We talked to them, invited them to our party, and found out that they weren't interested in comps & tourneys at all. They were holding their own "private competition", going for the illusive 40 kg carp - fiddling around with groundbaits and boilies, and finding new spots. They had the rule that each time one catched a 30 kg+ carp, the other one had to drink a shot. And they were just getting shit-faced on the weekends, having the time of their lifes They taught us a thing here and there and showed us some spots. We had a great time, and since they were not interested in comps at all, I don't feel bad for using their info in the comps. But even they wouldn't share their secret recipe, that took them weeks and months to put together. And who could blame them? In the end, you still gotta do some research and practice on your own, if you wanna get better. Which brings me to my next tip: Do research on you own! Sure, youtube videos and twitch stream are sometimes a great resource for finding out new stuff. You can connect with people all over the world, and maybe get a new spot from a guy from france, or brasil, or russia.. But in the end, knowing stuff that nobody else knows it what gets you to the top. E.g., if the guy on youtube shows the whole world 2 spots for trophy small mouth bass, and you yourself gathered 5 or 6 by scouting around the lake, that puts you in a pretty good position for the next tourney. If all they guys are using a lure that gets you 30% trout while fishing, and you yourself found one that only bass bite on, you've got a pretty decent advantage in the next tourney. The list goes on and on.. And if you're with 2 or 3 people practicing, you can gather even more info to share with each other. So there's a lot of stuff you can do to better your chances of winning. Being able to catch more of the target species / weight in less time is always the goal. Having more spots, getting the fish out of the water quicker, and being able to adapt to what the game is giving you is the key, and comes with experience. Definitely true. You won't get too far by playing every competition soon as it pops up. You'll have better chances if you just stay at one lake for a while, and get to know it first. Where is fish activity? What fish are there? How do they behave on different conditions? What's the best lure, and time of day, what setup do you feel comfortable with, etc.? Try to find a good rotation to constantly catch good fish, put down some buoys, and then test your experience in the comps. Competition days can still be quite different from regular fishing days, and in the end you'll have to take part in the comps to learn them. For the first couple of tries, if you can manage to catch half of what the top guys / gals are catching, you know you're doing something right. Then it's up to you to find ways to improve from there. Lastly, it's the famous RNG that can get you to the top, or have you fall on your ass. No matter the practice and experience. And that's the only thing you can't control. The game decides if you're catching a 1,3 kg trophy bass, or a 1,9 kg trophy bass. That's just luck. But you can control if you're catching only 10 trophies during the tourney, or manage to get 40.
  3. Sure bud. Only downside of the lighter sinker is the lesser casting distance. Just put it on, try it out in Texas (no travel fee), and see if you can still make the distance you feel comfortable with. Usually you don't need anything above 47-50 m, which I guess will still be possible with the lighter sinker and the HeavyChaser - especially since you're already using braid line. Tight lines!
  4. Maybe use a lighter sinker on your rod. The sinker's and the bait's weight add up, and have to be under the max weight your rod can handle. So if the 200 sinker + large cutbait is too much, try a 175 or 150 sinker. Then you should be fine Of course, duck mussel meat is cool for wels, too. But be aware that some carp like it as well. Also, large cutbait / minnows *might* get you bigger fish. Can't confirm though. Just a feeling.
  5. Seems like a nice setup! Try the bigger casting spoons or single spoons for pike, and try fishing closer to the bottom of the waterway. But beware of the wels catfish. They bite on single spoons, too! The Mega Chuber is a carp rod, which means you can only equip carp baits on it. You might catch one or two wels catfish on peas, too, but cutbait would definitely be the better choice. Get a heavy bottom rod to be able to do so. The Bottom Sniper is on the lower end, the CatBoxer would be the better choice. The Ambusher reels should pair nicely with it, depending on your leader. Try a #6/0 hook with large cutbait.
  6. It all depends on what fish you wanna be going for. If you want to spinfish for the pike, I'd recommend at least a Loki - probably with a titanium leader. The asp put up a great fight if you use a JigWinner. Same goes for the different Zanders. You could also use a BigAlli to bottom fish for those. As for the catfish, I'd suggest a heavy bottom rod. Like a HeavyChaser - or maybe a CatBoxer, if you haven't unlocked the HeavyChaser yet. Same goes for the Beluga. But keep in mind that you can't keep those. For the carp, you should at least bring a Carp Ranger. And for the small stuff (roach etc.), a small feeder rod (e.g. LakerPro, CreekPro) should do.
  7. Thank you for collecting and sharing the data, buddy! It's been a while since I've played fishing planet. Got pretty bored and upset with all the farming that's neccessary, and the bugs that don't get fixed for months and years.. But I wanted to play some tournaments again, which is why I'm trying to get out of the red figures currently.. I've been collecting data from the previous Ubersheet, and also found a new one that Wicked Viking shared with the community. It already has almost all of the data in it, but since I wanted to work with the numbers a little more, I had to copy them over into a more usable format.. So far this is still a work in progress, but it might have some potential to help out (especially newer) players, I think: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cSoHoltK9cb3IjeahTcO04I1b5B83FBrKN0BC4waQGo/edit#gid=383874741 I was looking for a way to have the sheet automatically calculate which fish are worth farming at a specific lake. Most of the time, you can't solely go for the fish with the highest price per kg / lbs. E.g. in California, the LMB and SMB have the highest price per kg, with 160 / 165. But nobody with a sane mind would want to farm 300 kgs of bass in California Then again, the biggest fish (e.g. wels catfish) are usually also the ones with the lowest price per kg. The best fish for farming are usually the ones that combine the best of two worlds: a pretty decent price per kg, and a reasonable size to fill your net pretty quickly. Which is why the sheet automatically highlights the fish with a cash value above 100 per kg / 45 per lb (which seems to be the sweet spot when it comes to effectiveness), whose weights are above the lake's median. I was expecting it to bring up some weird results on lakes where there's big catfish that f*ck up the median. But it seems to work alright. I added an option at the top to enter your net's size, in order to calculate the "net worth" for each fish (currently only work with kgs). Just to give people an idea of what you can expect from a full net (non-premium account). And also the min. number of fish you need to catch to fill that net. Mostly to emphasize that small fish are not worth it Keep in mind that this is assuming you only catch max weight fish. Might change this to median or something more realistic in the future. Also, the sheet is not taking into account the fact that most species have different prices per kg / lb for trophys and uniques. Even though this data is available, I don't know how to take it into account, and if the difference is really big enough. I plan on adding the travel & license costs to each page (in order to calculate how many days you have to stay at the lake to make some profit), add the option to select your net from a drop-down (incl. lbs), maybe even include bait prices, and do some kind of resumé.. Let me know if you have any ideas on how to further improve the sheet. Also, there's still a lot of data missing for Mississippi. If somebody has already collected the figures, let me know! Same goes for any mistakes you might find. tl;dr: I had too much time on my hands and geeked out with Excel No surprises: Pike in Michigan, Carp in the UK, and Sturgeon in Cali are still the best farms. Peru seems to be the big money-maker (haven't had the pleasure to go there, yet), and Mississippi is looking pretty bad so far, money-wise. While it doesn't show anything new, it might be of help for newer players, or maybe worth printing out at some point.
  8. I was just talking about this with my friends yesterday.. tackle box templates would be awesome! It's super annoying to always unequip all the carp stuff (4 rods, 20 or more baits, carp hooks, weights, pva bags, etc.) when moving from the UK to somewhere else - and the other way around. Just let us create different templates - e.g. "carp", "bass" etc. with all the needed gear, and have the game automatically re-pack our bags. Going for Salmon in Alaska? Guess you won't need those bass jigs. Going for carp in the UK? Click the template and take your boilies with you.. One could define templates by fish or by location or even by tournament.. I'd even pay baitcoins for those templates They always keep adding more content to the game, and loads of different species to one lake, that need different setups. But the jackets are always too small. Especially the DLC jackets, that we paid for with real money, and are now rotting away in our home storages..
  9. Actually, I don't like this idea at all. When the timer runs out, the competition is done. It's as fair as it can get. Why would somebody get an extra minute or two "overtime", just because he hooked a fish last minute - or even just had his line in the water last minute? We all know the struggles of being only a couple of seconds too late with the winning fish. But, like I said, it's as fair as it can get. And if you look at the bright side: the adrenaline rush of getting the winning fish out of the water only two seconds BEFORE the timer runs out feels amazing. Even more so in a semi-final or final.
  10. You most likely overshot the white thingy your power bar needs to land in. Try pressing R2 a little earlier. If you press it as soon as the power bar touches the white part, you should land right in the middle. It always moves a little further after you pressed R2; it's not instant. No need to keep L2 pressed.
  11. 1. Ja. Jeder Teil deiner Ausrüstung nutzt sich ab und muss repariert (bzw. ersetzt) werden. Ruten, Spulen, dein Kescher / Stringer, deine Rutentasche, Jacke, etc. müssen von Zeit zu Zeit repariert werden. Schnur und Schwimmer musst du ersetzen, wenn sie durch sind. Wenn ein Ausrüstungsteil unter x % erreicht hat (früher waren es wohl 90%, aktuell glaub ich 75%), poppt, sobald du wieder nach Hause reist, ein Fenster auf über das du alle besagten Teile auf einmal reparieren kannst. Wenn du händisch ein bestimmtes Teil reparieren möchtest, musst du es zuerst aus deiner Rutentasche raus nehmen um es reparieren zu können. Das geht natürlich auch bei Spulen 2. Jap. Ausrüstungsteile die brechen, oder wegen nicht erfolgter Reparatur auf 0% runter sind, sind für immer kaputt und müssen neu gekauft werden. 3. Hab ich noch nicht ausprobiert, um ehrlich zu sein. Ich glaube aber, dass DLC-Gear auch bei 0% noch repariert werden kann. Wenn die Rute oder Rolle bricht, weiss ich nicht was passiert. Kann sein dass sie dann trotzdem weg sind, kann sein dass man sie reparieren kann. Neu kaufen geht ja bei vielen DLC-Sachen nicht. Lass es einfach nicht drauf ankommen Oder, schreib im Ernstfall Mal eine (englische) Mail an den Support: support@fishingplanet.com Die helfen - je nach Laune - auch gerne Mal aus
  12. Sure bud, if you got any data on Mississippi, I'll be happy to put it in there Wow, that's strange. I noticed that the russian Wiki states, that for some species, the uniques pay more per kg than common. The other way around sounds quite strange. Do you remember what species are affected by this?
  13. Yeah, I totally agree. That'd be a great feature. Once you have 400+ buoys sparkled across your lakes, it would help make it easier to identify the ones you're looking for. We had this idea in the "Future Development" forums a while ago, too:
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