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  1. Can confirm. Two of my friends had the same issue. Didn't get it myself yet, so I don't know when / why this happens. Thank you rota for the "fix" until it's fixed
  2. TBH this is really the change I've been looking forward to the most. And I was not disappointed. The menu works like a charm now. It takes a while to get used to the new controls, and some other issues have popped up with the new update. But scrolling through your inventory and organizing your equipment and lures finally works the way it's supposed to be. No need to restart your game 5 times if you wanna equip yourself for a specific competition / waterway. A big thank you to the devs for finally addressing and fixing this.
  3. Yup. Same. Happened to me twice so far.
  4. It worked for me, but two of my friends had trouble as well. Try closing / restarting Fishing Planet, that should do the trick. No need to re-install the whole game. Thanks Sabi for letting us now, and thanks to the devs for giving this away for free
  5. Well whatever you buy there, that has a USB port and plugs into your PlayStation, will probably give you more satisfaction than FP ever could. Depending on how good it is, you'll probably forget about the sound issues, too. Problem solved
  6. Like you said, it's only been a year. Don't rush it. Jokes aside: it took them months to fix the blue screen errors, we've been living with that super laggy menu for half a year by now.. do you really think they're going to fix the sound issue, just because a couple of people want to record / share their videos? I'd start saving for that capture card - or go to that porn shop kyle was mentioning.
  7. True. This game produces a lot of frustration. And I don't know exactly why. To me it's always been (and still is) the most fun to talk to the other guys in a party and do some competitions or farming. I hardly played anything else than fishing planet in the last year. But I always thought to myself, if somebody that doesn't know anything about the game could hear us talk, they'd wonder why we even do this to ourselves It's always several hours of ranting and raving.. "Ah shit, three amateur competitions again", "ooh fuck, only OneByOne and Yellow Perch", "shit I can't catch anything", "it's always the same guys in the top10", "ah fuck the yeti stole my x-series", "God I hate this fucking menu", "shit I got kicked out of the chat again - now I have to paddle again - I can't find your chat - open up a new one - I'll go restart", "Michigan is not what it used to be, can't even get my net full" bla bla bla. But somehow we still can't stop playing it. It's got something really addicting to it. Even though it's full of bugs (that take like forever to be fixed) and bad decisions and has a lot of room for improvement to become a great game (see Kps video on the 5 pillars): I guess we're all in love with the idea of what this game could be. Maybe that's it: the game is still far from what it could be. Maybe that's the reason for all the frustration and toxicity - also on the forums. It has its moments. But it could be much more rewarding. Still, I totally agree with you. We shouldn't forget that it's just a game. A game that we all love and enjoy. That's why we're here. Let's have some with it. Turn the hate around, and come up with ideas on how to fix stuff. Personally, I'd love it if the devs took their time to get involved in the discussion. Do more Q&A's. Ask the people what they like and don't like about the game. Tell us what you're working on, and what your plans are. Take part in the forums. Read what's going on here and reply to it. Anyways, maybe I took it too far.. This thread is aimed at the community.. My reply is just a long ass version of saying "yup, agreed!" We've got something in common; the love for fishing. Let's not work against each other. Let's have some fun together.
  8. Agreed. Let them take their time to make it more stable. Even though I can't wait for the UI bugfixes that are hopefully coming with the new update. I'd be happy to trade some feeder rods for a responsive menu / inventory
  9. If that's the case, you're totally right. It's only unfair if you double your chances by playing the same competition / tournament twice - using two accounts. I've seen different combinations of the 4-6 accounts in competitions over the last couple of months. And, assuming they belong to 2 or more people, I don't know if one of them is playing with his 1st account, while the other is playing with his / her 2nd account, or if one of them is using 2 accounts simultaneously / after one another. And I don't have proof that there were cases where 3 or more of their accounts took part in the same competition, as I usually only take screenshots when I want to share my score with my friends; not keep track of other people's accounts. So it's mostly just a coincidence. I'm sure I've seen it, but I can't prove it. So forget about it. Looking at the rules, I guess you can interpret them both ways. Using 2 or more accounts to play competitions may be allowed, as long as you don't use more than one in the same competition. It's a different case if you create a secondary account to play amateur competitions (with the knowledge of a rank 50+ player). That'd be pretty unfair. As far as I can tell, the rules don't say anything about that either. Or do they? I couldn't find anything about it. Might be with updating / clarifying them. But that's not the case for team happy either, so let's forget about that, too Be it like it is: only the devs and the account holders themselves know what's true. If this - and the other threads about it - were good for anything, it's maybe to create awareness. The devs know that they should do regular checks to not let cheaters ruin their game, and keep the community happy. And the people that try to double their chances might restrain from using multiple accounts. Be it because of the fear of bans, or the toxicity they're creating in the community. If they're playing fair, I'd be happy to apologize for taking part in this "holy war", as you called it.
  10. No man, I don't know who owns / plays HappyAssasin, Drunkkiller, Dontworrysmile, Imverysleepy, etc. Could be it's one person, could be they're more. Roommates, friends, married, whatever. Only the devs or the people themselves can clear this up.
  11. I've gotten used to it by now. But man, that old brake sound was the shit! Brought a big smile to my face everytime I heard it The new sounds just make you feel like you're fishing with a 10 dollar setup from Walmart or something. You're not feeling excited because you finally hooked a big fish and are in for a fight; you're always thinking "my weak-ass equipment is about to break, I need to get something better!"
  12. As for the lure fishing, you don't really need the vibration feature. It's just an additional indication of a fish nibbling. Most of the time they hook themselves when you're feeling the vibration. If not, keep reeling to get your line tight, and then use L2 to hook em. (Only works if the tension is high enough (1-2 bars min). If you can't hook them, it usually means that your hook / equipment is too big for the fish) The vibration feature gets more important when a) you're using Crankbaits (esp. in combination with twitches and / or stops). Soon as you feel it vibrating, you should keep reeling to get your line straight and the tension up, and then hook the fish with L2. Or b) you're using topwater lures. When you see the fish coming, get your line tight and wait for the vibration. Then hook it with L2. The vibration is probably most useful if c) you're bobber fishing. Not only does it give you the option of looking somewhere else (watching a movie or something) and wait for the (longer) vibration to strike, it also gives you the opportunity to quick strike - which is especially useful in competitions, where it's all about time. To do this, try to keep your line tight at all times (by holding up your rod), and as soon as your controller vibrates, hit and hold L2 to hook the fish immediately. Takes a lot of practice, but saves you the time of waiting for the fish to take the bait. Only works with non-live bait, though (as you won't get the "nibble-vibration" with live bait; only the "bait-taken-vibration").
  13. Yup, saw your topic in the other forum yesterday Maybe the devs can give us an option in the menu to change it back to the old sounds? Shouldn't be much of a hassle for them..
  14. Since we're dealing with this for about half a year now, is there any update on the issue? With the update on it's way (which I'm really looking forward to), it'd be nice if this gets fixed. Guess we'll have to buy some new rods and bait and stuff, and spend quite some time in the inventory. Thanks
  15. Welcome to Fishing Planet! From my experience: if you can manage to get half the score of the top guys, you're doing pretty good. After that, it's all about finding more spots, and getting the quick strike down (correct me if I'm wrong). The more I play this game, the more I realize that it's just not possible to cope with the top 20 players if you don't use quick strike in every. damn. competition. Be it moonlight gars, sturgeon in the dark, all the catfish comps, Old Bucks, One By One, whatever.. if you don't use quick strike, you're gonna have a hard time getting close to the top scores. (Again, please correct me if I'm wrong.) In some comps (esp. One By One) I even think it can be a lot of fun! That competition is exhausting, but it's nice to see your score increase everytime you play it. Personally, I believe that it's a mistake they ever put the quick strike this in the game. It ruins a lot of game mechanics for me. Like thinking about what hook size you should use, what bait they like best, using bigger bait for bigger fish, using live bait for more attraction, etc. But everybody has his its own opinion about that. And it's in the game, so.. No cheating here.. And it takes a lot of skill and concentration to get it down. So kudos to the guys that take this to perfection. As for the catfish trial, there's a spot where you can reel em in from 16 metres or so (only works on rainy weather, as far as I know). Use that spot and the quick strike, and you might see your score improve. Well if you go to rankings > competitions, take a close look at the top 20 or so players, and then check the competition's results, you'll see that it's always the same names in the top 10. Which brings me to the assumption that it's neither luck-based (or RNG, as they say), nor pre-calculated (as some people have 2, 3 or 4 accounts, that they manage to get into the top 10 as well). It's about knowledge and technique (and, of course, a lot of free-time, in order to play a lot, do research, take notes, and improve your score). I played that competition as well. Same for me. A lot of nibbling, but no bites. #1/0, #2/0, Large Minnows, Shiners, 80cm, 90cm, 60cm.. I caught two uniques, but all in all too little fish. Tried Spawn Sack and quick strike for the last 5 minutes, and it worked out pretty well. I'll give that a shot for the next Old Buck's. I'm pretty sure you can't score 680 - 694 points in that competition with live bait, looking at your bobber, and waiting for the fish to strike. But then again, I might be wrong Personally, I'd love to see how that competition evolves with spinning only. Trying to catch some tiny ass golden trout with your Featherlight and a barbless spinner..
  16. The way I look at it man, everybody's free to do as they please - as long as they stick to the rules we've all agreed on. Some people are able and willing to invest more time than others, some just wanna shoot fireworks with their friends, catch furry trout and laugh their asses off. Some do their own research for comps & tourneys, some just watch streams and do what other people do. Most guys I met are willing to share their knowledge, others keep it to themselves. Personally, I don't feel bad losing to the same couple of dozen people that have played 1.000+ competitions in their lives. But I really don't understand the motivation of people that use exploits, multiple accounts, or other ways of unfair tactics, just to earn some baitcoins. You wouldn't sneak a 5th Ace into your sleeve when you're playing poker with your friends - why use 2 accounts when you're playing a virtual fishing game? But it's not so much the fact that there are people in this game who don't give a flying fuck about the rules. Assholes are everywhere. What I don't get is that the devs don't seem to care (as much as you'd expect them to).
  17. Well, I can assure you that those accounts are still active and back in the competitions.
  18. I too stopped relying on the menu's weather graph for competitions and tournaments a while ago, as this happens regularly. Don't know if it's just a coincidence that it's correct sometimes. But it might be worth thinking about finding a way to replace the locations current weather graph with the competition / torunament weather. Maybe replace it with the tournament one (and add a special symbol), cross or grey it out, include an additional graph in the top right corner under the "enter tournament" button, or figure out something else. It is in fact misleading, especially to newer players. Might be something for future development.
  19. I was looking forward to participating for the first time during the holidays. I guess with the new update and the big tournament there wasn't enough time for updating the Christmas event? What do I do with all of my spare time now?
  20. Thank you for sharing sabi. I was wondering how many hours have gone into the game yet. Seems to be the only way to find out It's 1303 for me. I guess a couple of hundred hours are spent yelling at it, fiddling with the menus But it's been a lot of fun, too. So kudos to the devs! Maybe more people are willing to share?
  21. Hey Sergey, I have tried all those steps. Doesn't change anything. It didn't change anything when we had the blue screen errors, and it doesn't change anything with the menu issues. Everybody on PS4 is having the same problem. It's not the console. Trust me. Do you guys not have a PS4 in the office? Just try it out yourself. It'll drive you mad!
  22. Man I really don't understand why it takes the devs so long to fix this - or at least respond to an issue like that. They bring out new content like the Halloween missions (which brings even more stuff into your inventory) and are working on new waterways, while the whole game is obviously broken. How?? Why? I can't navigate through chatrooms, I can't organize my inventory, I'm having trouble buying licenses for the waterways.. how is this not a top priority? Drop your pencils and fix the menu issues already. I couldn't give less of a fuck about new content when basic functions are broken. Bugs like this should be fixed within a week, but they've been present for months now. And you don't hear a single word about it. I just don't get it.
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