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  1. Yup. TBH I don't like the fact that they left quickstrike in the game either. But that's how I completed the achievement as well. During the One by One comp. And for that achievement, quickstrike is indeed pretty fun - in a really sadistic way.. 30 quickstrikes in a row, not missing a single one is quite the challenge. But I somehow like that it's so hard - and almost not obtainable with "regular" techniques. Feels pretty dang good if you get it.. and the adrenaline rush after 20 or so fish.. not trying to miss no. 28 Thanks for the tip though Rota. Always quality stuff from you. I'll give it a shot next time.
  2. Hey guys, Since me and my friends are still unsure about buying the game, I was curious if any of you guys from the community can give me some feedback on the bugs in the F2P version, and if they have been fixed for the Fisherman: Has anyone gotten the point in leveling where they can use rod-stands yet? Can you maybe answer some of the following questions? - The problem with the rods being put away randomly / after each reeling in - has it been fixed? - The crazy lags after 30/60 minutes in-game, fishing with several rods and a rod-stand, are they still present? - The bug where it changes your reeling speed every time you put a rod in the rod stand on slot 1 & 3, is it still present? - What about the strength of the fish? Are they the same as in the current F2P version? - When you un-equip a PVA bag from a carp rod, does it still also remove your sinker? Any other bugs you noticed that got fixed? Maybe some that are still present, or maybe even new? I'm thankful for any insights. Most of the stuff I could find on YouTube is just returning players leveling up again, going for redear sunfish and shit.. Haven't really heard anything about making especially the PS4 players' experience any better by fixing annoying bugs.. I know about the crazy BC repair costs for DLC gear.. but how many BCs do you usually get for a uni? More like 4 or more like 30? Thanks guys!
  3. Yeah, I agree that it could use a little more balancing. Because not all species have changed in the same way. I'm not a real fisherman, so I don't know where the differences for different species are. I can only imagine that Pike and muskies have more power, and put up more of a fight than other species. But while I like the fight with the sturgeons in Cali on the HeavyChaser now - as well as the big trout in Alberta on the Zeus, I think they overdid it a little with the Pike. An 8kg trophy will run away 4, 5, 6 times on a 16kg setup (Brutus 360). I don't think that's fair. On the other hand, a 9kg unique gar in neherrin will come in smoothly on a 9kg setup (Fenix 450). I haven't really tried the catfish in MI yet, so I can't say anything about it. But the dollys in Alaska seem to not have changed at all. I find this quite confusing. You'd think they just put +25% power to everything. But it seems to me they added +50% to everything above 10kgs. Or, maybe, to everything that's worth farming. Just to make the grind even harder? That'd be even more ridiculous..
  4. Thanks man, but I have to apologize for going off-topic in my mind. I wasn't talking about this specific bug. It happens, yes. But a blue-screen once a week doesn't really bother me. On PS4, we've been through blue-screen hell last year, and we've had to cope with the menu issues for half a year or so. We're not easy to break What DOES indeed bother me is the rods being out away constantly. I wrote about it here, and included video footage: I don't want to stop you from investigating the blue screen stuff, but this bug is really a lot more annoying, as it happens on a daily basis, every couple of minutes, to all of us on PS4, and ruins the fun in fishing e.g. (and especially) Pike & muskies in Michigan with a rod stand. I'd be more than happy to contribute more to the investigation of THAT bug than any other. It'd be awesome if devs could get that one fixed soon. Also, we'd like to get some features back that were once available to us. Like And Again, sorry for going off-topic. And sorry for flaming at support. But some bugs are really kind of game-breaking and frustrating, and should get more attention I believe. The last weekend in MI really messed me up.. And the last two are just features that were at one time present in the game, and got removed (by accident?) somehow. It'd be great to have them back. Again, thank you for taking the time to read my ranting have a good start into the week
  5. Thanks man, I know about the bug reporting procedure, I know my way around the forums, and I have sent my share of emails to support. I just feel like I can't be bothered anymore to invest the time to write emails, when support is making your feel like an idiot with that "it is a known bug and will be fixed with the next one update". When? 2021? Will you let me in on what is causing the bug? Can I somehow provide you with additional information that might help fix the bug? Do you get a thank you for describing the bug? Nah. Nothing. I was once happy to help, but TBH I don't care anymore. Thank you for actually reading and replying though. That's a step in the right direction. Appreciate it
  6. Happens on PS4 as well. Not nearly every time, but sometimes. Pressed options, map opens, pressed R1 a couple of times to go to the friends list, game crashed.
  7. Bump. Standing in Germany now. Happens after every cast. For like an hour. Really annoying. I can hear my nerves ripping..
  8. Wenn das Spiel beim Ladebildschirm hängen bleibt bedeutet das meistens dass die Server nicht erreichbar sind. Wartungsarbeiten vielleicht. Einfach später nochmal versuchen.
  9. What a nice post. Totally agree. I met some awesome people through this game, and have had a lot of fun evenings and weekends with FP and the people that play it. It is indeed an awesome game, otherwise we wouldn't be sticking around for so long. Tight lines everybody.
  10. Hm I'm kinda undecided on this. It's a double-edged sword. On the one hand I'm with @Rotacomando on this: I like a good fight, and I got nothing against a little challenge in the game. A 25kg sturgeon should not just fly out of the water - same goes for a unique catfish, clear muskie, etc. Even with heavy gear those fish should pose a challenge. I haven't really tried the catfish and muskies yet, but I noticed that the trophy trout in Alberta got stronger, too. Even with the Zeus + Kraken. And I liked that. On the other hand, it should still be possible to get big fish out of the water with slighty lighter gear, too. I liked targeting the uni Pike and tiger muskie with the Fenix. Just because it was a nice fight, in comparison to the Brutus. But with the last few patches (and the last one especially, like you guys stated) the fish not only got stronger (which I'm in favor of), but are also impossible to get out of the water if not using top notch gear. There is no tiring effect (anymore?), and it has been like this for a while now. You can get em as close as 20 m if you take your time; but then they run away to 50 m again. Again and again. I've spent 30-60 real-life mins fighting the fish, until I gave up. This is really frustrating. Feel free to make it hard for the players, but give them a chance. Don't bait people into believing they stand a chance against the fish, and then make them give up after an hour. Either let the fish get tired after a while, and offer players a chance to land them, or just make the line snap at some point in the fight. As a way of telling people "this one's too big. Don't waste your time." And I agree with @kylerobz, too: A game is supposed to make you feel good when you play it. Offer a challenge, but give people a reasonable chance. And then reward players if they achieve something. As of now, the grind is hard enough as is. They're still kind of left alone when it comes to figuring out how to make a balanced setup, not get bankrupt due to travel fees, and after all of that, also learn the mechanics. Which should be way more important than keeping an eye on your money. If the fish get even stronger now, and choosing the right setup becomes even more important than ever before, people might run away before even making it to Michigan. Sure, an OmniFloat shouldn't pull a big catfish out if the water. But I think the devs overshot their goal. I too think that the balancing is not on point. To offer some kind of inspiration for landing big fish on lighter gear, though: Even after the last patch, I managed to get a 23+ kg uni carp out of the water in Germany, with a 12 kg setup (Ardix 400, EspiraDoublePunch 5500, Fluoro 0.45 mm) by closing the brake all the way, once I got the fish as close as 20 m. Which was the distance where the fish usually took off again. Might not work with all setups, as some part of your setup might brake (probably the line?), but it worked for this one. Don't remember it exactly, but I think the Fluoro is a little over the 12kg of the reel, and over the 11.5 kg of the rod. Maybe that caused the line to not break, and the weight of the fish being distributed more to the rod & reel. Must've given the few kg extra power that were needed to get it out of the water.
  11. 5 even, if you're holding one in your hand.
  12. First of all: congratulations mate! Well done! Just be aware that competitions are always held in a 2-hour timeframe. So if the comp starts at 4pm, people can play the comp until 6pm. If you yourself start right away at 4pm and finish 1st place at 4:30, there might still be other players playing the competition (and possibly overtaking you). It is not until 6pm that the comp is closed, and rewards are sent to the players. You will get notified by a pop-up window with the results, once the comp is finished. Sometimes this might take a couple of minutes. I've had cases where the comp was bugged, and the ends results were not being displayed. And rewards were not sent at all. In that case, you should contact support by email. But I had that only once in over a year of FP. Just wait a bit Long story short: congrats again!
  13. I don't know the details about the mudwater license, and I can't check right now. But if you got a fine, either releasing the fish or even catching the fish in the first place is prohibited with your license. Read carefully. And, to be in the safe side: just always get the advanced one. Then you can catch and keep almost everything.
  14. They stayed somewhere on the forums that the free to play version will still be available and maintained - meaning we will still get updates, and be able to play it. Far as I know, it's all the DLCs that have been released (for PC & PS4) until now. You can check them out one by one on steam, and see all the items that are included: https://store.steampowered.com/dlc/380600/Fishing_Planet/
  15. I'm not too sure about it yet. I think the price range is alright with 65 Euros - given the fact that you get a full game and all DLCs with this version. Even though I don't care about the DLCs too much. I already bought the ones I like the most on the F2P version, and I'm happy with it. The economy and competition aspect of the game is what I'm really curious about. In the trailer and Kp's video, you can see that they still got baitcoins in the full-price game. And it seems that you do now get baitcoins for every unique fish you catch. https://monosnap.com/file/TanJSF8kareqbZFPSbItlaVhUBgyir Which is something I kinda like. But what do you need them for? You already get all the current DLCs when you buy the game. So you will already own nearly all of the lures and gear that is usually only available for baitcoins. And it says you can buy unltd. licenses with in-game cash now (which is another thing I kinda like). But Kp mentioned that you still need the baitcoins to forward the time? I don't really understand why they left that in. Then again, I guess it doesn't really matter much if you can stock up on BCs with every (?) unique. And even if you still need BCs for the unltd. licenses, at least now there is a way to farm them in-game. I'm all in favour of that. And if all lakes are unlocked from the start of the game, I guess the leveling back to 50 won't be much of a problem. But, I still have a couple of questions running through my mind: Will you also get the lake passes included in the DLCs when you first start the game? Or do you have to level your way up to unlock the lakes? Will the gear from the DLCs be usable right from the start? Or do you have to somehow unlock / buy them during the game? What about competitions? I see in the trailer that it still has a "Sport" tab on top. So I guess comps / tourneys will be included in the full-price game, too. But is it connected to the F2P version? If I buy the game for PS4, can I still fish and play competitions / tourneys with my mates who are on the F2P version? And against the F2P users on PS4? Or is it completely separate from the F2P? What about future DLCs that might come out? It says there won't be any micro-transactions. Does that mean that we can't buy future DLCs for the game? Or will we just get them for free with every update? Also, does it mean that you're constantly playing on premium? With the reduced cooldown timer / chum mixing, and increased XP / cash? What do we need BCs for? Unlocking DLC packs? Unlimited Licenses? Buying inventory storage, marker buoys, special gear / lures, forward the time, etc.? All in all, I wouldn't say I "can't wait" for the game. But I can't wait for the first guys to get the game, make a review about it, and share the details with the community Leveling a new character could be fun, actually. And if the full-price version frees you from not having enough inventory slots, not having enough BCs to forward the time (may it be for farming or training), and all of that stuff, I'd buy it. Given the fact that you're still playing on the same servers as the F2P users, of course. Only thing that will indeed be a pain in the butt is re-setting the 300-something buoys on all the lakes For the guys that haven't seen it yet, here's Kp's video we're talking about: edit: on Amazon it says that "online competitions are playable solo or co-op, with its own trophy and ranking system". I'm curios what that means..
  16. The more I'm playing competitions, the more I come to the realization that it's not so much about RNG, but more about knowledge, skill, and training. And that's why you always see the same names in the top 10 on almost every competition. They've played a lot, trained a lot, and know what they're doing. Which is especially true for the people that are organized in clubs, as they all share their knowledge with each other. Some competitions are more RNG-based than others. Especially the ones where you have to catch fish with a specific weight (e.g. Trout Hunter, Muskie Topping, Breaking Shad, Ghost Carp, etc.). For those, you still need luck to be in your favor - even if you know all the spots, lures, etc. Even for C'Mon Carp or Dancing with Pike and the like, you not only have to know where and how to catch the Uni, but also have a lot of RNG to get a fat one in order to score high. Depending on the conditions though, some people manage to get 2 or 3 unis, while most of us can catch only one. Because they know more spots than most of us. Which of course will increase your chances a lot. But for most competitions, it all comes down to knowledge. I was also whining about hacks and cheats when I started with comps, as I couldn't understand how other people were catching so much more fish. But the more you play, the more you realize that it is indeed possible to keep up with the top players. And that they're not using hacks, cheats or exploits. It helps to check YouTube and Twitch for competition videos /streams, talk to other players for tips, but most of all test things out, gather knowledge on your own - and write it down. One comp I never understood is the San Joaquin Extravaganza. To me, this is one of the hardest ones, as you have to catch several different fish in order to score high. You have to know the timezones, spots and lures, and have to have a specific plan when to target which species. You have to fish by the book - and to some extend by feeling. And if you're doing everything right, you will score somewhere in the top 10 / 20. It's only the last couple of kgs that depend on RNG. Which I believe is true for most comps. So the best advice I can give you is: play, play, play, get in touch with other people, and take notes of what works and what doesn't. I always have a pen and paper by my side when doing comps. I take notes, and every once in a while combine it to a spreadsheet for each comp / tournament. And it helped me a lot. @iGoshawk once shared the spreadsheet he did for himself with the community. It might be a good start, and make it easier for you to take notes about the comps. Print it out, and have it by your side when you take part in comps: The Ubersheet is also a good source of information when it comes to uni timezones and the like - even though it is kind of outdated for some species / waterways. This is the 2019 version, which might have the most up-to-date information there is - even though it is a pain in the butt to look at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AXvozgEsNcWoS_FGOCX9JJCpCm9ZejfBvBX7dWf2i5Y/edit#gid=205531236 Here's another (older?) one, with nicer formatting: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wEvjycxSaVLNmVOCIZPALsPvLtxnJSz_LDcPKowAFb4/edit#gid=1935795731 The way I go about is to start with the Ubersheet, check the times for myself, and then combine it to sheet like this: https://drive.google.com/open?id=128Fn2QTcZNBVc7ufd7_4iESI_ACPx5eW It's nerdy and a lot of work, but if you like the competitive aspect of the game, there really is no other way. And the time people put into the game is why they are always in the top 5
  17. It's just a wild guess, but I think the way it works (due to platform limitations) is that you can only buy a DLC once. You bought the sports outfit pack first, and then you bought the sports bundle pack - which includes the sports outfit pack. But since you already own that one, it won't give you a second one. It's the same with every other game. If you buy a bundle that includes a DLC you already own, you won't get it a second time.
  18. Well I guess there's rules to this (that I don't know about). Maybe it has to do with the platform you're on, maybe it depends on the item, maybe the way you asked, maybe something else. But I've had them undo a transaction for me when I accidentally sold a DLC reel. Got a reply and my reel back. On a Sunday. I guess they can't provide service to everybody who accidentally sells something, as they wouldn't have time for game development then. But I think it's a bit harsh to say they don't give f about the community, just because you didn't get what you wanted. Yes, I agree that the DLC is quite expensive, if not overpriced. And it'd be a nice move to just give you back your boat. But we've all lost BC lures or equipment at some point along the way. Do some farming, buy your boat back, have a beer and take it easy.
  19. Or write an email to support@fishingplanet.com and ask for help. It might be possible to undo your transactions (which I guess is not possible if you already spent all the money) or reset your account. They'll figure something out to get you playing again
  20. Schönes Pack auf jeden Fall. Das gibt's für die PS4 nicht. Teuer zwar, aber dafür sind auch ne Menge Standardruten dabei, mit denen sich so ziemlich jeder Fisch fangen lässt. Sofern das Geld bei dir noch knapp ist, würde ich den Premium Account ausnutzen, und mit der HeavyChaser und Spawn Sack / gr. Schnittköder bewaffnet in Kalifornien auf die Störe gehen. Einfach ein paar Nächte durch angeln. Bei YouTube gibt's Tutorials dazu. Oder in Michigan auf Hechte / Muskellungen. Spar ein bisschen und kauf dir alsbald den 300kg Kescher. Mit Premium und dem großen Kescher sollte Geld dann ziemlich schnell kein Problem mehr sein, und du kannst in Ruhe alle Seen ausprobieren. Viel Spaß!
  21. Jup, alles richtig was du sagst Fishing Planet ist voller Bugs, man kommt sich manchmal (öfter) vor wie ein Beta-Tester, die DLCs sind oftmals zu teuer, die unlimitierten Lizenzen sowieso, gerade am Anfang bedeutet FP hartes grinden, bei Wettbewerben hat man erst nach nem Jahr eine wirkliche Chance.. etc. PP. aber das ist eben Fishing Planet. Man liebt, oder (und) man hasst es Ich liebe dieses Game - obwohl ich mich ständig drüber aufrege. Die Lernkurve ist hart, und die Infos muss man sich schon selber zusammen suchen (oder andere Leute fragen). Aber das macht für mich auch den Reiz des Spiels aus. FP ist unglaublich komplex, und fühlt sich nie "durchgespielt" an. Vielleicht findest du ja andere Leute die mit dir in der Party zocken; so macht's (mir) am meisten Spaß. Wenn der Funke nicht überspringt, ist es vielleicht einfach nicht dein Spiel. Man muss schon Geduld, ein bisschen masochistische Veranlagung, und Gefallen an dem "abnerden" mitbringen. Sonst bockt es nicht.
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