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  1. Yeah, I think I do remember things getting laggy after patch 1.08, too. Today I tried some of the suggested troubleshooting tips. Cleaned the cooling system, freed up some space on the PS4s internal drive and rebuilt the database. It seemed the menu got a little less laggy in the beginning, but it wasn't for long. Took part in the best 5 bass competition in Oregon today, just to see if it helped anything. About half-way in I got the blue screen error again. Same procedure as every time: Reeled in the fish, took it out of the water, the stats show up for a second, shit starts freezing, blue screen. Restarted the game, HUD is flickering. A little less than yesterday, but still.. This is not an enjoyable way of playing the game. EDIT: @Devs: Here's a quick video of my competition experience yesterday. Unfortunately the PS4 stops recording as soon as the game crashes, so I won't be able to include the blue-screen in the video.
  2. I don't know if you guys already know, but your PS4 is constantly recording, so that you can save videos of special events after they happen. Try pressing the share button after it happens, and then press square to save the video to your library. You can then copy it to a USB drive you plug into your PS4, or upload it to YouTube / Facebook, directly from your PS4. If you press the share-button and go to your settings, you can also define how long the video clips are. Standard is 15 minutes. Only downside (as for Fishing Planet) is that you won't have any in-game sound. https://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/how-to-record-gameplay-on-a-ps4/
  3. As someone who is quite new to the Fishing Planet World, I was quite surprised by - and never really understood - the tone and all the hate in this forum. I love the game, and I quite like a lot of the changes you guys made to the game mechanics, e.g. changing water depths and behaviour of the lures. As a newcomer, I took the "nerdy approach": watched a lot of YouTube videos, found out about the Ubersheet, spent days and weeks grinding for level 40, comparing and calculating rod/reel combinations, traveling the FP world trying to catch uniques, working on my spinning techniques etc. pp. And yeah, it's frustrating to watch a video guide (from 2 years ago) on how to catch a specific fish or win a tournament, and then realize that the tactics don't work anymore, because the mechanics have changed. But I like the fact that you won't have any success anymore with stupidly reeling in your crankbait on drag 1 or 2, drilling like a maniac, and catching everything you need. BUT, and here's where things changed: It was all good, until I started doing competitions. Until now, I've had 17 (!) blue screen errors CE-34878-0 since May 21st. I managed to do around 2-3 competitions WITHOUT getting the blue screen error. And it's really bugging the Crappie out of me. Yesterday, I wanted to compete in the Neherrin Minimal competition for the first time. I've always had trouble with hooking and catching the smalles of the smallest, and wanted to work on that. I spent 2-3 (real-life) hours watching YouTube-videos, changing my setup, trying different reeling techniques, getting frustrated and wanting to give up. But at some point it clicked, and I was finally able to hook 9/10 fish. It was all chill, and I was catching one fish after another - until.. I entered the competition.. First (!) catch, blue screen. Restart. All the overlays start flickering like crazy. Restart again. Overlays still flickering. My PS4 fans crank up into 6th gear like my console is about to explode. I do catch a lot of plastic bags and weeds, but can hardly catch any fish, cause FP suddenly turned from a chill game you enjoy while sitting on the couch into some combination of a crying baby that just won't shut up and your ex-girlfriend running around the house breaking shit and IT'S DRIVING ME INSANE!!1! Leave the competition halfway through, turn off my console, get a beer, watch a movie, calm down. I honestly don't know if the issues are FP or PS4 related. I did some googling and found out that there are other games that also have (or had) blue screen errors en masse. People complaining to the game developers, the developers telling people to contact Sony, Sony telling people to contact the game developers, aaaand here we go again. But this crap is really ruining the game for me, and (from what I read in the forums) many other people. Once you reach level 40, the competitions, for me, are really where it's at. Or where it could be at. Can't imagine how somebody would prepare for, and take part in a tournament like the virtual bass open, and NOT throw his (or her) controller at the screen. Long story short: I really love the game, but the competitions on PS4 are gone to shits. And I really do dope that you can find the bug(s) and fix it.
  4. Pretty sure it's the Insomniac III, where you have to catch a certain weight of fish at night. Got it while doing some catfish fishing in the nighttime. https://www.fishingplanet.wiki/de/X-Series
  5. Same here. Cats 'n Nightcatchers today. Every. Fuckin. Time.
  6. Good advice, and a really nice balanced set-up u got there Mine's pretty identical. Copied it almost 1:1 from a guy on YouTube. The video is in german; but maybe looking at the set-ups is enough of an inspiration for you: You have to be careful with some of the rod/reel combinations, though, as they are designed for maximum workload. Some reels will be too strong for the rods, and will only work in combination on a max drag setting of 6/12 or 5/11 e.g. Same with some of the lines used. Some guys did all the math and put together a nice spreadsheet with working combinations. But maybe you already know all that stuff Basically, what Palavino said works for me, too. Go for a balanced combination of 2 float rods and 5 spinning / casting rods. You can catch any fish with those 7 rods, and take part in almost all the tournaments, too. If you get yourself a big enough bag and vest, you can even bring all the different lures to any competition. At least the ones that work for you
  7. I'm having similar issues. During the last three tournaments I played in the last couple of days, FP crashed at some point. Which excusable if you're fishing for pike while watching a movie. But quite annoying if you're trying to compete in a tournament. I believe I do have video material of the crashes. I'll cut it together and upload it, if that helps you guys finding and fixing the bug(s).
  8. I did record a video today with PS4's built-in video capture. Still no in-game sound. Would love to see this fixed, too. Thanks.
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