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  1. https://wiki.fishingplanet.com/File:4266.png Hi Can you create the buyos (markers) in different colours ? red or yellow blue etc... It will be good for us , sometimes we have a lot of markers in water and its will be more easy to know what fish he is. thx
  2. For interested, contact me, my psn: X-Series_Rodrigo.. preferably Portuguese or French language... De preferencia jogadores com lingua portuguesa ou francesa , thx
  3. please ban all russian and belarusian players, and aktouba out of the game . thx
  4. hi name PS4 : x-Series_rodrigo Can you explain to me and all players , why everey week i lost numbers wins in competition ? two week ago i have 5 win and i win 1 so i must have 6 wins....now again i just have 4 wins and 59 played ? last week i had 68 played. So how does it works? i report it in bugs with no answer in 2 weeks...
  5. hi I play on ps4 with name X-series_Rodrigo and today i win a competition in louisiana.. Last days i had 66 comps played with 5 wins... And now i have 63 with 5 wins ?? can you check please.
  6. me to , doesnt work here... and must say , changing pack in day of tournement wtf
  7. Ok , we hope so... the cp team and vff team want to beat all pc teams...nao é rota, queremos dar porrada neles 3
  8. The servers on fisherman will be diferent for ps4 and pc? Or if i play on ps4 ,did i play against players of other platforms ?
  9. thx for the reply , it would be nice to test the game, sometimes i do stream in diferent platform , so i think it could help others players with dubs like me..i apreciate. i ve seen some players streaming in inglish , but not in portuguese language .. So i could help all portuguese comunity and brasilian comunity. thx
  10. and i forgot , me and rotacomando works on some traduction of the game, i didnt saw our names on credits , in specials thanks and some are there...but ok
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