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  1. Saw that FP released a trailer a while back, but why haven’t they not gave us a release date? Do you have any idea when it will be coming out for Xbox 1 players? Like summer 2019 or late 2019?? Any how can’t wait to see the game launch on Xbox 1! Tight lines
  2. I understand the wait, games aren’t easy to make, and publish. Hope it comes in 2019 I miss the game on PS4
  3. EazyE02

    Ice fishing

    I would like to see ice fishing come into the game. I think it would be cool to have it added into FP. What do y’all think?
  4. When will the game be released? Or is it waiting approval? I hope to see it come out soon, I don’t like dovetails fishing games, fishing planet blew them away on PS4 I think this game is way better than Dovetail games.
  5. It's such a fun game hope to see it on the Xbox one
  6. Any news on the Xbox one? I loved the game on PS4 but I switched over to Xbox and really miss the game.
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