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  1. Hey guys, I didn't do this with the intent of just advertising my channel, I was hoping to get some feedback from the community I've grown to love. Ive been playing Fishing Planet for a while now and I definitely had some struggles starting out and found a lack of good solid information on Youtube to help me figure stuff out. I recently started a Youtube channel with friends for streaming youtube videos and figured I'd try to release a series of Fishing Planet help videos. Heres the first 1 I did, about setting up a pole (understanding poles/reels/line): https://youtu.be/P3LXqEP9wdY My main reason for posting here is I wanted to get input for my brothers/sisters here. What would you like to see a video on or do you think would help with new players? Thanks WildCardx07 (Yes I know I messed up on the lure/bobber part and had some tongue twisters in there. It was early and I hadn't had an caffeine or nicotine for the day yet!)
  2. My favorite is when youre float fishing and you cast into lily pads and the lily pad you catch somehow consumes your live bait..
  3. So.. I did love this game.. I've spent over 60.00 easily and use to really enjoy it. Buuuut now its drying up. Half the time theres no bites unless I go to the 1 spot for that 1 fish with the exact youtube setup everyone seems yo use. So once my premium runs out and my lake passes expire I just don't see thw point anymore. I log in, check to see if the 1kg Trout tournament is up and available for my level and then get off. And I only play that 1 tournament because any othwr tournament is usually dominated by level 40s apparently fishing with dynamite. Hell the last time I played the 1kg trout competition the top 3 were all level 40s with .000 scores. We need something besides old boots and shells FP. I miss the game bu5 H1Z1 and Jurassic World actually have something to do. Please do something.
  4. The worst ones are when youre paralyzed in a kayak while fighting a fish.. luckily i could still reel but couldnt turn toward the fish at all.
  5. Just caught a brick of cocaine off of Everglades. I put it back though, didnt want the cartel taking me out 1 night while im messing around at Lone Star..
  6. Probably jumping into this game all excited with little knoweldge and ending up with minimal gear and broke as H e double hockey sticks. I use to do youtube for games awhile back and now that Ive figured out a lot and learned a lot Ive been contemplating putting videos together for newer guys.
  7. Explain this to me.. When im at home gearing up to go fishing why do i need a rod case to carry more than 1 pole?! Does my guy drive a got danged prius?! My pick up always managed a few poles just fine irl!
  8. Im lost, im dumbfounded, and I dont know what else to do. So I bought a bunch of baits and gear. Sit down for hours and hours. Watched videos and reas guides and messed around at the Mudwater River.. I was training to win that damn catfish contest! I got to a point where I had the exact setup and location where I was repeatedly catching 5-8 pound catfish somewhat regularly. SWEET I GOT IT FIGURED OUT! I join the contest and start off okay. When 10 minutes has passed ive only gotten about 15 pounds of fish and suddenly bites have disappeared. I decide to struggle through and catch under 50 pounds of fish total, but I noticed something. The top 3 guys caught almost 300 pounds in 30 minutes. All 3 had biggest fish over 10-11 pounds. To get the amount of weight that #1 had produced you're talking a 10-11 pound catfish every 3 minutes. Is there anyone whos figured out where this 11 pound monster cat hang out is in Missouri? Now that i can farm cash at Saint-Croix its not about the money or even the lost gear.. Im a competitive guy and it sucks to get beat on so bad you start to believe people might be cheating, definitely after days devoted to training that 1 thing. I love you Fishing Planet and as soon as my wifes not watching ill end up buying another addon.. But these contests make my eyes rain.
  9. Ive descovered the magestic northern pike up at st. Croix.. i care very little of the comps now so i will probably do the few im comfortable with till im Trump rich and can afford to really examine all the fish and lakes for comps.
  10. Id suggest a more indepth tutorial also. At least for setting uo a pole.. hell for the longest time i only had 100 feet of line on my real till i realized the 4/100 was yards not feet.. i lost so much money in the begining just because i was very amateur at fishing and wasted a lot trying to figure out basic stuff. Youre right though, i love this game and have spent over 60.00 on it at this point probably but i tell my friends about this badass pretty realistic fishing game and they stare at me like im trying to get them to play a room painting simulator or something.. im glad i found this game and cant wait to watch it grow.
  11. Gotta love when a lily pad eats your shiner.. It would be cool to snag on old lines and get free lures though.
  12. Also, it sucks when i dont qualify for 3/4 of the comps. Definitely when the 1 i usually do good in doesnt qualify me for the day.. maybe FP can figure out a system where each comp can be entered by everyone but there are teirs. Maybe every 10 levels changes teirs. So level 10s 20s and 30 can all compete without the level 10 having to compete with a level 38
  13. Yea.. i took the best gear I could and thats what shocked me.. I was destorying the rest.. Most competitions I cant do anything in.. the 2 pound trout comp in oregon seems to be the easiest one. Ive taken 2nd in that. The rest im lucky to get top 10.. Ive been almost certain more than once that some how people are cheating. Start at the same time as someone, catch the right fish pretty consistently and someone guys still fly past me.. pretty demoralizing.
  14. I like the idea of small 1 on 1 comps between 2 people.. like a bet system. Where i can bet another player 500.00 that ill catch a bigger bass than them in like 15 minutes.. would be cool and get people talking!
  15. I guess its possible, do the gar jump though? Even out at 200 feet I could see it going airborne. I really doubt it was the gar unless theyre more yellow and less red than they show on the map. When i had it at about 50 feet and it was jumping it was a smaller pretty yellow fish which is why I assumed it was a peacock.. It would come in to about 60-50 feet and then take off on me again out to about 200.. slowly fight in back in and it would take off on me.. i did that probably 6-8 times before it escaped. For what its worth Im level 22 and have the best spinning reel and pole I can have. Does anyone have recommendations for this situation? Should I have just let it go instead of fighting it? At 18 minutes left in the comp I started joking with the wife that it was going to fight the whole time but didnt expect to be going at it for almost an hour.
  16. Stream it live to youtube and then supply a link? I just had a rediculious fight with a comp fish and i regret not live stresming it now to have proof.
  17. So I was competing just now in the "Fly like a butterfly fight like a bass" (i believe thats the name) competition in Florida.. Im using a #6/0 hook and shiners on a pole set up with 13 pounds of drag and 12 pound line.. I start the comp and catch 3 peacock bass in less than 5 minutes, 1s even a trophy. Off to a good start. Im not getting all my exp because my poles to strong, but who cares, i want that competition reward. At 25 minutes into the comp I hook a peacock bass, im possitive it was 1, it ess jumping and at one point I was able to see it. I fought this fish for over 45 minutes leaving me in like 70th place with only 13 pounds caught. Comp ends 25 minutes into the fight but screw it, this fish cost me the comp so Im going to win this now. Another 20 minutes after the comp of fighting and its still dragging my line out 200 feet. Out of no where it informs me the fish escaped due to lack of tension but the fish was still pulling and 2 of my 3 bars were almost max'd. Very aggravating. Makes me not want to take part in comps. But ill always wonder now just how big this apparent 15 pound Peacock Bass really was while at the same time wondering how 1st place was able to catch over 80 pounds. I love this game even though my wife gives me crap for fishing at home all day, but is there something Im missing here?
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