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  1. This was from Feb 2019 lol . Half the people in this thread probably dont even play or visit these forums anymore.
  2. I caught all 10lbs trophies. Maybe i should have practiced but it was fun anyway.
  3. Its a bug . It happened before then it got patched . It must have just slipped back in on certain venues . I fished BCI to get from 60 to 63 without any issues with bottom robs drifting
  4. Happens in Cali for sturgeon also . Found that out grinding to level 63. PS4
  5. On 10/2/2020 at 4:35 AM, Support_Team said: Please have some respect to our QA team. Every patch on every gaming platform is getting a test. We have no crashes on our testing consoles and that's complicating an issue. A live server always has issues that cannot be reproduced on our testing environments, but we fix them no matter what. Obviously you guys didnt test Marron River enough for PS4 . I see ppl leaving constantly ( My guess is 99% are crashing ). I cant play more than 15 minutes without blue error. Do the reports we send to Sony get sent to you ? Im certainly glad i grinded for 3 days to get blue errors so worth it.
  6. Grind all the way to lvl 63 to get to Marron River only to blue screen 5x in 2hrs . Then the black screen issue when i catch fish . When on the keep or release screen my screen flashes black . I have only heard a few other people compain about this. I was wondering if it is PS4 pro related. Working on a video to post.
  7. Sue i bought the Fisherman aswell and after realizing that it wasnt getting any updates it has become a dust collector. Tried selling it to gamestop and they offered me $5 lol so i kept it. As for Fishing Sim world i like the concept of career mode but the actual fish wasnt fun or rewarding to me . Seemed you could catch fish everywhere. I agree i would stick with FTP version as much of a grind as it is still the best fishing game in my opinion.
  8. On a positive note thanks Support Team for fixing this issue and actually communicating with us . If this was done more often it would make us players very Happy.
  9. 3 minutes ago, Tapatalgud said: I posted this in other post as well. I think someone managed to craft malicious chat message that crashed the game. Because it crashed for me every time at the exact same message shown. Please remove the global chat. I have no idea who needs that. It might be the worst feature introduced to this game and that says alot . Luckily i haven't left BCI so im still able to grind till all my equipment breaks.
  10. Hate_ful


    Aren't most Ps4 games gonna work on PS5 . I really quit looking at PS5 info as they seem impossible to get anyway. Hell i might still be grinding to lvl 63 to see new lake .
  11. Its only out on PC right now . Should be available on PS4/XBOX W10 within a few weeks.
  12. I believe those locations came out after the DLC was released so they aren't included . They need to be more specific when it come to whats included in DLCs.
  13. Hate_ful

    oversize fish

    Ya definitely but nothing would surprise me. People are competitive and that drive alone makes people go beyond what most others would do. Im sure most of these people who figured this out worked with others to make it easier. I certainly could do it with out going crazy .
  14. Hate_ful

    oversize fish

    Some people have notebooks or spreadsheets full of data . Some people log what , when and where for every fish they catch. So it wouldnt be surprised.
  15. Ya the 3 different glass take the sun glare away and add a slight tint. A PC player can help more as they are out for them . I imagine we shall see them in a few weeks as Ps4/Xbox are always around a month behind PC.
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