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  1. Thank you. I've ranked up to 29 and am almost now at level 30. I got an email response from my support ticket that I put in and they said there was no discrepancy but there was. I ranked up to level 29 twice but never got credit for the first time.
  2. I was fishing in tge Alberta Lake all day yesterday trying to rank up from 28 to 29. After many hours of gameplay I finally caught a unique lake trout that weighed over 49 pounds. My rank bar moved but the rank never changed to 29. Nor did I get the rewards for ranking up. It took me many days to rank up and I'm not happy. I have spent real money on a free game and I expect it to work right! Can someone please fix this? I sent tickets into support.
  3. Mine has been doing the same thing since the last update. It keeps freezing and it is very annoying!
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