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  1. Good hint! Once you connected and paired your controller via USB, you should be able to use it wireless, too. Keep in mind though that even with a good LAN / WiFi / internet connection, there is still some lag present in remote play. I've read online that it's too much for fast FPS shooters. I've tried to play FP with remote play, and was not satisfied with the lag. Didn't connect my Mac via cable though, which is recommended. And my internet connection is pretty poor. Give it a try. Maybe it works for you. Doesn't cost you anything.
  2. What's the point in playing a game with unlimited everything? I never really understood that.. For beta-testing - sure. But even in a single-player game, unlimited everything or god-mode makes it pretty boring after half an hour. Don't you think?
  3. Try it out for yourself mate. Personally, I like to play this game from my couch, with a controller in hand and a beer by my side. Wouldn't really want to sit in front of the PC for FP. Judging from the steam forums, PC players are experiencing the same issues - especially when it comes to lags and the like. You could maybe skip the inventory bugs by switching to mouse & keyboard, but apart from that, it's pretty much the same I guess. They do get more frequent updates, though, as the update process seems to be easier on steam. And you don't have to download the whole game with every update. But that's pretty much it.
  4. mitderplatte

    Rainbow Trout

    Experiment a little with the hook size. If they don't take the bait, it usually means that your hook is too big. If you use smaller bait like flies, mayflies, spawn sack etc., you'll also attract the smaller fish; and they won't go for the #1/0 - #3/0 hooks. Try a #1 or #2 - maybe even a #4. Once you found a hook size that they'll take, you'll know what fish are actually nibbling on your bait - and can adapt from there. Maybe the spot / depth / time of day wasn't right. Assuming you're at the right spot & depth and just want to go for the big ones: try using bigger bait, like shiners or large minnows with your #1/0 - #2/0 hook. The smaller ones shouldn't go for the big bait as much, and the bigger ones should take the hook just fine. Hope this helps. Tight lines!
  5. He found the tackle box in Alaska, not Alberta And it is still available there at the lower price. Unfortunately, I'm kind of handicapped right now, as I don't have internet at home. So I can't check prices until my connection is back. But thank you guys so much for participating! If you keep the deals coming, I'll happily add them to the sheet. I attached a screenshot of what we got so far. Will do some more formatting and sorting in the future to make it more readable. I guess for future deals, we can just skip the lines, as well as the cash lures and stuff, as nobody above level 40 really cares about saving 100 bucks on mono line or a worm. What do you think? It's a different story for stuff like shiners, where 125 / 10 can really make a difference when buying a thousand or so - even if it's just for the "feeling" of saving 10.000 cash, that you're gonna spend for traveling to the UK and playing a tourney where you catch 3 fish anyway
  6. indeed mate, indeed. It actually IS gibberish. Case closed. ... maybe that's the point where you can connect your USB stick to inject code and win ALL the competitions! Nice find though mate! FP does not cease to surprise.
  7. You're welcome mate Next time I login I'll check if this displays everytime, or if it was just a lucky find Would've been cool if they actually hid a message in this. Then kyle would be the first to discover kind of an "easteregg" in FP Spreading in some facts, I didn't know about until now: Lorem ipsum is actually over 500 years old: .. and the book it was originally taken from was actually written 45 BC (before christ - not baitcoins! ). So here we are, over 2000 years later, looking at the same words on a digital screen, trying to catch virtual fish.
  8. Lorem ipsum is a placeholder text used in graphic design: There are generators that generate X words / paragraphs for you. It is not supposed to make any sense. But if you look at it from afar, it looks like it's real words. Doesn't confuse the brain as much as typing gibberish like "aaaaa nnnnd ddkdfkdf" would
  9. Since the team doesn't read the forums that much, your best chance of getting a response is writing an email to support@fishingplanet.com. They usually answer those within a day or two. I wouldn't get my hopes up too high as far as sponsorship goes. But they did "sponsor" some DLC-codes for YouTubers, streamers and people that organize community events to give away in the past.
  10. @kylerobz Sure brother, I'm with you on that! Communication has never been their number one priority. And I wish they'd handle that differently, too. I just don't wanna worry about something that's not even out yet. Big Ben probably shat out a press release as soon as the contract was signed - because that's part of their job, and they seem to have PR / marketing people on their team. FP is just a bunch of guys that love fishing and started a simulator.. I can only imagine that they started to notice that they have to worry about lots of other stuff, instead of working on the actual game. If we're lucky, taking Big Ben on board will lead to a better product, and improve the game. Maybe even improve the communication with the player. I just can not imagine that they are sitting in their office and telling us "thank you for playing, sending bug reports, filling the forums, promoting our game, and buying our DLCs. If you'd like to keep playing, here's the premium version. Now go buy that for 60 euros!" It was the same with Rocket League. When it first came out, it was free-to-play with in-game transactions (crates & DLCs). Now it costs 20 euros or so. But if you "bought" the game when it came out, you could still keep playing, and keep your DLCs / in-game stuff. I guess it's going to be the same here. But yeah, a short reply or an official statement would be nice. I'm pretty certain we'll see the latter in a couple of days.
  11. Exactly. Hold your horses guys From what I understand, Big Ben is a PUBLISHER. Which means they didn't sell the GAME, they just sold the rights to PUBLISH the game. With the upcoming release for XBOX, they'll probably be "moving from a free-to-play model with paid content to a premium model", so that the game will not be available as a free download in the XBOX store, but instead as a full-priced game - maybe even as a hard-copy on blue-ray (that's where the publisher comes in), with some (maybe all?) current DLCs included. I guess they'll even put a limited / unlimited premium account on top. Which would explain why they were focusing on pushing out new content so rapidly in the last months, instead of fixing bugs and focussing on making the game more stable. Maybe that's also the reason why the amateur comps are still in the game, and bugging all of us. With all the new content (euro lakes, carp fishing, feeder fishing, bottom fishing, motor boats, etc.) they now got more than enough content to charge a full-price for the game. When that lame-ass fishing sim world came out, everybody got hyped about the content they promised to offer, that FP was missing. Blinded by some polished game trailers, a lot of people pre-ordered the game for hard money in excitement, and then got bored and came back to FP after a few weeks. FP now has almost all of this content and more. Don't you think it's fair they charge 30-60 euros for all of that content at once? Like most of you guys, the money that I put into FP by buying 2 or 3 DLCs and a couple of months premium by now would have been enough to buy it as a full-price game. Which is why I think it's not an unfair move. Personally, I'd expect the "premium model" to be XBOX only (at first?). Maybe they'll move away from the free model on PS4 and PC, too - maybe not. But if they did, I'm pretty sure they'll want to keep the existing player base (which is what made this move possible in the first place) happy, and let them keep the game as is. Maybe by sending out some license codes, maybe by transferring existing accounts to a full account, maybe by something else. But I have no fear that all of us will have to pay 60 euros to keep playing FP. That'd be a total dick move, and I don't think the guys are capable of that. I just hope they got a good deal out of it, so that they can invest the money in a bigger team, get some translators on board, maybe even a community manager that reads and responds to the forums, so that the devs can focus more on the actual game development than on business decisions and marketing the game.
  12. Thanks mate, glad you're helping. Appreciate it! Once we get close to finishing this, I'll combine the deals to a more readable sheet, and include both the imperial and metric measurements. At least for the lures and stuff that's worth the trip. Should be pretty straight forward once we got all the prices. Again, thank you for your help! In case anybody else would like to take part in this, there's a google drive folder where you can upload screenshots of the local shops. Basically, that's all we need in order to compare prices. Just go through the different tabs one by one, and do a screen for every page. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1S4AGAWN7bFdkZmJl-YhEzsCdoI6TUJog?usp=sharing
  13. Pretty awesome response as always @Carpman99 The spin fishing aspect of the game can be hard to explain, but now you got the basics. From my experience, it all comes down to practice. I'm playing this game for a year now, and I'm still learning - as are all of us. It can be hard in the beginning, especially if you're not a fisherman in real life, and don't know much about fish behavior, spinning techniques, etc. But don't give up too early! The more you try it, the better you'll get. Experiment and adapt. For starters, the straight slow and straight are probably the easiest to do, and should get you the first couple of fish. It's not the best technique in terms of attracting fish (so you'll probably have to do more casts), but it's probably the easiest. Assuming you're using the right hook size for the fish, it also reduces the risk of fish not taking the bait properly. Most of the time they'll just hook themselves, and you won't even have to strike the fish to get them on the hook. Just reel in your lure constantly on speed 1 or 2. If it reaches the surface, lower your reeling speed or stop for a while, and let it sink again. If it doesn't come off the ground at all, try increasing your reeling speed. Experiment with different lure weights and reeling speeds. If you use a nicely balanced setup and get it down right, the lure will just stay at the same height, and come in at a straight line. From there, the next thing to learn would probably be the stop & go. It's a little harder to do, but it's also a little better in terms of getting the fish's attention. Depending on the weight of your lure and the recovery of your reel, you'll have to use a reeling speed anywhere between 1, 2, or even 3 for the heavier lures. Try starting out with a reeling speed of 2. Reel in your lure for a second or two, then stop reeling for a second. You'll see the nose of your lure go down in the top-right corner of your screen. Once it falls down, start reeling again. Again, if your lure comes up to the surface too quickly, try lowering your reeling speed to 1, or just do shorter reels - and / or longer stops. If it doesn't come off the ground, try increasing your reeling speed, and / or do longer reels. If your lure is pretty heavy, it will sink to the bottom faster, which calls for shorter stops, and / or longer reels. If it is pretty light, it's going to sink pretty slowly, and come up pretty quick. Which calls for less reeling speed, shorter reels, and / or longer stops. Keep an eye on the top-right corner of your screen. It should display the retrieve you're doing, with up to three dots next to it. The more dots you get, the better you're doing it. Try to get the right timing down, and you'll see the bite rate improve. In contrast to the straight slow and straight retrieve, fish will not always hook themselves if you're doing a stop & go. If you see a fish going for your lure, you'll have to make sure to keep the line tension up by continuing to reel in, and then set the hook with L2 or right mouse button. This also takes some practice. For the first couple of levels, the stop & go will be more than sufficient to fill your net and level up. I wouldn't really bother with the other techniques until you are confident with your stop & go, and reach level 24 or so. The straight and straight low should get you your first bass in Texas, the stop & go should get you pike and walleye in New York, as well as lots and lots of trout in Oregon. Then, when you move to Florida, you should really try some twitching and / or lift & drop. The bass love this retrieve, as it's a pretty aggressive fish, and therefore likes more aggressive lure movement. Which brings me to the last thing I wanted to add: keep in mind that different fish like different lures, different retrieves, and are sitting not only at different spots, but also at different water levels. This is not only important when choosing the depth while bobber fishing, but also when choosing the right retrieve at the right water levels in spin fishing. Like I said, I'm not a real fisherman, and everything I know is only based on the game. So people may correct me if I'm wrong. But trout are generally pretty shy, and like slow, steady lure movements. Which is why the stop & go will probably be the most successful retrieve fishing for trout. Also, they generally sit at the bottom of the lake, so try to keep your lure pretty close to the ground when doing the stop & go. Bass on the other hand are pretty aggressive, which is why the twitching (or lift & drop) will probably give you the best results. Try to keep your lure somewhere in the mid-water, maybe even lower, and do some twitching there. They usually smash the bait like crazy, and won't give you much of a problem setting the hook. When it comes to choosing the right retrieve, walleye is kind of a mixture between the bass and the trout. They also like to sit at the bottom, but they're not as shy as the trout. Which is why I generally use stop & go, but I do it a bit quicker than for the trout. Which means higher reeling speed, shorter "go's" as well as shorter "stops". That makes your lure behave a bit more aggressive, almost like the twitching, and they seem to like that a lot. Also, if you do it right, they'll sometimes hook themselves when your lure is dropping, and you start reeling again. I'm sorry for the long-ass post, but I really wanted to share some thoughts behind the different techniques, as I also struggled with spin-fishing in the beginning. I would've included a YouTube-video about different techniques, but most of them focus more on spots, weather, and the types of lures than getting the right technique down. Some of them are only available in german, some of them are pretty old. Maybe this one is a good compromise, as it's not too old. Feel free to jump straight to the 25 minute mark. I hope this helps with catching your first couple of fish with your spinning gear. Feel free to ask away if anything's unclear. Tight lines!
  14. I haven't bought this one, but judging from the pictures I'd assume that it's a 2-rod version of the Feeder Dream pack. The rod pod is missing, as well as the Creek Pro rod + Crucian Hunter reel. A little less bait, hooks, lines, feeder stuff, etc. But the reels are definitely a Breamer and a Big River, which is why the rods should be the Laker Pro and the Big Alli. The DLC rods & reels are most of the time differently coloured versions of the SE rods / reels that you can buy in the home shop for BCs. So until the devs (have you tried contacting them by email yet?) or someone who actually bought it can shed some more light into this, here's my best guess: UL-CHUBER™ Laker Pro 370 SE - Schnurgewicht: 2-6 kg UL-CHUBER™ Big Alli 420 SE - Schnurgewicht: 3-8.5 kg UL-CHUBER™ Breamer 4500 SE UL-CHUBER™ Big River 6000 SE UL-CHUBER™ ChumChest Extra UL-CHUBER™ ChumChest Mini As well as a 2-rod bag, the keepnet (most likely GarryScott™ FishCabin M Plus), open and closed feeders, lines, hooks, bait, etc. The DLC jackets usually have a little less capacity than the higher level vests, but I don't remember how much exactly. Hope this helps with your decision.
  15. sure thing, I'd have nothing against being the DLC salesman.. Maybe I could keep one for myself, occasionally Had to google that delboy guy, since I'm not from the UK. I like the bar scene.. Could've been me But I picture myself more like the guy from sesame street with the trenchcoat.. "Hey Ernie... wanna buy some DLC?? It's very usefull.." Jokes aside, here are the "Deals" for Italy: There are none. Braid 0.18 mm (150 m) > 450 instead of 460 Mono 0.3 mm (150 m) > 255 instead of 300 Mono 0.35 mm (150 m) > 270 instead of 360 Braid 0.23 mm (150 m) > 780 instead of 880 Mono 0.45 mm (150 m) > 420 instead of 560 Mono 0.5 mm (150 m) > 480 instead of 600 Nano Spinner 4 g, #1 (all 3 colours) > 225 instead of 400 Which brings me to the assumption that those deals at the old lakes are just prices they might've forgotten to change during the updates. I hope they keep some of the stuff in, so that my "salesman excursions" won't be for nothing. Only thing I can tell you is that all of the baitcoin prices are the same in Italy as in the home shop. So if you really wanna buy some SE equipment or lures with BCs, you can do so in Italy, and don't have to travel back home. Only exception is the adventurer kajak, which is 330 BCs instead of 300 at the home shop.
  16. I hope they don't implement that feautre. Became kind of a running gag by now, between me and my mates.. Everytime we're at a (new) competition that requires a keepnet, one of us asks if everybody remembered to bring his stringer. If you do that with some confidence, people might even travel back home, just to realize you were messing with them.. Works even better if they're hungover
  17. thanks mate! I really hope that those price differences are intended, and not just something that the dev's forgot to change. Enjoy your shopping trip mate! Here are the deals for Quanchkin: EspiraDoublePunch 5500 SE > 230 BC instead of 235 BC Mono 0.35 mm (500m) > 600 instead of 800 Mono 0.45 mm (1000m) > 12 BC instead of 17 BC Fluoro 0.45 mm (1000m) > 14 BC instead of 19 BC Mono 0.4 mm (150m) > 390 instead of 420 Fluoro 0.4 mm (150m) > 450 instead of 480 Mono 0.4 mm (300m) > 585 instead of 630 Mono 0.4 mm (500m) > 870 instead of 950 Wurm 10 cm (chocolate, white) > 210 instead of 220 Wurm 12.5 cm (chocolate, white) > 2 BC instead of 3 BC Barbless Nano Spoon 6 g, #1/0 (all 3 colours) > 3 BC instead of 4 BC Wurm 10 cm (blue, yellow, black, acid green, purple, light green) > 210 instead of 220 Shiners > 525 instead of 650 Large minnows > 8 BC instead of 10 BC This place really is kind of a craphole. Not just for profits in fishing, but also in bargains.. Can't imagine why anybody would buy lines, minnows, or the DoublePunch reel with hardly earned BCs. The only thing to maybe pick up here (in case you don't already have them) are the 12.5 cm BC worms in chocolate and white, and the bigger Barbless Nano Spoons. Again, if you buy all of those at once, that's a 5 BC discount. Of course, you should always stack up on Shiners whenever you're here.
  18. Thanks mate! Highly appreciated! Here are the Deals for Neherrin River, North Carolina: Mono 0.23 mm (150m) > 150 instead of 200 Mono 0.23 mm (300m) > 225 instead of 300 Mono 0.23 mm (500m) > 330 instead of 440 Pear shaped floater (green / orange) > 2 BC instead of 3 BC (LVL 1 instead of 10) Pear shaped floater (green / gold) > 2 BC instead of 3 BC Bass Jig 4 g, #1/0 (all 3 colours) > 300 instead of 350 Barbless Nano Spoon 4 g, #1 (all 3 colours) > 2 BC instead of 3 BC Bass Jig 4 g, #3/0 (all 3 colours) > 4 BC instead of 5 BC Bass Jig 9 g, #3/0 (all 3 colours) > 4 BC instead of 6 BC Bass Jig 5 g, #2/0 (all colours) > 300 instead of 430 Bass Jig 7 g, #2/0 (all colours) > 375 instead of 460 Just like in Michigan, there's a lot of stuff that's just not worth it. But: there is a special pear-shaped floater, coloured green and orange, that doesn't exist in the home shop at all. You can get it at LVL 1 instead of waiting for LVL 10. Plus: this one - as well as the other one that you can also get in the home shop, are only 2 BC instead 3 BC. Might be worth picking up if you're leveling, or if you wanna go in style You can also make a bargain with the Barbless Nano Spoons, as well as the 4 g and 9 g Bass Jigs, that are only available for baitcoins. Pick them up in Neherrin, if you don't already have them in your inventory. If you buy all of these at once, that's a 12 BC discount. Not bad at all, I would say!
  19. Yeah, I like that. Used to rename it with weather, time, and depth, too. I guess for starters it'd help if the game would automatically save and display the weather conditions and in-game time? Not too sure about the ground bait / feeder mix, though. 200g this, 200 g that, 50 g this.. That'd be a lot of info to cramp into that small window.. But I agree, a little more info - the more the better - would be nice!
  20. Since I had PS open.. just an idea.
  21. Hey guys, a friend of mine tried to get the Angling Machine III achievement yesterday, and we thought it'd be awesome if there was an option to "follow" specific achievements that you're working on, and have the progress displayed in-game. Because as of now, you always have to open the menu and go to your profile to check your progress. With the Angling Machine achievement it's especially useful - just to get an idea if you're doing things right. But it would be useful for the other achievements, too. Like catch X fish of a specific species, travel x metres with your kajak, etc. I guess the GUI stuff is already in the game from the missions update, so we're already halfway there Maybe you can consider this for one of the future updates. I did a little mockup for clarification. But the screenshot is in no way related to the achievement. (I can already hear the guys screaming "don't try this with carp!!1" ) Thanks in advance.
  22. I like the idea of glowing buoys. Or a blinking light or something. Would be great for the longer distances - especially when there's a lot of mist. Interchangeable colours sound great, too! Some of the lakes are filled with buoys if you played the game for a while. Would be cool to make the alligator ones blue, the catfish ones green, the flathead ones red and so on. Maybe just add a menu to the buoys. Choose the colour, and turn on / off the (blinking / glowing) light.
  23. OK so to bring some life back to this topic, I'm trying to check out the local stores whenever I'm at the lake, and compare prices to the home shop. Since I was in Michigan today, that's where I'll start. Feel free to join me if you like Maybe we can find a deal or two that way. I'm assuming that PC / Mac and PS4 prices are the same. Will do a double-check in the future, though. Deals in Michigan: Braid 0.23 mm (150m) > 780 instead of 880 Fluoro 0.5 mm (500m) > 16 BC instead of 20 BC Mono 0.45 mm (150m) > 420 instead of 560 Fluoro 0.45 mm (150m) > 570 instead of 615 Worm 15 cm (chocolate and white) > 2 BC instead of 3 BC For the lines it's not worth it. But if you haven't picked up the baitcoin worms, get em in Michigan, and save 2 BCs
  24. I'm just gonna cross-post this, as I don't understand the logic behind it. There must be a way of getting a somewhat balanced rotation into the schedule. Like, don't schedule 5 amateur competitions in a row.. https://monosnap.com/file/q3J7OCaAtnwJFoMbzYYzFYE6OAiLQj
  25. As a fellow european player, logging in at 5:30 pm I must say: hooooolyyyy crap! The first competition I can take part in is held at 4:00 am. I do understand that it's hard to satisfy everybody, with players all around the world, living in different timezones. But guys, really?
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