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  1. Yesterday on asp comp , i release the small fish kkk , i think it eas enough for 3thr place.. kkkk
  2. Pelo video do kpshamino, esta em versao beta,vai ser rapido, ta demais cara kkkk adorei... e tambem vai dar para competir contra equipas. Esse jogo esta cada vez melhor.
  3. yeap.. i saw that , it will be great create new competition.. its amazing the evolution of this game in so short time , thank you fP , this new update look really great , i love it. jerbaits , boats , own competition , new mission with nice prices woooowwwww… what else kkkkkkkk
  4. fail for 2 seconds grrrrr
  5. Is the to solved problem , but you can win some few important minutes
  6. Pc version have advantages, they have tools wich it will cool to see here...one of them is they can see the operation system during competition..very important because you know aparently if you have the comp bugged or not..sometimes could make the differençe.
  7. hi i play on ps4 it is possible change the key for clip reel on ps4 , i think in my opinion it will be easer if we can do it with triangle, since is a key we do not use when lure is in water
  8. Great news , so it works fine ? anyone have change here with no problem ? and it will affect fornite? just ask because my son play with my account
  9. Em portugues seria mais ou menos linhas apertadas ou linhas esticadas quanto ao styky rice boy, penso que é o que chamam aos que apanhem arroz , ou seja asiaticos, isso sim pareçe racista. Traduzido a letra seria mais ou menos " fedorante apanhador de arroz", esse deve pensar que ainda esta no vietnam
  10. Just lol and sorry for my brain is not like yours but i will make an effort to be like you.. The truth is fp screwed up, and an apolagize will be good...the rest is just bla bla bla bla capiche dasssss
  11. So only who have level 50 can qualifie
  12. Do you want me to draw a picture ?...hello, think mcfly think
  13. because the keepnet was just 200kg . the ridiculous , to keep the uni he must release 2 fish and since he passed the 200kg e can not keep the 10th fish…
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