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  1. +1 (I learning to fly fish in real life. On a windless day cast accuracy is 95%.)
  2. I wish you could buy a cabin fusing regular non-premium ingame money at every location so that you can stay there and fish and not have to retravel there everytime. Would help us all make some more bucks.
  3. Thanks. But the travel cost is still prohibitively high. Which you will realise when you going to places like mudwater and emerald, even with an unlimited license.
  4. dude, what are you talking about? the bay of quinte got plenty of boats racing around. I see at least 5 high tech bass boats everytime I go fishing there. A Berkeley B1 bass tournament was hosted there once. I took part with my friend and we raced down the bay at top speed. Also, it doesn't have to be a massive place, it can just be a small stretch of the place. (which is still big enough for bass boats) Just search up the places I listed, you'd be surprise at their size. -Dat_Fish
  5. Dear game developers and other staff, As I start to travel more in the game I find it annoying that the travel costs are astronomically high while the amount of money earned per fish is puny. Even though I used some real greenbacks to buy the unlimited licenses, the travel costs are still very high. The limits of my fish keeper is another problem. Often I catch more fish than my keeper can fill on a multiday trip, but I can't sell them unless I end the trip, which means I usually lose $500 to $1k. I try to only keep fish that are worth $100 or more, but my fish keeper quickly fills up and I have no choice but to end the trip. It would be nice and very helpful if, you, the developers could make it so that us players can sell our catches when the fish keeper fills up, instead of having to end the trip. Adjustments to travel cost would be very helpful as well. Many and Great Thanks, -Dat_Fish
  6. um people,it is a bite alarm. its only activated when a fish starts biting your bait. I use it all the time when multitasking.
  7. sounds nice more cash and xp yay
  8. Hi, im from Canada and I was wondering if you could make more lower level Canadian locations. I just started the game and I havent unlocked Alberta yet. Places like Bay of Quinte, Lake Simcoe, Lake of the Woods, etc. as Ontario locations. You could add that lake from Quebec with the really big island in the middle. People say its the impact crater of an asteroid. You could add mutated or alien fish. That would be really nice. Thanks
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