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  1. Hi guys, sorry it took me a while to reply. Im not sure whats the matter but the fishing planet game keeps failing to download on the new console. Im on a decent package plan but i dont know if my ISP is throttling my internet or what but i can pretty do much everything except downloading this one game.. I downloaded a casino game from the store and it was done and over in just a matter of several minutes. I will keep trying and as soon as i have the game installed i will let you guys know if it let me use my old account.
  2. Hi Mitchell, Thank you very much for the very informative reply. You have covered everything that i needed to know.. You are right about the keepnet. And i will check the offers especially the two you mentioned above. I have just unboxed the new console and getting ready to download the FP game from the store, Cant wait to get back in the water.. Cheers mate
  3. Hi guys, Im kinda new here.. I had been playing FP for quite some times and have reached level 13, I was playing mostly on the free stuffs that i was rewarded with throughout the game... Yesterday my gf slammed my ps4 in a fit of rage. She bought me a new one today with a couple of lame games. I have totally lost my Fishing planet progress. I cant believe i have lost all the lures, the rods and lines. I havent backed up my games so i guess its all gone. I never paid attention to the things you could buy while i had it. So is it possible to buy the xps, lures, reels rods and lines? can i pay to level up? I dont want to go back at level 1 to fish crappie again
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