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  1. Coming from another topic, I thought I might as well share the brake settings for the new reels. While I'm at it PDF: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kbJQS5x9YYi7arvcCnr6CNuBGamxvl8C/view?usp=sharing Image: https://monosnap.com/file/0SE1wkRluHbkIlYSV4Sft7FBS1z5tJ
  2. Im Shop leider gar nicht Ich hatte hier im Forum schon mal angeregt dass sie das doch bitte einführen mögen - ist aber bis jetzt nicht passiert. Du musst die Rollen erst kaufen, ausrüsten, und an einen See reisen, um sehen zu können wie viele Bremseneinstellungen sie haben. Im Ubersheet gibt's eine Seite "Spin Reel Drag" und "Cast Reel Drag", da haben andere Spieler die Bremseneinstellungen zusammengetragen, und auch gleich die Belastung für die einzelnen Stufen ausgerechnet. Es gibt auch eine Seite "Balanced Combinations", auf der du direkt Tips bekommst, welche Rolle zu welcher Rute passt. Die neuen (Feeder, Grund, etc.) Rollen die mit den letzten zwei Updates kamen sind da (noch) nicht mit drin. Hab ich aber in meinem eingedeutschten Ubersheet mal zusammengetragen ("Spinnrollen Update").
  3. Hey guys, I just did a small updated sheet for the 30 days x-series rewards for me and my friends. Thought I might share it with the community - even though I know most of you guys probably don't need it anymore. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZDUXKnIPddLt0HCjtc21WPOb26BQQOxi/view (It's in German and metric. But I guess most of it is pretty international anyways ) Be aware that repair costs are not included in the costs! Leave your equipment in your home storage of you're just after the rewards. Let me know if you find any mistakes. I also asked support if they could give us an updated sheet with all the x-series rewards - including (new) competitions and tournaments. The last one we got from killerwhale is > 2 years old, and since some stuff was added and some changed, it might be cool to get a more recent version. Tight lines!
  4. I see the guys have already helped you out. But just for clarification: If it's a couple of images or video files, the quickest way is to just use a USB stick, stick it in your PS4, copy the files, and plug it back into your PC: If it's just a single screenshot, or a handful of images, the way I usually do it is to send myself a message through PSN and attach the screenshot. If you want it on your mobile, just use the PS Messages App (Google Play / Apple App Store) and download it from there. If you need it on your PC / Mac, just go to http://my.playstation.com with your browser, go to your messages, and download it from there. Saves you the hassle of running around your flat / house with that USB stick
  5. I don't know if this got fixed with the last update already, but yeah, California has a couple of graphics glitches going on. Happens at Beaver Island, fishing for sturgeon on the right hand side, and the Cryton Dam, fishing for Striped Bass in the right hand corner as well. https://monosnap.com/file/2pf4uLfCLa29v6ruS6LDGnyouFvlze
  6. Thanks Rota, I'll try that. @Support_Team here's the video you've been asking for: It was recorded after a fresh restart. Starting at 1:50, I can't move items from the home storage to my backpack anymore. The last user input performed was equipping the small Bass Jig from my backpack (1:43) to my rod (maybe that's what's causing the error?), and then moving the X-Series Bass Jig from my backpack to my home storage (1:49). At 1:56, I'm trying to move the 4g, #1/0 Jigs to my backpack, which is not working anymore. As you can see, moving items from backpack to home storage still works (Bass Jig 14 g, #3/0 at 2:07), but I can't transfer it back. (I know it'd be easier to follow along if you heard the clicking sound, but unfortunately in-game sound is still not present in videos, 1 1/2 years after the bug report )
  7. Same for me. When freshly starting the game, I can move objects between my backpack and inventory just fine. But after a while of fiddling around in your inventory, going back and forth between the tabs with R2/L2, one of two things happens: Either you can't move items from your backpack to your home storage, or you can't move items from your home storage to your backpack. The only way to fix this is restarting the game. After a while of inventory management, it happens again. Every time you want to prepare for a competition / different waterway, you'll have to be prepared for 3-5 restarts, to get your stuff organised. I couldn't really work out what exactly causes it yet, but it happens a lot. My friends are also having the issue.
  8. the dragonfly even follows him as he walks away.. "Good luck with your 'kayak' there, mate. I'm catching those suckers by hand."
  9. I don't want to make this all about Krellic and him getting disqualified. But if he created an alt account to play competitions (even if it's "only" the amateur ones), I do agree that this is against the rules. It surely doesn't really have an impact on your scores in a big tournament, but it's still against the rules. Is this enough to disqualify somebody from a tournament he spent hours /days / weeks practicing for? I don't know. But it is a way of "reminding" people that breaking the rules has consequences. Like it or not. What's the point in running amateur competitions with a max level rating? They're there so that new players can get a whiff of the competitions while they're still learning the game. And compete with other low-level players. Pro players creating alts to compete in these amateur competitions leads the whole thing ad absurdum, and this is why it's against the rules. The fact that he's sharing a computer with his lady might also be a reason for disqualifying / (temporarily) banning him from the game. I do agree that that's not right. You don't gain any benefit if you share your PC / PS4 with a friend / wife / roommate who is also playing the game (esp. competitions / tournaments) with his / her own account. But how do you technically evaluate if it's just two people sharing the same device, or one person playing competitions / tournaments with two accounts? Where the latter can clearly be considered cheating (I think that's the one point we all agree on). From what I understand, the only thing you can technically verify is a) if it's the same IP-address and b) if it's the same device When setting up rules (and ways of ensuring people don't abuse them), you have to stick to what's technically possible. Unfortunately, as of now, this means that sharing the same device with one or more people (to play competitions / tournaments) is forbidden. At the same time, using two or more devices to play competitions / tournaments with your alt account(s) is, well, not allowed, but not punishable - as you can't really evaluate it (without using some creepy stuff like face recognition / finger prints, etc.). Which brings me to your point no. 4 - one that I totally agree on: Yes, the rules (esp. for comps / tourneys) need to be revised. They should make clear that creating an alt account is not forbidden, but playing comps / tourneys with more than one account / device is. But, as I said before, it's hard to ensure some of these rules. That's why the a change won't come with new rules. Instead, I think the amateur competitions and some of the achievements need to be revised. To me, there's several options you could take, in order to discourage people from creating alts to compete in amateur comps: 1. Remove the amateur competitions completely It's been mentioned on the forums several times, and it's maybe the "easiest" option one could take. Most of the amateur competitions don't even run, because there's not enough people signing up for them. This might change every once in a while, with a big update coming out, or releases on different platforms. I guess the PS4 release brought a lot of new players (myself included) to the game, and the eventual XBOX release will as well. But, to be honest: most people won't even bother with the competitions until they've reached at least level 40. I didn't, and I think most of you guys didn't (see #2c). So there's really no point in blocking timeframes in the daily schedule for amateur comps. 2a. Remove the rewards from amateur competitions The whole point in pro players creating alts and playing amateur competitions is the stats, the (X-Series) rewards, and maybe practicing competitions. I don't really remember if there is a fee to amateur comps, but if there is, make them free, and remove all the rewards. No X-Series reward, no baitcoins, no trophy for your profile. Maybe a cash price for the top 10 players. That's it. If low-level players would like to get a whiff of comps, let them do so. Freely. If you're grinding for XP / Cash and are at the lake while a competition is running, let them compete. If pro players want to create an alt account to "practice", let them do so. But don't reward them for it. No need to cancel the competition when there's only 10 people playing it. If the servers can handle it, let the amateur competitions run beside the regular ones, so they don't block timeframes for the "real" ones. 2b. Remove the level cap / restrictions from amateur competitions If the rewards are being removed, you can even remove the level cap, and call the amateur competitions "competition practice" or something. Saves higher level players the trouble of forwarding time 21 times to get the right conditions to practice for a comp. They don't even have to create several accounts and remember all the passwords Low-level players can still make their first experiences in competitions. Maybe even win a few (if Rota, AKA, HappyAssasin, and the other guys are asleep ) - or at least get an idea of what score they need to achieve in order to compete. 2c. Remove the level restrictions from ALL competitions to fix the achievements Some of the achievements are not obtainable once you're level 40 / 50, as you can't compete in some of the low-level competitions anymore. "School Bass" springs to mind, and I think with the euro update there are several new competitions with a level cap, that high-level players can't play, if they don't create an alt account. Remove the level cap from these competitions, and let everybody play it - and get the achievement(s). If you combine this with #2a and #2b, the low-level players can still "practice", and the high-level players aren't left out. I quite enjoy getting my FeatherLight and the small feeder rods out, and fish for small fish. Let long-time players experience the whole game. ---- All of this still doesn't fix the problem of people using alts on different devices to play a comp / tourney twice and double their chances. Neither does it solve the problem of people (legitimately) sharing their device. But it might fix the amateur competitions, the achievements, and discourage (at least some) people to create alts. If someone is crazy enough to buy two PS4s, create two accounts, grind two accounts to level 50, and play the same competition twice in a 2 hour timeframe - let em have it. I think (technically) the devs can't do anything against that. One last word to @TTV_KrellicOG: I really like your stuff, as it's given me some new input on competitions. And I really dig your editing style. I've told you my opinion on the Kp-stuff, and I think we're cool on that Keep doing what you're doing, and don't let anyone discourage you. Glad to see you active on the forums.
  10. Hey guys, ever since I started playing the game, I was always thinking that there should be an easier way of changing your lures and hooks while at the lake. As of now, you can of course use the L1 and R1 buttons to switch between your rods and lures / bait. But it's somehow limiting. Because when you use a spinning rod, and have e.g. a crankbait equipped, you can only switch your cranks / spinners / etc. If you'd want to equip a jighead + worm, you'd have to go back to the menu, select your rod, go down to jigheads, select your jig, and then select your worm. That's maybe a dozen buttons you have to press. (Assuming you're playing with a controller, and not mouse + keyboard) If you go back into the game, you can then change from a worm to a nymph easiliy. But you can't change the hook size of the jighead. Or quickly switch back to a spinner. Furthermore, once you reach level 40, you're mostly carrying somewhere around 40-100 different lures. It's quite time-consuming to scroll through all the lures - especially in competitions / tournaments. Same goes for the hook sizes if you're bobber fishing, as well as the feeders, weights, and chums. Of course you can always go back into the menu, but I think it'd be awesome if we could get an efficient and intuitive way of doing that in the in-game-screen. Especially when using a controller. Coming from games like Red Dead Redemption, Rust, etc., I always liked the radial menus as a concept - especially for consoles. I think this would work great for fishing planet. Especially with the rod-pods as a new feature - and the problems with double-button configurations. As a first idea, holding L1 could bring up your rod pod slots, and make it easy to put down, pick up, or switch rods on your rod pod, using the left or right stick. One could even incorporate some kind of indicator for when there's action on that rod (like a blinking light). Makes it easier to figure out which one you want to pick up. Or an indicator if your bait was eaten / lost on that rod. As of now, it only shows "(2) bait eaten / lost" in the top of the screen. But as we're not using a keyboard with shortcuts 1-7 for our rods, you don't necessarily know which one is number 2. Holding R1 could bring up the menu for the rod you're holding, and group your available baits into "Bass Jigs / Spinners, Jigheads, etc.". Once you select a category, you jump into the next level, and get a list of all available baits in that category. If done right, this would greatly improve the handling and UX. Making use of the analog sticks to navigate through the radial menu also solves the problem of the d-pad buttons having a double-configuration with rod pod slots and brake / reel speed settings. One would have to figure out how exactly to group everything, and what buttons to use. But I wanted to share the idea as an inspiration. I have included some screenshots and a video from other games / radial menu concepts, and threw together a small demonstration. But I think you get the idea Let me know what you think, or if this has maybe already crossed your mind.
  11. I guess it's a constant fiddle for them to assign every action in the game to the (limited) buttons on a controller. The game has obviously been designed for PC and mouse-control. Re-designing that for PS4 and controller usage is a whole different story.. On a PC, you can easily fit every possible control in one screen, as they're easily accessible with the mouse. On a console, due to the limited buttons, you'd have to split stuff up into sub-menus with several levels. You see the devs constantly encountering problems with that. Be it the navigation in your menu screen, the scrolling for lures, the selection of a chatroom, putting down your rods in the rod stand.. every control is either confusing or causes problems due to double-assignments for some buttons. Personally, I like the new control scheme in the menus. L1 and R1 for top-level, L2 and R2 for lower-level, and then come the sticks. And I like that the d-pad is now used for the left-hand menu: spot, fish-species, etc. Works pretty good for the fish species and weather. But for the chatrooms, you still have to use the right stick if you want to scroll down. The D-pad down is still used for the level above. Maybe they forgot to change that button configuration. Just make the chatrooms work like the weather menu, and we're fine. As for the shop, I agree that it's confusing, and takes too much practice. Generally speaking, I think they really need a complete overhaul of the menus (esp. for the shop), if they really want to improve the UX on a console. First step could be to get rid of the filters on the left hand side and the search field. I don't know about you guys, but I have never used those options, and probably never will. Frees up some space for more intuitive menu design (like sub-levels on the left-hand side) and frees up the up / down buttons on the d-pad for other use. But that takes a lot of work. I just hope that they're aware of it, and maybe got this on their to-do list. Since we're talking UI here: personally, I'd love to see a radial menu for the in-game selection of your rods and lures. Like the ones you see in RDR2, Rust, and other games. But that's a whole new topic, and even more work
  12. Hmm, in that case, I dunno. Sorry buddy. Have you tried searching for your PSN ID in the search field? In case you have the mobile app, you could also try sending yourself a message there. Once you did that, you'll find it in your message history. It'll be easier from then on Otherwise, you can of course also go with the USB stick. Tight lines!
  13. I haven't seen the whole video, but this seems like a good place to start:
  14. Just go to your main PlayStation menu, go up to "Messages", "create new message", and select yourself. Should work.
  15. It does not give you an option to do what?
  16. If you're on PS4, easiest way is to send yourself a message on PSN with the screenshot(s), and download it to your PC by logging in to http://my.playstation.com and checking your messages.
  17. Picking up a rod is not a problem, only putting one down. But yeah, you're right, that's a pretty good alternative. Thanks!
  18. Happy to hear that! Is the "invisible rod" is also related to connectivity issues? Sometimes it just lags for a couple of seconds before it loads; sometimes it doesn't load at all..
  19. Glad to see that most of the issues in the new update have already been reported. Took me and my friends a while to figure out why we would constantly get our lines snapped on rod slot #2. Now we know that it's a double-configuration of the D-Pad buttons. Thank you for reporting this. Hope it get's fixed soon!
  20. Sounds like another "double-button-configuration" issue (just like with the brake setting being adjusted when you put a rod in your rod holder slot #2 or #4). Is it possible that you're on the "mix recipe screen" of your inventory? There, the square button is also used to buy additional slots. Try selecting another inventory screen (like one of the rods in your bag). The square button is not used for anything else in this screen, so you should be able to put stuff from your home inventory to your bag, vice versa.
  21. Can confirm. Two of my friends had the same issue. Didn't get it myself yet, so I don't know when / why this happens. Thank you rota for the "fix" until it's fixed
  22. TBH this is really the change I've been looking forward to the most. And I was not disappointed. The menu works like a charm now. It takes a while to get used to the new controls, and some other issues have popped up with the new update. But scrolling through your inventory and organizing your equipment and lures finally works the way it's supposed to be. No need to restart your game 5 times if you wanna equip yourself for a specific competition / waterway. A big thank you to the devs for finally addressing and fixing this.
  23. Yup. Same. Happened to me twice so far.
  24. It worked for me, but two of my friends had trouble as well. Try closing / restarting Fishing Planet, that should do the trick. No need to re-install the whole game. Thanks Sabi for letting us now, and thanks to the devs for giving this away for free
  25. Well whatever you buy there, that has a USB port and plugs into your PlayStation, will probably give you more satisfaction than FP ever could. Depending on how good it is, you'll probably forget about the sound issues, too. Problem solved
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