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  1. Hello sir, hope all ok there, miss good friends at game.

  2. OldAces-Trotta


    Hola a todos, en el juego soy (OldAces-Trotta), un placer de saber que tenemos comunidad española aqui, soy de canarias, llevo un par de años en juego y cualquier español o habla hispana quiera agregarme al juego sera un placer y para ayudar en lo q sea estamos, tambien mi clan dispone de canales de dischord, asi q mas q bienvenidos,saludos a todos, nos vemos pescando
  3. OldAces-Trotta

    Jigging In New York Comp #3 -Closed- (PC ONLY)

    Well hello to all , again thk True for this entreteniment, one thing first, you all guys now im not english, so english is not my mother language, well perfect understrand what in here is ben discuss, but about time play experience i can said something, yes im agree here with treebeard60 and also Misk1976, rules sett before competition beging, we accepted and log into for free, no obligation for, i play this game for few years, and i can said one thing and don´t get me wrong for. In game competitons, yes the spawn rate is higer, and i now that since the second week playing this game, because i play in game comp, also, all play same weather, what it will be more or less good conditions for the fish they will have to cacht, so of course sir, is a diference in there, i said, i im not agree with add fish from oficial competitons, but if you guys said is ok, then nothing to said, but will be nice to now that from first day, any way, i just think, those cachts, didn´t have to be post in this competiton, but is nothing more then another opinion, thanks to all to be there, ( forgot to thk to all players, other way will be no compt to play ), and thk True for all work is done here.
  4. OldAces-Trotta

    Jigging In New York Comp #3 -Closed- (PC ONLY)

    yes sir, thk True Nd None again, and lets go for some fun
  5. OldAces-Trotta

    Jigging In New York Comp #3 -Closed- (PC ONLY)

    well hello to all again
  6. OldAces-Trotta

    B.C.D Competition! Real DLC Prizes --CLOSED--

    Well here we are, good luck to all, and sure is gonna be fun, tight lines, see u on the lake guys.
  7. OldAces-Trotta

    Light float Bug

    Hello there, have a report about light float. Well using heavy equip, brutus, spiral 6500, #9/0 hook, large minow and (sport float !!), and guess what, the flota dosn´t sunk. I reboot pc, but the bug still there, so thanks to much.