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  1. Now we have people upset because what they seen in a video from 6,8 months ago doesn't work for them. Here's a noble idea find your own spots,lures and techniques. If you are depending on the latest video to do well you aren't half as good as you thought you were or are.
  2. I'm with tombomb79 started playing the game a few months ago, just over 100 comps have a second and 3rd place. A lot of trial and error along with work and dedication go into this game. People who think they will enter a comp throw anything out and win don't have a clue. I too found better success with a few tweaks to my retrieval when I'm not playing I'm watching and learning from guys like rota, sabiscs and a few others who post vids. Takes alot to succeed in this game,time and effort mostly. I don't mind the competition makes me work that much harder to want to get better and be better. Most people now a days want instant gratification well it doesn't work like that.
  3. Cheating? not sure about that. Here is what I've noticed and find very odd about the competitions that maybe someone could explain. There are videos of pretty much every competition there is out there. What I find very strange is that we all pretty much go to the same spots, yet some people catch several large trophies and unis over and over while others struggle to catch a small trophie all while being in the same spot,throwing to the same targets,using the same equipment, gear and techniques, how is this possible or even make sense?
  4. Was an event yesterday top notch walleye. I entered it used the chocolate and purple worm. One person the winner caught 3 uniques the smallest being 14lb and 4 trophies the smallest being 7lbs . All in a 30 minute competition. I wound up catching 1 trophie and several 3-4lbers. I don't get it. We all go to the floating dock and use the same worms. The chocolate is a pay bait. It's crazy how that works. How in the world in 30 minutes does one person catch 3 uniques between 19 and 14 lbs and the rest trophies while others catch one or 2 trophies. I catch the unique everytime I fish for it and know where it is yet during competitions am lucky to pull a trophie. Makes no sense to me.
  5. Man that sucks. Nope you get a better connection. The fastest and easiest way to make money is in Michigan with those pike. If you get the chance try that you have a few seconds to set the hook with the bobber it's fast and consistent strikes.
  6. In Texas have to use 2" shads white or yellow with a 1/4oz 1/0 jig head to catch bass after bass for 200 a piece
  7. Man go to Michigan and hit the cove with a heavy float set up and can catch pike after pike. Use shiners a bobber set to 20 inches. Go to you tube and google pike farming on Michigan plenty of videos on it. Will make 20k a game day and get a lot of xp to level up quick. If on a ps4 let me know when you go and will try to meet you there to show you exactly where and how. There is a spot on that cove you can spawn from two places,tje green bay and woods of bank it's called. It's kinda inbetween those two. Even without premium can make 20k a game day usually by 10am then just forward the game to the next morning at 5am and do it all over again. It will sell your fish empty your net and be good just keep doing that and will have 2-300k and plenty of xp and will he at level 40 on a couple of days. That or NY get the ammolite or purple 1/4oz 1'0 narrow spoon and just fish from the dock at night. You will catch a walleye every cast. But they only pay 3-400 a piece where the pike are 500-1500 a piece and some trophies and uniques paying over 2 k with every cast. Can make 15k a day with bass in Florida using a popper,crank bait and jig as well.
  8. As far as the only little unique ever on a jig think it was blind luck after 10 real hours of trying to catch one on a jig.After I caught it threw the same jig In the same area from 5--8 pm them would forward it to the next evening at 5 and throw it constantly for another 4 nights in game about 3-4 hours reel time and didn't get another. Several trophies but not another unique. When it got dark tied on the glow in the dark crank threw it straight out about 90 ft into that little alley and caught 2 in a span of 40 minutes in game time. Makes no sense. It's programmed that way I guess
  9. Definitely something wrong with the competitions. Several recently have made me realize that. One was in Alberta,by the time I hooked and fought in one splake several people had already gotten in several trophies and some uniques and the tournament was over within minutes of starting they were so many points ahead it was ridiculous. Same thing with a catfish one in Louisiana. I hooked a 30lb blue cat with the highest rated rod a Brutus and reel the thunder spin with 35lb test from 150 out. Hooked it within a minute and by the time I got it in people were so far ahead already. Another in Louisiana with the far. Same thing happened there but from 90 ft out when I hooked it. I do the muskie topping one alot. Come in between 20-40 ever time. Someone posted a video on YouTube of them winning the event. Have to be the closest to a 13 lb muskie. I watched the video he posted just to see what he did that I didn't do. He was in the exact same spot using the exact same popper I use everytime. If everyone is in pretty much the same places using the same stuff how are people getting so far ahead so fast? Everyone in every competition who places 1-3 is level 40. Have noticed that. When I first installedthe game I dropped 50-60 bucks into it. My reasoning was that it was a free download and I spend 60$ plus another 20 on packs for games for my kids. But now ring even have premium because it seems a scam in the true fishing aspect of it. Just because someone has more time to be on their computer or game console than another shouldn't determine the out come if events. Some if these people who win wouldn't know one knot from another,couldnt tell a crank bait from jerk bait a Texas right from drop shot but are gamers and there for win. But it's the most realistic game there is. My ass it is
  10. OK s rarxh the post about no unique on a jig,after 10 real hours of throwing a big from 5-8am skipping to 5 pm and throwing from then until 8 pm, when the uniques are active on partly cloudy days in fla. I just caught one on a pumpkin melon jig. The sad part is it was a small one,8lbs and some change,have caught bigger trophie large mouth in the same spot. In fact have one in my keepnet now from earlier in the morning. Caught it in the evening spot just after 7pm. So now I can't honestly say I haven't got a bass or unique largemouth on a jig. So 10 hours of real time playing 6 hours each day of game time my reward was an 8 1/2 lb unique. But I did catch one
  11. Did just now catch the unique on a jig in Florida. 10 hours or real time game play and caught one with a pumpkin melon jig at the Lilly pad spawn point. Have caught several of them on crank baits,shimners a top water 3/4oz popper and at night with the glow crank,first one I caught on a jig, the sad thing is it was a small one,to be honest have caught bigger trophies on the same spot. Crazy stuff with this game
  12. I'm level 40 + 11 so 51 not sure how that works once you hit 40 then get a 1,2,3 and so on out beside it. If you are level 30 can go to Michigan and farm pike if not that high and can get to new York you can hit new York and farm walleye and make 6-7 grand a night doing that. They key to is your keep net or stringer. Need one that holds at least 1-150 lbs of fish to do it. If you aren't sure and are on ps4 send me a friend request at mpkuhens and will be glad to show you or help out anyway I can. If not pm ps4 will gladly wrote out the steps for doing so on here.
  13. Did catch several 4-9 lb trophies using the log bit not one unique. Tried loft and drop,stpp and go,swimming them you name it everything from 1'2 oz 3/0 to 2oz 6/0 . Tried everything I knew and nothing.
  14. Couldn't agree more. I'm level 40 + 10 what ever that is. The best I've done is I placed 7th just yesterday in the chasing trout in Oregon. Have to catch a 2kg trout. Not sure what that even is in lbs but caught one. 033 over or under and finished 7th. Some caught one the exact weight. Something odd is the Florida bass challenge where you can only use a jig. I spent 8-10 reel hours yesterday and today fishing the list peg with jigs trying to catch a unique. I tried ever color weight and hook size and not one unique. Yet during the competition people reel them in left and right using only jigs. How is this possible. I have caught them on a popper,crank baits 3/0 blue and white and craw cored and using shiners but actually tried catching one so I knew where and what for the next competition and hours upon hours and nothing. That is very odd to say the least.
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