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  1. 13 hours ago, PH_WarlordSully said: Most likely not because they are still giving you prizes and in any game that has prizes for competitions its not allowed Any idea if why its not available for US psn store ? Its in other regions PSN stores
  2. I'm sure there will be a digital option on US PSN store but will it be available in time for preorder bonuses who knows. I cant imagine it would be available in some regions and not others . The US PSN store always seem to update last.
  3. 7 hours ago, Rodrigoskybox said: https://www.thefisherman-fishingplanet.com/ What strange is the fact that on this website it cost $60 but i could buy it on Amazon or Bestbuy for $40 . Then gamestop lists it at $50 . I am curious as to what a digital copy on PSN will be. Its not in US store yet but it is in Australian and India stores . Mainerd i would contact Amazon as it seems every store is different
  4. Yep the only info i have seen is from streamers and youtubers . Kp has a few videos and Sully and others have streams .
  5. From what i have seen VV you are right same game with new economy and leveling system. Not a fan of 2700 Baitcoins for three DLC's i imagine that by the time you get the coin saved you'll have the normal version of said stuff .(Basically unlocking a skin at that point ) Are the bugs still gonna be in paid version like the stuttering or the sound glitch , is the new fish Ai implemented for U.S. Venues ,competition reworked like promised .What about private competitions that where talked about? From what i seen its hard to tell. For me its a wait and see what happens to once its released and we get more reviews .
  6. While i'll agree the patch needs work . I dont dislike that the fish actually give some sorta fight . Catching a 60lbs fish in seconds wasnt realistic at all . I feel when this was released they should have worked on the economy system so it didnt drastically alter it from prepatch causing the grind to be even worse. They also should have reworked the level at which you unlock gear so new people who have access to a venue can actually catch the majority of the species available at that lake. It feels rushed and not well thought out but hopefully they will adjust it so everyone enjoys it.
  7. I have just recently had same glitch on PS4 . Had to reset the game . Never had it happen before.
  8. Wouldn't patch notes on the Official Fishing Planet forum be nice. Not everyone uses social media i thought the game was glitched.
  9. Get in a boat head towards beaver island . There are 3 canals go down the middle 1 . Once your at the end where it opens up , you will see a power line tower cast towards it. Fish peak night time hours . I hope i explained it well if not add me i'll send marker or Kdog may explain it better.
  10. I would not let some idiots ruin your fun . I would suggest blocking them on PSN . I also believe you can ignore people on FP .If ignored or blocked those people can no longer join your rooms.
  11. Rhis what game is that never played it or heard of it .
  12. If i recall i had best luck with a jighead and a small worm 3in i believe its been awhile .
  13. Personally i wouldn't spend bait coins , horde them till there is something you really want or until you check out all venues. If there is a place you really enjoy go for it. It really isnt that hard to make money as long as you stay at venue a few days. The umlimited advanced license are nice but not really needed.
  14. Are you at the home store because they are there for me . Might not be at lake stores
  15. They ask us for videos so they can try to recreate the problem so they can find the cause . It is an annoying problem when it happens but if you just go to settings and change volume setting it fixes itself without having to restart app.
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