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  1. Ya but only accepts deposits lol .
  2. Ya it comes and goes . Restoring your ps4's cache helps sometimes. If you arent sure how to do it let me know.
  3. Still no the right level yet hopefully early this week i'll get there.
  4. Yep Downloading 3.8 gig . Time for you to dip into your wallet let the dust fly LOL.
  5. 5 hours ago, BobNudd10 said: seriously fishing sim world is probably the most arcade like fishing game on the market where nothing makes a difference in tackle choices and every fish fight is as predictable as the sun rising in the morning lol 100% agree could only be worse if they added underwater view when fishing.
  6. Thats the same as Xbox version then im pretty sure so it will be out as he posted above.
  7. Go to account management on ps4 then goto subscriptions or services when you see Fishing Planet hit X you will see auto renew turn it off . This is a Sony thing as it happens on ps plus and other games with subscriptions . Its happened to several people who i know dont think there is much you can do about it . Goodluck
  8. On 1/12/2020 at 4:32 AM, FPdimsam said: Hide contents River Creuse and trolling will appear in Fisging Planet in January-February. So you will have possibility to fish from the boat with a few rods simultaneously. Any update on time ?
  9. Not sure what your asking ? If you are looking to have your account reset contact support . The isnt anyway to restart your character but you could just create another PS account to play .
  10. Any update on the Fishermans exclusive content coming to FP . Trolling , French river (cant remember the name) and the fish?
  11. I feel you the grind from 50 to 55 was terrible. What makes it worse is soon the Amazon lake will come out and i imagine we will all be grinding again . Cali sturgeon till rank 50 then Willow for carp till 55 was what most people did .
  12. Predator boat is for The Fisherman Fishing Planet not Fishing Planet FTP so that might also be problem. Did you see a pop up saying it was delivered?
  13. Yes i would be nice since there aren't many if they weren't at same time . I also would like to thank the influencers whom are holding these comps .
  14. If your a comp guy or mission guy bouncing from lake to lake never staying at venues the economy is almost impossible. Almost everything you can buy as DLC can be bought in game . Premium and DLC are there to make it easy. If you wanted you could play the game and never invest a dime but you would have to play alot or progess at a slow pace thats why its free . It would be a terrible grind that most people would give up on but thats how every Free to Play game works . In the end they are developing the game to make money it is a business and they need income to stay in business . The system they have is better than alot of free to play games but not all . Love it or Hate it but it Isn't gonna change.
  15. The patches almost alway have bug fixes (Look at patch notes ) they just dont list anything specific. Remember just because you dont have issues or constant bugs doesn't mean nobody else does. Included in one of the last 3 updates was the SLOW fish bug fix when pulling them out of water and lift and drop retrieve bug . So some noticeable bugs where addressed . If they posted more notes maybe people would understand why we are getting patches. Either way this is how they have done it since release ( 2017 on ps4 i believe ) i dont think its gonna change.
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