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  1. So if you're not a developer then what's the DEVELOPERS mean written below your H circle? I obviously need educating in this one
  2. Exactly, you need different player's feedback and experiences to what floats their boat and to find the common denominator that does Obviously you can't please all of the people all of the time, but there's nothing wrong with trying to please as many as you can if you can I've noticed with Naughty dog devs they listen to their players quite a lot (multiplayer) but sadly it's to the whiners and bad losers that complain when something doesn't suit them or they think another player has some sort of advantage like an early earned weapon or just plain skill with a weapon, then naughty dog nerf it, sometimes they even nerf the nerf, I collected about 40 buds from that game from the first 3 weeks of playing and if I check them out now id be lucky to find 3 that play it casually, and they all said it's because they keep changing things and messing up the game play, yet in general the games brilliant Then take rock star, they never listen to the players that complain lol they,ve never nerfed anything that I can see in four yrs but they do take notice of player problems and bugs and fix them quick time and gtav is still going strong, they probably make more cash with dlc than some companies make from the base game sales A good rock star touch was the mission completion system, in San Andreas, they made you complete the a mission fully before you progressed to the next one, and a lot of players found certain missions too hard or tedious so they moved on to exploring the map and shooting peds before they got bored, but in gtav they made the missions doable with a bronze, silver or gold completion score, damn you could even skip it altogether and move to the next mission, hence keeping players interested I'm not comparing games , just giving an example of how some players react to changes or how quick they could become bored and how long they could endure the boredom before they move on, damn some players even get bored and jog on if the loading screen takes a few extra minutes to load in lol
  3. Ever thought of moving to Spain lol, especially for the poisson chat, must go there someday for those babies, biggest here is a 52lb Damn, never thought to check the weather
  4. It's all fine dude, I didn't want you thinking I was having a dig at the game for no reason and glad you dont Its true about different fish for different players, I was in Michigan with a bud, same day same time same spot same tackle fishing for blue catfish, she caught 3 uni's (biggest 84lb) in a space of 10 mins, we stayed for about an hour and our count up was 15 fish for me (biggest 25lb) and 8 for her, so definitely player/connection dependent And I'm glad were on the same page about foreign fishing, French fishing nearly ruined UK fishing for me so it was a choice of one or the other and not both but seeing as I live in the UK and the lakes only up the road I stuck with the UK I'm off carping this weekend and its purely surface fishing (can't beat seeing a lump of bread being sucked from the surface lol, especially with the hook attached to it Just gotta pray for warm weather and a northerly wind now
  5. Ok no more bold letter anymore I can only go by what I've seen and experienced on hundreds of different lakes and rivers that I've fished, maybe you're in the sea fishing and piker's camp and seen different ? But I'm not posting for effect or to have a pissing competition with anyone, but just to understand why a lot of newbie's leave the game early on, and what could be done to keep them interested It might well be for selfish reasons because I want my mates to fish with me lol but they just won't have it, they all said it's a well thought through game but as boring as hell, hence my thoughts on making lone star a bit more interesting just to get them hooked p.s. never used delkims, I bought the little mini wychwood alarms to go with my semi telescopic black ops rods, I'm trying to downsize and compact everything as small as poss, had too many barrows tip over with the ten tons of gear us idiot carp anglers bring along with us lol, I even got rid of the bed-chair, I just thrown the sleeping bag on the bivvy floor and I get a much better night's sleep without it
  6. Regarding lure fishing in England it's not really that big a thing unless your into pike or trout fishing, there's a few that do it but overall the majority float fish or use rigs, I've fished since childhood and never once myself nor anyone I know have lure fished
  7. The way to introduce a newbie to fishing and get them hooked is to take them to a water where they're almost guaranteed to catch something and that ups the odds of them taking it up as a sport or just for leisure in the future I said before that my RL non fishing friends said they had fished once and never caught anything so they never took it up And there probably still are a lot of people playing it, but out of 14 buds that downloaded and played FP only one stuck with it and she only did that because she likes gaming and chatting with me (so basically any game will do lol) She, like the others was starting to get bored with the game and frustrated over the navigation/controls and lack of catching in lone star but I tutored her through the controls and kept her interest up by competing against each other, now she's a high level player, paying for dlc and has a few uni,s under her belt, she even plays alone when I go offline I can't rate FP enough and it saddens me that newbie's aren't staying on long enough to enjoy it My idea to get and keep newbie's interested would be to put the catch rate up a bit higher in lone star lake and throw a few biggies in, after all it shows on the notifications what a player has caught and that would give others some inspiration, and someone catching a biggy on the notifications would give them a taste of what they could be getting when they progress further I was in lone star the other day with 4 other players (I was testing lures, honest) and I thought I was alone going by the lack of fish coming out, there was a point where not a single player caught a fish for at least 10 mins, it was sparse and at worse almost barren in the 40 mins I was there (and yes they were actively casting) there was about 12 different players during that time no doubt disillusioned and bored to death and probably never to be seen again in FP
  8. I know exactly what you mean and I've thought about the prospect of getting bored catching fish after fish, but out of the two evils id think I'd rather be over catching than under catching, that way you'd still have fun and excitement before the boredom (if any) set in and you would be more inclined to return another day for that initial buzz, but not so if you catch hardly anything, like you said you can get bored fishing IRL (sometimes) but you still go back to RL fishing because you've probably caught big or in volume previously and you know there's a chance to do it again
  9. True, they're definitely missing out, but sadly they'll never get to know to care about it But do you know what the funny thing is about it, my buds actually liked the game concept a lot, albeit while they were catching fish, but as soon as the catch rate slowed down they got bored and left before they got bit by the bug, and these are dudes that would spend obscene amounts of cash on dlc
  10. It's not just about the set up though is it, it's about keeping them interested by catching a semi constant amount of fish, it's what they want and expect from a fishing game, if they caught enough to keep themselves occupied and entertained they might take the time to learn how to set up properly and then progress from there, and surely from a devs point of view it's about making it "a game for them" After all If they don't stay and play they don't spend on dlc, and isn't that where the money comes from to pay the dev teams wages, keep the severs going and get us new lakes/fish etc added to the game?
  11. The point of my post was trying to understand how and why the devs have failed to keep the majority of newbie's continuing to play, like fourteen of my buds and their buds alike, , so I'm just stating what they have experienced and said, So do the devs really expect to keep new players that have already got expensive exciting or fast paced games to then download and try a fishing game (of which they probably have no RL interest in fishing anyway) to stand by a lake with a rod set up they barely understand and wait around (if they're unlucky enough) for ten minutes or more in some cases (becoming bored) before they catch a fish with low pay and low xp, and then they might catch a weed or break the line and have no idea or even the will to mess about working out how to repair it? Then they're expected to continue that for god knows how long before they level up enough to go to a new lake or earn enough to buy upgraded tackle! So you could argue that they can use real cash to buy dlc etc, well NO they won't if they're already half bored or disillusioned with the game, because they might think what if I spend money on this game to progress and it turns out the other lakes are half barren and boring also! They'll just spend their hard earned on dlc for a game they already enjoy, you work it out! And another example was with a second bud, he made enough xp and cash etc to make it to mudwater river and never caught a single fish in 20 minutes before complaining how bored he was before leaving to play fortnite, and he's never been back to FP since So ok you've got some good loyal players that saw the potential in FP that played on to reap the rewards and benefits that this brilliant game offers, but then you've probably got thousands more that got too bored and frustrated early on that didn't
  12. I've played this game since 26/April/2018 and I'm level 40 rank 3, all thanks to DLC and loads of man hours, I've put other much loved games like GTAV, Sniper elite 4, Uncharted 4 and Hitman etc on the back burner to play this game, and have no urge to revisit them anytime soon while I'm playing FP, that's how much I love it Damnnn! I'm even at the stage where as a low level I used to jump for joy when I caught a small or large mouth bass but now I'm cursing them for taking bait intended for larger fish, it's a bit like me as carp angler catching a nuisance bream, but yet it adds to the fun and realism AND I'M GOING TO TREAD CAREFULLY HERE But I believe the problems could lie within the mentality of the development team It s obvious that game devs are highly skilled and intelligent in their own profession and will normally only see things from their own personal prospective, which is all well and good when you're working with a like minded team to produce something extraordinary But how far does that remove them from the various mindsets or mentality of their customers, do they assume that because they are clever and skilled and understand how something works that everyone else can, they need to remember that almost every player is going to be intelligent and skilled (or even totally useless) in something in their life, but unfortunately its not always going to be the same as what the devs are skilled in for example I'm a skilled mechanical engineer by trade but going onto a fishing rod that says it's got a lure weight of 1/6 - 5/8 oz and having to work out how to put a matching lure stating something like 3/4 oz or 1/5 oz etc is totally beyond me, I had to change from imperial to metric just to make it easier in to work out then change back so I'm seeing fish weights in lbs again You can see I'm not knocking or criticising anyone or anything and I wouldn't bother posting if I didn't like the game, you just need to see everyone's needs, wants and likes are different and you have to get the right balance which going by every bud I talk to about this game say you haven't The best solution would be to talk to a range of players with totally different ideas from your own aspect and you'll find you've got a viable masterpiece in the making Or failing that, give rock star a call (yes that was a sly dig) sorry lol but it's just that you've got a superb and entertaining game that's actually driving away (mainly through lack of catching) a lot of new players almost from day one
  13. Sometimes I go back to lone star lake to practice with different lures etc (seeing as it's free) and I can't believe how low the catch rate is for new players, I could be there for up to 40 minutes or more and hardly see anything being pulled out in that time, I normally see more players joining and leaving than fish being pulled from the lake (And please don't quote that old (fool yourself) chestnut about how many new players you gain every month, because that's largely due to it being a free game, and out of every 100 that do download it 50 probably never even launch it Now how the hell do you expect to get these new players interested enough to continue playing if they're being bored out of their nut just flicking a rod out and not catching anything Most anglers who fish IRL will tell you that if they ask their non fishing friends why they don't fish the majority of them will say they tried it but didn't catch anything so they never fished again Out of fourteen buds that downloaded the game only one has stayed in with me, and the two main reasons why they left was because they either got bored of not catching or they couldn't navigate the menus/inventory or fully understand how to make a balanced rod set-up Most experienced gamers know that most games are designed not to give you too many in game freebies or unlocks without us having to run to the ps store and purchase DLC stuff to progress, but that's all well and good when it's a top game such as GTAV etc where you can see its going to be worth getting, but not for a game where your chance of progress is perceivably low or to the point of boring, and the next button they press is not going to take them to the ps store but the one that deletes the game TBH I nearly deleted the game myself for those same two reasons, but me and my bud persevered and spent loads of money on DLC and bait coins and glad we did because it's a brilliant game, but were just two out of the fourteen It can't be too hard to implement a newbie lake system where the catches are higher with a few big'ns thrown in for good measure, (oh! and take out the weed/boot catches and the line breaking saga or anything else that might discourage a newbie, save that for the pro's) and even if the XP and cash per fish is lower at least it will give them some encouragement and excitement and maybe the will to live on and strive to get to the main lakes and even spend some of their hard earned on some DLC etc More game players = more cash and that means quicker bug fixes, additional and better content ergo more enjoyment for everyone
  14. I was hovering over a keep net just to read out the details to a bud that was on the lake and accidentally pressed the X button and bought it, it was around 37000 but already had the XXL, so I sold it and got about 7000 back, what a waste, the game needs a confirmation prompt before you actually commit to buy anything.
  15. I take it no one knows what the boat angling mode does, not even the devs ? BRILLIANT
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