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  1. Hate_ful


    I would also report on PSN also .
  2. You are playing The Fisherman Fishing Planet if you have a disc . They are two different games . If you bought deluxe pack from psn store it is for Fishing Planet (free to play version ). There are only 2 DLCs for The Fisherman boat pack and trophy pack the rest are in the game to purchase with baitcoins.
  3. Level dont matter with DLC so it should be there . Are you at a lake by any chance if so you will need to travel home to get items.
  4. If the rewards for these Event mission dont improve then i could care less . The majority of them start out as fun but become a terrible grind with little reward . Tackle box and vest that are equivalent to lower level gear just wasnt worth it for a week worth of grinding .(depending on how much time you play)
  5. The stringer is 150 ish rest are 20 or less . I had best luck with baby buffalo and catfish .
  6. Well the Hat is ok but tackle box sucks dont hold enough . I would say use them for baits like the worms or grasshoppers so you can catch more event fish for baitcoins . Im sure the event will be similar next year. If you want any snakeheads the other baits work best .
  7. Ya when i bought it i thought man this is to good to be true . It definitely was as half of what was talked about dont exist on the game .
  8. For me if im playing for more 1 hr i try to close app and restart . It helps sometimes .
  9. Are you getting it constantly ? I get it sometimes when casting but mostly using rod stand.
  10. According to steam forum (Under the news section ) there has been a bug fix recently and it is going to be supported . The Fisherman will be getting all the things in FP including Mississippi but some will be paid DLCs I believe it states late spring. Remember PS4 and Xbox always have to wait roughly 30 days after PC to get patch .
  11. The stutters in FP have always been an issue especially while using rod stand but with lastest patch i have had poles stretch 30 ft when fish is pulling drag . I have gotten stuck in a strange point of view when using rod stand where the pole is shoulder height on my character . Getting some bait was eaten when it never moved , beeped nothing .This was when float fishing . As for PSN i have had messages come 2 hrs after they where sent , friends list isnt always loading i imagine the system is just overloaded .
  12. PSN isnt helping either . It seems slower than normal
  13. Still doing patch i'll let you know . This self quarantine has my Internet running at a snails pace .
  14. They post patch notes about as often as they answer questions here on the forums.
  15. The silence begins lol i would expect any update anytime soon.
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