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  1. You most likely overshot the white thingy your power bar needs to land in. Try pressing R2 a little earlier. If you press it as soon as the power bar touches the white part, you should land right in the middle. It always moves a little further after you pressed R2; it's not instant. No need to keep L2 pressed.
  2. 1. Ja. Jeder Teil deiner Ausrüstung nutzt sich ab und muss repariert (bzw. ersetzt) werden. Ruten, Spulen, dein Kescher / Stringer, deine Rutentasche, Jacke, etc. müssen von Zeit zu Zeit repariert werden. Schnur und Schwimmer musst du ersetzen, wenn sie durch sind. Wenn ein Ausrüstungsteil unter x % erreicht hat (früher waren es wohl 90%, aktuell glaub ich 75%), poppt, sobald du wieder nach Hause reist, ein Fenster auf über das du alle besagten Teile auf einmal reparieren kannst. Wenn du händisch ein bestimmtes Teil reparieren möchtest, musst du es zuerst aus deiner Rutentasche raus nehmen um es reparieren zu können. Das geht natürlich auch bei Spulen 2. Jap. Ausrüstungsteile die brechen, oder wegen nicht erfolgter Reparatur auf 0% runter sind, sind für immer kaputt und müssen neu gekauft werden. 3. Hab ich noch nicht ausprobiert, um ehrlich zu sein. Ich glaube aber, dass DLC-Gear auch bei 0% noch repariert werden kann. Wenn die Rute oder Rolle bricht, weiss ich nicht was passiert. Kann sein dass sie dann trotzdem weg sind, kann sein dass man sie reparieren kann. Neu kaufen geht ja bei vielen DLC-Sachen nicht. Lass es einfach nicht drauf ankommen Oder, schreib im Ernstfall Mal eine (englische) Mail an den Support: support@fishingplanet.com Die helfen - je nach Laune - auch gerne Mal aus
  3. Sure bud, if you got any data on Mississippi, I'll be happy to put it in there Wow, that's strange. I noticed that the russian Wiki states, that for some species, the uniques pay more per kg than common. The other way around sounds quite strange. Do you remember what species are affected by this?
  4. Yeah, I totally agree. That'd be a great feature. Once you have 400+ buoys sparkled across your lakes, it would help make it easier to identify the ones you're looking for. We had this idea in the "Future Development" forums a while ago, too:
  5. Basically, all the feeder rods you can acquire at level 20 will get you far enough. If you want a nicely balanced and maxed out setup, go for the AllRound 390 (LVL 16) with a Breamer 4000 (LVL 20) reel. https://imgur.com/a/DkZ9UJ7 You can easily cast out 300 ft. (85+ m) with this, which should be more than enough for the flounder, and all other fish. Go with Fluoro 0.3 mm or Mono 0.3mm line, the 0.22 mm mono leader, and a 100 g sinker (or 80 g feeder). EDIT: Keep in mind though that the Flouro and Mono lines are too heavy for this rod (unfortunately this is the only way to max out the rod's and leader's max test). So only take this setup to lakes where you know what you can expect.
  6. Well, no, nobody has done a sheet like that yet, as far as I know But I think it would be hard to determine the variables for putting up a sheet like that. What lures would you use to compare the throwing distance on the different rods? Not all rods can equip the same lure. Also, not all reels can equip the same line. And not all reels work on all rods.. So the best you could get would be a tendency, and at best only a couple of metres difference. I think the amount of time that'd go into such a sheet is in no relation to the benefit it gives you. There's just a few basics when it comes to casting distance. Like, longer rod, thinner line, heavier lure = more casting distance. Spinning rods are generally longer than casting rods, which is why they give you more casting distance. Braid line is the thinnest, which is why it is best when it comes to casting distance. And the medium spoons seem to be the most aerodynamic lures, which is why they cast out the furthest. Then, there are some reels that are better than others when it comes to casting distance. Like the Espira reels (for spinning), and the Counsellor reels (for casting). Also, there are one or two rods that are exceptionally great as far as casting distance goes. Like, the JigWinner that you already mentioned, which I guess will get you the furthest. Also, the Thora is great, too. I did a more detailed write-up on this topic a year ago, and mentioned some of my favourite far-caster setups. I guess it's cool if I just reference this here: The feeder / bottom and carp reels / rods bring a whole new level to casting distance. They all cast out 70+ / 80+ m easy, so I guess you don't really needed to compare them, as this gets you anywhere you'd like to be on the lake
  7. So a couple of days ago I found out that there seems to be a new "feature" to the game.. Some fish (until now I only know of the pike) can now bite through your line? Was this introduced as a way of justifying the new leaders? Don't get me wrong, I like the new thoughts you now have to bring to the table when building and choosing your setup. But it would've been nice to be informed of such changes via some patch notes, or that big-ass popup you usually use to sell your DLC gear. But nooo, I had to find out the hard way. By playing the Party of Five comp and losing the first uni that hit my lure.. Bit his way to freedom the sucker.. 9k travel cost, 8k for the license, then 9k travel cost again because I forgot my stringer, and when you hook the first big pike, it gets away because the devs thought it was a nice idea to add a new twist to the game God this game is frustrating at times.. A good 25k and an X-Series Casting Spoon down the drain, just to find out about some new "features" But back to topic: Anybody did some testing what leaders prevent you from losing pike? Do you have to use the titanium ones? Have you noticed this with other fish? Will the muskies do the same? Zander / Walleye? Anything else?
  8. First of all: welcome to the community, and welcome to the world of tournaments As kind of a long-term player, I can sense your frustration - as I've been at the same exact point about 2 or 3 years ago. And most of the times I still am @Tapatalgud made some good points in his post, and I'd like to help with clearing some things up from my personal experience as best as I can. First of all, like @Tapatalgud already mentioned, there are a lot of variables in this game: Weather conditions The first one being the weather conditions. I guess you already figured that one out by now, but apart from the different types of weather (sunny, cloudy, etc.), there's different air and water temperatures, wind directions and wind intensities. E.g. when I practiced for the carp tourney last year in the UK, there's a sunny day with west wind of 1,1 m/s, and there's a sunny day with west wind of 1,0 m/s. Those two conditions are NOT THE SAME. The info you gather while practicing at the one day will not work on the other day, as fish behaviour will be different. Same goes for a temperature difference - even if it's just 1°C. Old fish AI: fishing by the book Before they introduced the new fish AI from the european lakes, and incorporated them to the american waterways, it used to be enough to go by the ubersheet, find out the right timezones for the different spots at the exact weather conditions, and find the right lure / hook / depth or retrieval combination. Which is why I used to prepare for the tourneys by setting up a spreadsheet like this one. First I used to copy the trophy and unique times stated in the ubersheet, then I would find the exact weather conditions and time for the tourney (by looking at the tourney info and / or youtube videos from the year before), and then I would sit with my ass at the spots, and try to confirm the timezones / spots. What spots are there? At what time do they deliver trophys / uniques? How many do they deliver? Just 1? 2 or 3? What are the respawn-times? What baits and hook sizes can you use to minnow just the target species - especially the big ones? When the sheet was done, and I was able to replicate everything 2 or 3 times, I used to be confident about it, and most of the times be able to reproduce it in the tourneys as well. With the right setup and right rotation, there was little to no RNG involved. Sometimes you were just unlucky with the size of the uniques / trophys, and there's not much you can do about it. But apart from that, you were in a pretty good spot for the tourney all in all. New fish AI: more variables? Now since they introduced the new AI, a lot of that stuff doesn't work anymore. I don't know how big the changes are when it comes to the timezones and spots. The more experienced players may correct me and share their info - if they like. From my personal experience, most of them still seem to work, some don't. The respawn times seem to have changed from 30 mins in-game to 45 mins in-game. Which is why you sometimes see lower scores all in all in the comps. What has come to my mind, especially since that last LMBAC is that there are even more variables to the game. I don't know if they existed before, or if they're new. But like @Tapatalgud already said: When I was practicing for the 1st qualifier a couple of days ago, I used to do several runs at the EXACT SAME weather conditions and times. Some sessions, my setup with the jighead and different colored worms would work like a charm. In other sessions, I wouldn't catch hardly any bass with my worms, but the crayfish or newts would work great. I'd try bassjigs, casting spoons, etc. and not catch any decent bass on it. Which is why I wouldn't bring them to the qualifier. Then in the qualifier, the worms failed, and I couldn't get anything decent until the last 45 mins or so. Then, the worms would work great again. Player-specific "RNG" Since I'm always playing the tourneys with a couple of my friends, we usually keep each other updated with what works and what doesn't. We always enter the tourney at the same time, and most of the times we even end up in the same chat room. Still, we'd get different results regarding the spots / lures / lure colours. One of my friends used to catch 2 or 3 trophys in a row at spot #2 with the white worm, while I couldn't get hardly any trophys at that spot. And if I did, it was the acid green worm that worked way better for me. Which is why I don't think that the fish's preferences are linked to the server / chat room you're in. They seem to be randomized for every player. Basic tips for tourneys So, after the long talking (sorry ), to come to a conclusion, let me share my thoughts on what I think you can do to improve your chances at the tourneys: Find out the exact conditions and timezones for the tourney Yeah, you figured that out by now, I guess. Have a look at the tourney info, and if in doubt, go check youtube for last years' conditions. From what I've seen so far, they're the same 90% of the time. Thanks to the user generated competitions, you can now (finally!) set up a comp with the exact time frame yourself, and don't have to forward the time to day 17 or some crazy shit. Like, spend 30k on travel cost, repairs, and fishing licenses, before you can even do a decent practice run. Thank god for that. But keep in mind that you have to pay close attention to the temperature and wind conditions, in order to get the perfect day. Gather as many spots as you can - Make sure to use any resource you can think of. YouTube is always a quick way of gathering spots, like you already mentioned. Fast forward videos and streams from last years' tourney first. But also look for competition and leveling / farming guides that target the same species. - Don't rely solely on youtube. Look what other people at the lake are catching, and find out where they are catching it. - Talk to people. Most people in the FP community like to help each other out, and share info. Up to a certain point, of course. But it doesn't hurt to ask. I've met some great guys through this game, that helped me a lot. And training for comps and tourneys is just so much more efficient (and fun!) if you play with 3 or 4 other guys, and share the info you gathered. Which is part of why you always see the VFF, FPU, and CP guys on top. And if it wasn't for @kylerobz (what a great guy BTW!) and his help while practicing together for the carp tourney, I wouldn't have made 3rd place at all. But always be sure to give what you take. Nobody likes greedy people that just interrogate you for info you gathered over a couple of years, and never give back anything. - Try to confirm the spots you got from the different sources, and set buoys. Name the buoys with all the info that the game doesn't save on its own. Like the time of day, depth, hook size, etc. - Do your own testing. I can't emphasize this enough. Like @Tapatalgud said, you can't always replicate the stuff you see in streams, and think it will get you a top 3 position. Go to the lakes, bring a rod-pod, look for fish activity at the lake, cast out a couple of rods, and look whats beneath it. You might find spots that aren't on youtube yet. Most of the guys that constantly win comps and tourneys won't share all of their secrets. And who would blame them? The spots you find on your own might be the spots that bring you a top 10 position. The more spots you got, the better your options are. Set-up and balance your equipment As a nerd, this is one of the parts about it I like the most Find a setup that works for you, and you feel confident with. Since all the comps and tourneys are all about time, you should always go as heavy as possible. But don't overdo it. Sure, you'll have no trouble reeling in a small fish with your big-ass setup. But some fish might get scared if you throw a Zeus with a 20 kg braid line at them. Find out what you can expect at the lake. How big do the fish get? What other fish might bite on your bait / lure? What baits do they like? And which retrieval method do you prefer? For instance, putting a hornet swarm on your jigwinner might help with keeping the drill easy for trout. But the recovery might be too high to do a slow stop & go above ground with a 4g nano spinner. Or, the bass caster with a counsellor 3000 S might be perfect if you wanna constant reel on speed 1, and do twitching while keeping the bait just above the ground with a big bass jig. But it might be too quick / slow for a stop & go with a jighead and worm. Try out a couple of setups in Texas, save presets of what you feel confident with, then take them to the lake where the tourney is at, and see how they perform. When practice is done, you can bring a well stacked rod bag to the tourney. Like, have a jigwinner prepared for topwater lures, have a casting rod prepared with a jighead and worm, have another rod ready with a texas rig, one with a spinner, etc. etc. Different lure weights / types behave differently of different setups, and it will speed up your performance in the tourney a lot, if you just need to switch rods and spots - in opposition to re-equipping different lure types, and finding out that the bait is too heavy, or the reel is too quick / slow. Same goes for bobber fishing. In case you need different depths and / or hook sizes / bait at different spots / times, just prepare one setup for each case. Switch it up, be ready to adapt, and learn to fish by intuition / feeling Like we mentioned above, there are a couple of other variables to the game than just the weather conditions. The white worm might work perfectly in your training sessions, but it might not work at all in the tourney. Even at the same exact conditions / spots. In that case, you need to be ready to adapt. Having gathered a lot of spots helps. If one doesn't work, try the next one. Having prepared different setups might help. Can't catch anything on the worm? Get your bass jig setup out. Changing lure colours might help. Can't catch anything on the white worm? Try the acid green one. Some guys on the forums have said different in the last years, but from my personal experience changing the colour of the lure instead of changing the type of lure is sometimes enough to get fish biting again. The more you play the game, the more you play competitions and tourneys, the more you'll develop a feeling for when a spot is active, a lure is performing well, or it's not. Sometimes you need to be stubborn and patient in order to win, and sometimes you need to realize that you're wasting time by looking at your bobber, or throwing the same lure at the same spot for half an hour, not catching anything decent. You need to find the right balance. And it's only experience that'll get you there. Which brings me to my last point: Take notes If you're like me, you'll forget a lot of stuff I think nobody has all the spots and timezones in his head. Take notes of what works and what doesn't. Save buoys at the lakes, and name them with all the info you might need next time. Have a notepad by your side when you're fishing, or record videos of your qualifiers to be able to re-watch them next year. And don't get too frustrated if you finish somewhere in the 300s in your first tourney. There's 800 people from all over the world playing it. And more than half of them play it for the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th time. Keep notes of this year's tourney, and base your info for next year on that. If you can keep your motivation up, and do it again, you'll see yourself improve by the time. And to finally come to an end with my long-ass pseudo-knowledge: Same. Hope this helps anyways. Tight lines and good luck!
  9. I sent it to you via mail, and re-uploaded it to my dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/12mafrg66t37kfa/Fishing Planet Cash Values by Location.pdf?dl=0
  10. Nah, you're not the only one. It's all slow-motion for me, too. I was just getting used to it by now. Sometimes I can't hit my casts right when the game is NOT lagging, cause I'm so used to the freezes Playing for more than one hour makes it worse, sure. And using a rod-stand is dangerous business when it comes to frustration levels.. But some days, even after a fresh restart, casting your spinning rod in an empty chat room can cause lags. Fish not hooking properly (due to lag issues - not skill issues), ghost-fish disappearing, and stutters while casting & using the rod-pod are a daily issue for me and my mates, too. Couldn't really tell if it's gotten better or worse with the last updates. It's just there.
  11. Well they did that in the past. Bugfixes used to be included in major content updates only. Which meant we sometimes had to wait half a year for major, game-breaking bugs to be fixed. Like, the menu scrolling bug, which was reported in October, and fixed in February - with the Euro update. 4 months of not being able to manage your inventory without restarting the game 5 times in a row.. Does the size of the updates bother me? Yeah. But does it bother me to see bugfixes every week? Not at all man, not at all. I don't support the argument about FP being a Free-To-Play Game. Cause most of the free games generate more revenue than any full price title. Rocket League is free, but do you know how much money they make with the season passes and item shop? Fortnite is free, but do you know how many kids put all their money into skin packs? 2.4 billion in 2018. Candy Crush Saga? 1.1 billion. FIFA 18? Only 790 million... Sure, FP is a niche product, and will never appeal to such a large player base. But I'm sure they've made much more money with FP DLCs and premium accounts in the last year than Big Ben ever did with The Fisherman - being sold as a full-priced game. While I'm sure the devs love their game, I do understand that it's more than a hobby to them. They earn their living from it. And even as a free-to-play player, I think we all did our share to support the game. With forum posts, bug reports, youtube videos, twitch streams, word of mouth marketing, and last but not least with the DLCs and premium we all bought during that time. I think even F2P players can expect game bugs to be fixed in a reasonable time. To me, it's the right path they're taking with the more frequent updates.
  12. Yeah man, I get you. Takes me an hour as well.. On other games, bugfix updates are only 120 MB. For FP, you always have to download gigabytes of updates.. But I'm happy they push out updates so frequently now. I'd prefer downloading updates every couple of days than waiting for bugfixes for half a year.
  13. Yep, in this case it was a usual competition. I haven't played a lot of custom competitions so far. Only 2 or 3. Couldn't reproduce the error there. Maybe in the next days I can try some more. If it happens for custom comps again, I'll upload another video.
  14. Et voilà, here's a video of the incident. At 4:08 I register for the competition (Big Red Fish in this case). At 11:27 I try to enter the competition. When I go fishing, the game puts me in a random room, but obviously not the competition room. When I go back into the menu, I can still change spots, but I can't change the chat room, because it won't let me point the controller at the chat room button with d-pad. Also, I can't select the "finish competition" button. All in all, I can't do anything but re-start the game. After a restart, everything works as intended. Hope this helps.
  15. Thanks for sharing buddy. Everything above 500 BCs is just greedy if you ask me. But it's nice to know.
  16. Well Jamaica no problem Next time we'll record a video before we enter. If it helps them bug fixing, that's the least we can do Maybe also crowdfund a PS4 for the dev team. It might help. You never know. Enjoy your weekend guys. Maybe see you in one of the next custom comps. Tight lines!
  17. Well, while I was very excited for this update, I must say that it seems to be bugged on PS4.. When the competition starts, the counter counts down, you can enter, but if you start fishing, you're not in the competition. Not the right weather conditions, no top 10 table.. something is not working there. Once you restart the game, you can correctly enter the competition, choose your spot, go to the lake, and you'll see the scores. But since the user generated comps are live (why?), you'll have already lost 8 minutes of your fishing time by then. I really love this feature, and think it can bring so much to the game. But from my first impression it is still bugged. Happened at Weeping Willow UK. Will do some more testing in the next days. Thank you guys for putting it out. It'd be awesome if you could fix this, though. Thanks! Edit: why can't we give the comps custom names? I don't understand that part of it. Also, it doesn't show the wind direction when I create a custom comp. The menu is a bit confusing here. It'd be awesome if you could make it easier to identify and set the specific conditions. Thanks!
  18. Same for me. I scored 4th place in the 1st Qualifier but now it tells me I can play 3rd Qualifier? The semi-finals are still locked. FPU_FFM-89 and FPU_DaYwAlKeR76 had the same issue. Your Qualifier #1 is bugged, dear devs. Please fix and let us in. https://imgur.com/a/EG9cMFB
  19. Cool. Can't wait for this to be released on PS4. Could have potential for some fun weekends! Especially when there are no interesting or just amateur comps on the schedule. Maybe some players will come up with some interesting ideas for comps. Are there any plans on getting inspired, and converting some of the more creative and most played custom comps into official comps?
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