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  1. Hi Solutions , spend a lot of money and you will win more times --- is a pay to win game......BUT is not enought.....the rest is must know really what are you doing... spots, weathers, lures etc....(X-Series-Rodrigo)
  2. the sonar for me doesn t work... they put fish on screen that doesnt exist... and when you chooose a spot with no fish on sonar , you will catch a lot...so the utility for sonar is zero.. About the nerf... fishing planet are nerfed since they chance the byte sistem... no more fun for older player ...
  3. well hate ful i agree mostly with you but in one thing not, the game is supposed to be FREE , well is just free for the download , after that yes you can play but is certainly not a free game. All you need to buy is too high etccc.... premium , dlc ect.... the game is created in a way that forces you to spend money... that all
  4. sorry on this,, but every update are better for the game (well Mostly)... is not the problem of fp if your internet is too slow
  5. this current leaderboard is a big lie,, it doesnt correspond to the truth.. but the weird thing is that whoever has spent big and big money on the game doesnt have this issues...go check... the problem of all pay to win game are this,,, no true...
  6. well if is this , one more time is a ridicilous idea, but im waiting for an anwser of someone of fp,,, if they are alive
  7. Is there someone who can explain me why im loosing numbers of victories in the leaderboards?? since the reset i win 7 first place and now i have 3...same thing with the numbers of played, it deacrease too....
  8. this is why the game is pay to win and not free
  9. hi name PS4 : x-Series_rodrigo Can you explain to me and all players , why everey week i lost numbers wins in competition ? two week ago i have 5 win and i win 1 so i must have 6 wins....now again i just have 4 wins and 59 played ? last week i had 68 played. So how does it works? i report it in bugs with no answer in 2 weeks...
  10. hi I play on ps4 with name X-series_Rodrigo and today i win a competition in louisiana.. Last days i had 66 comps played with 5 wins... And now i have 63 with 5 wins ?? can you check please.
  11. Perfect tapatalguld...i agree in all....this is why now i play fisherman, ..for fp you need invest to much real money now, and the returns are ridiculous, premium to hight, dlc to hight, etc...and if you dont have premium for guys like me have just one hour per day to play, is umpossible to grow up...in fisherman we dont have this problem .
  12. Well, if you want spent money, and buy a dlc on fp, wirh the price you will spend you can buy fisherman and in the game you will have all dlc available..just my opinion...better you research the diference of the two games...
  13. Many and many changes yes. About bugs is better, much fixed like the cranks etc....now about spots and time spawning, is completly diferrent, since i know you like to compete, is very hard now with the europeen byte system, and in some comp the weather change, the baits change , spots , so you must learn again mostly everything
  14. hi I create a new channel , i will put some tips for comps or anything.. if you need help , just ask.. you can follow me in twitch/rodrigoskybox. Thx
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