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  1. hi name PS4 : x-Series_rodrigo Can you explain to me and all players , why everey week i lost numbers wins in competition ? two week ago i have 5 win and i win 1 so i must have 6 wins....now again i just have 4 wins and 59 played ? last week i had 68 played. So how does it works? i report it in bugs with no answer in 2 weeks...
  2. hi I play on ps4 with name X-series_Rodrigo and today i win a competition in louisiana.. Last days i had 66 comps played with 5 wins... And now i have 63 with 5 wins ?? can you check please.
  3. me to , doesnt work here... and must say , changing pack in day of tournement wtf
  4. Ok , we hope so... the cp team and vff team want to beat all pc teams...nao é rota, queremos dar porrada neles 3
  5. The servers on fisherman will be diferent for ps4 and pc? Or if i play on ps4 ,did i play against players of other platforms ?
  6. thx for the reply , it would be nice to test the game, sometimes i do stream in diferent platform , so i think it could help others players with dubs like me..i apreciate. i ve seen some players streaming in inglish , but not in portuguese language .. So i could help all portuguese comunity and brasilian comunity. thx
  7. and i forgot , me and rotacomando works on some traduction of the game, i didnt saw our names on credits , in specials thanks and some are there...but ok
  8. If i go to fisherman , for sure i will not return to fishing planet... thx for the reply...and about prices ?
  9. hi the fisherman game is coming and a lot of people are going there. Many questions remain unanswered such as: 1st - I play on ps4 and soon I will have to renew my annual premium, is it worth ? i think not considering the price it costs compared to fisherman 2nd - what is the future of fishing planet on ps4? 3º - fishing planet will have new updates like fisherman? 4th - since it makes no sense to pay so much money in dlc, premium etc ... prices will fall? Until I have answers, I will not renew my premium or spend more money. Thanks
  10. correct,,, in alberta is not the same and in italy
  11. Rodrigoskybox PS4 Hi The cranks need to be fixed, they not rise to the top of the water, is very hard now work with that. Thx
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