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  1. Spring Cats Tour: Semifinal Results

    Congratulations to all. Specially to you del great job
  2. A sheer impossibility for most players

    Xmas event was fun . The Gar and St Patrick's day where not . I tried for 1 day then gifted baits away . I was looking forward to this event to spark up the game but instead it made me play less . Im not even gonna start about the Huge ( Joke ) upcoming patch that adds nothing new accept the need to purchase storage lol.
  3. Has anyone used what they learned in the game

    Alot of people use 12ft rods here in Ohio and southern states for competitive Crappie fishing . Im personaly haven't as it seems unnecessary . I jig fish 85% of the time i fish in RL but vertical jigging which isnt in game .
  4. 6 hours..

    Think its hat
  5. (Name) PSN Account vs. Fishing Planet Account

    Add us and join our chats
  6. 6 hours..

    Grind is to nice . Paint dries faster than these fish bite maybe its the green pee in the water
  7. 6 hours..

    I would rather go play Euro fishing than try to catch these St Patrick's day fish.
  8. 6 hours..

    I got all the rowdy bass and leprechaun fish i needed. Gave baits away .
  9. St. Patrick's Day pack

    Same here VV
  10. Which color frog-poppers should i buy?

    I prefer Red and pink frog poppers but really not sure if there is a difference . Catch more unique on Red myself .
  11. suggestion penalty

    If people are cheating and using expoits then by all rights punish them . Proofing they are doing this is another problem . We want new lakes , fish , bug fixes and fair competitions so if you know of a bug or expoit then send a report to them. If you think someone is cheating report them they will look into it. Doing so helps make their job easier as they are a small development team.
  12. suggestion penalty

    If leaving and coming back actually does to something to reset RNG then it is a programming error that needs fixed . Punishing people because of their mistakes would be wrong instead of fixing programming error. With that said i dont see any video about leaving helping in competitions .
  13. UNI's are gold?

    Im pretty sure the videos you seen are old . I dont think you can earn bait coins for uniques anymore on PC either. Competitions and challenges are it as far as i know.
  14. suggestion penalty

    That wouldn't be fair . I have frozen ( had lure select screen stuck ) or gotten a Blue error on PSN 2 out of last 4 competitions. I shouldnt be penalized for things i cant control.
  15. Just observation of valentine tournament

    The Devs visit but rarely post here . I think the reason nobody posted anything is we have no proof . There was another thread about competitions and cheating and it turned ugly . The best way to get Devs to look at anything is thru support .