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  1. Cool. Can't wait for this to be released on PS4. Could have potential for some fun weekends! Especially when there are no interesting or just amateur comps on the schedule. Maybe some players will come up with some interesting ideas for comps. Are there any plans on getting inspired, and converting some of the more creative and most played custom comps into official comps?
  2. Calm down guys. You don't know what waterways and fish the devs had already in mind when they put out the update with the bottom rods. As of now, the strongest leader is more than sufficient to get all the fish currently in the game out of the water quite easily. And when they introduce bigger fish, I'm sure they'll come with some stronger leaders. Just keep your HeavyChasers and be glad that they still have room for improvement / upgrades. When the update is released, you'll only need to purchase some leaders and a line and you're ready to go. No money wasted.
  3. Yup. TBH I don't like the fact that they left quickstrike in the game either. But that's how I completed the achievement as well. During the One by One comp. And for that achievement, quickstrike is indeed pretty fun - in a really sadistic way.. 30 quickstrikes in a row, not missing a single one is quite the challenge. But I somehow like that it's so hard - and almost not obtainable with "regular" techniques. Feels pretty dang good if you get it.. and the adrenaline rush after 20 or so fish.. not trying to miss no. 28 Thanks for the tip though Rota. Always quality stuff from you. I'll give it a shot next time.
  4. Hey guys, Since me and my friends are still unsure about buying the game, I was curious if any of you guys from the community can give me some feedback on the bugs in the F2P version, and if they have been fixed for the Fisherman: Has anyone gotten the point in leveling where they can use rod-stands yet? Can you maybe answer some of the following questions? - The problem with the rods being put away randomly / after each reeling in - has it been fixed? - The crazy lags after 30/60 minutes in-game, fishing with several rods and a rod-stand, are they still present? - The bug where it changes your reeling speed every time you put a rod in the rod stand on slot 1 & 3, is it still present? - What about the strength of the fish? Are they the same as in the current F2P version? - When you un-equip a PVA bag from a carp rod, does it still also remove your sinker? Any other bugs you noticed that got fixed? Maybe some that are still present, or maybe even new? I'm thankful for any insights. Most of the stuff I could find on YouTube is just returning players leveling up again, going for redear sunfish and shit.. Haven't really heard anything about making especially the PS4 players' experience any better by fixing annoying bugs.. I know about the crazy BC repair costs for DLC gear.. but how many BCs do you usually get for a uni? More like 4 or more like 30? Thanks guys!
  5. So you buy the game for 60-70 Euros to get the DLCs for free, and then you have to farm BCs in-game to unlock / buy them, and then you restrain from using the DLC gear and let it rot in your home storage because you can't afford the repair costs.. Great job fishing planet. You guys never seem to amaze me with your perfect balancing
  6. the women man.. they don't understand what it means to finally hook the trophy Nice anecdote. Made me laugh. I hope it's gonna work out next time tight lines!
  7. Yeah that seems pretty big for the bass in Mudwater. Anything with a #1 or #1/0 hook should be enough for that lake. Casting Spoons, BassJigs, or #1 and #1/0 Jigheads with 2in or 2 1/2 in worms / craws should work. As for the mission, I'd use a #1 or #1/0 (Mini) Bass Jig in Mudwater. In order to catch the big bass for the mission, go for the Trophy LMB in Neherrin River with a #2/0 BassJig. They get much bigger than the ones in Mudwater. Tight lines buddy!
  8. Did a quick edit of the footage I had lying around on my PS4 from the last tourney. Maybe this helps: As for the timezones - apart from what's shown in the video: don't ask me Maybe the Ubersheet helps; maybe you need to find out for yourself..
  9. I don't really fish much in Mudwater. The last I remember was the bass tourney there.. Trophys are really hard to get. You're lucky if you get one, maybe 2 per hour. Don't know if this used to be different at some point. What was working best for me in the tourney was a 7g #1 Jighead with a 7 cm worm. The blue, white and chocolate one were my favourites (on a sunny day). But, they seem to be as rare as Unis.
  10. Yeah, I agree that it could use a little more balancing. Because not all species have changed in the same way. I'm not a real fisherman, so I don't know where the differences for different species are. I can only imagine that Pike and muskies have more power, and put up more of a fight than other species. But while I like the fight with the sturgeons in Cali on the HeavyChaser now - as well as the big trout in Alberta on the Zeus, I think they overdid it a little with the Pike. An 8kg trophy will run away 4, 5, 6 times on a 16kg setup (Brutus 360). I don't think that's fair. On the other hand, a 9kg unique gar in neherrin will come in smoothly on a 9kg setup (Fenix 450). I haven't really tried the catfish in MI yet, so I can't say anything about it. But the dollys in Alaska seem to not have changed at all. I find this quite confusing. You'd think they just put +25% power to everything. But it seems to me they added +50% to everything above 10kgs. Or, maybe, to everything that's worth farming. Just to make the grind even harder? That'd be even more ridiculous..
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