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  1. Use shiners on the evening after 5pm 3/0 hook 45 inches deep 150-165 ft out
  2. Mkuhens


    Seems when you do half well all of the sudden a blue error screen pops up boots you off. Think the sham is in on these tournaments.
  3. Mkuhens

    [PS4] Patch Note 1.10.

    But then again by all means please tell us how when half of your cast are wasted on reeling in junk and debris from 120-200' out and you have no chance of a fish once hooked that it doesn't interfere with your fishing or fishing time or time In general
  4. Mkuhens

    [PS4] Patch Note 1.10.

    Something useful I did catch on the plastic worm I could use and had to discard. A crayfish which I could have kept and used for bait, I was told to discard. But I can turn around and buy them in the store to use for bait. Now I have caught crayfish,crawdads for bait in ditches,ponds and lakes and never not once have I seen them feasting on plastics of any type or kind.
  5. Mkuhens

    [PS4] Patch Note 1.10.

    Besides all of this I was using a 6" rubber worm when snagging all this debris. Not like I had an exposed hook just dragging the bottom. You ever fished with a worm or any kind of plastic in real life? You rig them to be weedless or snagless. Don't push the hook all the way through exposing it so it just glides through the water and when the hookset occurs it then breaks through. I could see if I had a spoon or some sort of treble hook dragging the bottom just dragging for debris. Had a worm and the shells I got you'd have thought I was on a scif with a set of tongs anchored over an oyster bar somewhere
  6. Mkuhens

    [PS4] Patch Note 1.10.

    Speaking of dragging across the bottom most of the actual catfish I've caught in my life were caught using either live or cut bait on the bottom. You know bottom fishing. Can't do that but can catch a shell,boot or some sort of debris every other cast.
  7. Mkuhens

    [PS4] Patch Note 1.10.

    So if you cast out 30 times and hit junk 160,180' out 17 times of the 30 and have to reel it all the way in how is that not interfering with the actual fishing?
  8. Mkuhens

    [PS4] Patch Note 1.10.

    Yeah your lure just disappears and all you can do is real what ever junk you've hooked in whether it be 180,120 or 60ft out. So saying it doesn't interfere is basically a misstatment. Starting to think these competitions are rigged. By the time you fight in one splake someone has caught 2 uniques and several trophies and the competition is pretty much over 10 minutes into it. I can see someone being lucky and catching every unique and trophy in the lake here and there but it happens almost every competition.
  9. Mkuhens

    [PS4] Patch Note 1.10.

    If anyone wants or needs a shell collection paddle to the floating dock cast towards the trees in between channel markers. You'll get a shell pretty much every cast. That's how bad it is, 18 pieces of debris,have thrown several back because it's all I have room for in my backpack in 4 hours of in game play from 8-10am 7-9pm.
  10. Mkuhens

    [PS4] Patch Note 1.10.

    They have made Michigan almost unfishable. Every cast you catch some sort of debris from the floating dock casting towards the trees. Have fished the same spot since the download trying for the unique walleye which I used to catch. Now all I get is debris and it's on just about every cast. Shells mostly. Can't even fish the area anyore it's the entire tree line basically.
  11. I went there fishing for walleye and caught a rag,trash,boot,backlash with loot,shells,crayfish pretty much everything but a walleye from the floating dock that you paddle to

  12. Mkuhens

    PS4: Patch Note 1.10.

    No not sure if it's PS network or what it is. Seems PlayStation downloads are slow for everyone,everywhere. There are all kinds of threads out there on people trying to speed them up.
  13. Mkuhens

    [PS4] Patch Note 1.10.

    That was mostly what I did catch,didnt catch the unique walleye,fished where it normally is at the times I usually catch it and caught everything but the unique walleye
  14. Mkuhens

    [PS4] Patch Note 1.10.

    Fish for the unique walleye or where it is in Michigan and you'll catch shells,boots,crayfish,backlashes with loot,rags and trash
  15. Mkuhens

    [PS4] Patch Note 1.10.

    I caught a rag,trash bag,crayfish,boot,backlash with loot all in Michigan while fishing for walleye off the floating dock.Also what they call drum in the Florida map we call them redfish down there.