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  1. Ungler Machine

    hi i do it one more time and now i win the bass jig so problem solved Thx
  2. Ungler Machine

  3. Ungler Machine

    i know the rule....i repeat i make 30—40—50 cast in a row and "successful" ..and my counter dont move...
  4. Ungler Machine

    So something is wrong because i'm on third stage and i make 30—40—50 cast in a row..and my counter dont move
  5. Ungler Machine

    hi PSN : rodrigoskybox PS4 I'm trying to win the x series bass jig 28.04 and everytime i reach the 30 , he reset and no price... So my question is , to win this x series i must do 30x 30 angling or is just one time 1x 30 angling ?? because if it is just one time , i have many and many times do it and my counter is always the same. Thx
  6. Crappie Valentine Cup: Semifinal Results

    hi I can confirm that rotacomando dont have any 2 accounts , so why he is not classificed ?
  7. Unfair Competition??

    It has nothing to do with premium or dlc etc... i have lot of friends who they win without it. Dont forgot, much players of top came from pc with many hours played and a large experience
  8. Crappie Valentine Cup: Qualifier 3 Results

    Congrats all but specialy to my friend rotacomando
  9. Unfair Competition??

    When i created this post, i never though it was so big, i thing with my frustation with some result dont appear, maybee i said things unfair and others not. Please, support there are many confusion here , can you close this post.. i thing if anyone have a doub, they email you.sorry for the inconvenience
  10. Unfair Competition??

    Sabiscs, im fan of you, i know you help everyone, im one of them is really time support fp do something with some injustice create about some accountbut is dificult to say wich them
  11. Unfair Competition??

    I bieleve, for me you are one of the best player in the game. I learn everyday with you.. the problem is they are many wife to practice here
  12. Unfair Competition??

    No doub Sabiscs, is a good tip
  13. Changing your name

    Never try ..no on fishing planet pc you have the possibility...waiting for next update maybee
  14. Changing your name

    i was asking in the game , not here Ithink in the game is not possible,,, in pc steam on the game they told me you can change paying 160 golds
  15. Unfair Competition??

    If a family have 2 account and one of them participate in a competition (ex: mukie topping) and the second not..but after the second account participate in the other competition (ex gars) and the firts not , is there any problem ? Like this both account can participate but not in same competition. It is possible ?