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  1. so , yesterday i´ve travelled to Colorado to see how it works , i´ve struggled to catch trouts in the afternoon cuz was very rare the bit rate , advanced the time to 21:00 and the bite was increased a bit , atm i´ve 4 fish in my fishnet . what´s the best time to catch more trouts in Colorado?
  2. NY i´ve spent 4\5 days already and got a good ammount of money and xp , i want to explore another lake now , some posts above you´ve suggest to after NY go for the trouts in Oregon , but as i saw that in Rocky Lake has 3 species of it also i would like to know if is worth for now going to that lake or go into Oregon .
  3. it´s worth go fish in Rocky Lane lake? there are trouts also.
  4. @PH_Hilrond i only have 30h and something ahaha , today i will enter in the Mudwater competition at 1am , u can tell me how i can proceed fo the next day? i only do the 1st day and stay there.
  5. i mean the competitions then. Btw , how many hours u´ve played to get lvl 409 (:o) and that money??
  6. i´ve a question about Mudwater tournament , is that event done only in that lake or the next phase is in another one?
  7. i´ve begun fishing in NY today , until now caught 8 (2 Walleye , 1 trophy Redfin Pickerel and 5 North Pike ) , but before i exit from the game , get 0 bites in 5\6 tries , tried other spots without luck. What lvl do you suggest to buy a new Rod and Gear? i´m at 13.
  8. this doc is very helpful indeed , it was better if more fish from Texas and Missouri lake get added , it´s possible to add them?
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