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  1. this is why the game is pay to win and not free
  2. hi name PS4 : x-Series_rodrigo Can you explain to me and all players , why everey week i lost numbers wins in competition ? two week ago i have 5 win and i win 1 so i must have 6 wins....now again i just have 4 wins and 59 played ? last week i had 68 played. So how does it works? i report it in bugs with no answer in 2 weeks...
  3. hi I play on ps4 with name X-series_Rodrigo and today i win a competition in louisiana.. Last days i had 66 comps played with 5 wins... And now i have 63 with 5 wins ?? can you check please.
  4. Perfect tapatalguld...i agree in all....this is why now i play fisherman, ..for fp you need invest to much real money now, and the returns are ridiculous, premium to hight, dlc to hight, etc...and if you dont have premium for guys like me have just one hour per day to play, is umpossible to grow up...in fisherman we dont have this problem .
  5. Well, if you want spent money, and buy a dlc on fp, wirh the price you will spend you can buy fisherman and in the game you will have all dlc available..just my opinion...better you research the diference of the two games...
  6. Many and many changes yes. About bugs is better, much fixed like the cranks etc....now about spots and time spawning, is completly diferrent, since i know you like to compete, is very hard now with the europeen byte system, and in some comp the weather change, the baits change , spots , so you must learn again mostly everything
  7. hi I create a new channel , i will put some tips for comps or anything.. if you need help , just ask.. you can follow me in twitch/rodrigoskybox. Thx
  8. this last weekend i cross play the account of mine son fortnite ps4 with nintendo switch with no problem..fantastic. If it wasnt possible , of course i didnt spend money in this account of nintendo... mike are right , normaly people dont spent money in a second account..Lot of us have friends who play in pc or ps4.. it would be great playing together , more people in competitions , playing again the best etc...since they created fisherman , we can see fewer people on the server , because now the guys are divided..more people more fun...if a game like fortnite have crossplay , i dont know why fp can not have
  9. ok now we have a new bait system.. i hope everybody is now happy... the lacs are nerfed , more time to caught 300kg in a bag... And for what? looking for this first day in comps , same winners , more or less. FP want to do this a realist game fishing and they do what most of winning player wanted , but forgot the most important part.. Fishing planet is a GAME , and what i want in game? fish... if i want realist fish i go fishing irl...i hope now all who wait for this are happy , because no matter the changes.. the winner will be always the same.... because they are BETTER .
  10. me to , doesnt work here... and must say , changing pack in day of tournement wtf
  11. I see a lot of people complaining that they are always the same on top, well it is normal in any online game, more time you spend in game, more you will be on top . I have nothing against this, is there life and they do what they want. It's not by changing anything of the game, like random spot or what else, that will change anything.The rules are that so forget.. and dont forget is a pay to win , it doesnt mean you will win all comp , but certainly it help , that´s a fact, even they dont want to admit..and forget this story of rng, and trainning trainning , of course you need , to know at least what you are doing but in this point there is not so much secrets on the game due all stream available on platforms. So in short waht you need is lot of time and money, and changing anything in game will be the same.
  12. you wanna be on top ? ok so 1- You must be awake 2am , 4am 6am 8m 10 am , after that you can sleep 4 hour.. now ready for comp 14pm 16pm 18pm 20pm (now time to eat a sandwich quickly). 2- so if you are enable to sleep 4 or 5 hours per day , go for ... dont forget sometimes you need to put your alarm to awake in middle at night. 3 - by some dlc , minimum 3 per month with premium, must be enought 4- now just do some research in youtube or twitch , most of comp are there... and you are ready.
  13. And the result will be the same
  14. Em portugues nao vais ter resposta...manda email em ingles para support
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