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  1. Simple question? Why are some of these people who are given the opportunity to hold sponsored competitions allowed to lock them . To me that isnt fair as i have seen ( On ps4 ) the same Club doing this . It is kinds like stealing baitcoins from the devs . I really dont fish competitions hardly ever but when i see it i cant help but think its a crappy thing to do .If the devs wanna just give out coins let all custom competitions be rewarded baitcoins.
  2. People always get to personal when it comes to competitive gaming. Its not right but will probably never change. Just take it as a complement that you did so well it ruined his day by upsetting them . Laugh it off remember its a game we play for entertainment and fun . Dont let people take that away .
  3. Rod holder aren't available on any version of Free to play Fishing Planet only in The Fisherman. Killerwhale and FPdipsam both have stated they would come to FTP but have been silent for months so who knows.
  4. The little pond area at spawn point ( Believe its at top of map on GPS tablet ) . You can also get them close to reeds by boat launch but not at the rate in pond area.
  5. Well considering the next 2 maps are in the Amazon i would agree with somewhere outside of North and South America and Europe. Really dont care as long as it brings new fish .
  6. Typical response from Devs .
  7. I believe you need to send support a ticket to submit application. Cant find the thread . I believe its sc@fishingplanet.com
  8. That funny i heard same thing but i have Zero confidence in Bigben . You cant go by what is said in some interviews either as half of what was said never has happened. Just 1 example was The Fishermans exclusives coming to free version in Feb or March.
  9. Ya but only accepts deposits lol .
  10. Ya it comes and goes . Restoring your ps4's cache helps sometimes. If you arent sure how to do it let me know.
  11. Still no the right level yet hopefully early this week i'll get there.
  12. Yep Downloading 3.8 gig . Time for you to dip into your wallet let the dust fly LOL.
  13. 5 hours ago, BobNudd10 said: seriously fishing sim world is probably the most arcade like fishing game on the market where nothing makes a difference in tackle choices and every fish fight is as predictable as the sun rising in the morning lol 100% agree could only be worse if they added underwater view when fishing.
  14. Thats the same as Xbox version then im pretty sure so it will be out as he posted above.
  15. Go to account management on ps4 then goto subscriptions or services when you see Fishing Planet hit X you will see auto renew turn it off . This is a Sony thing as it happens on ps plus and other games with subscriptions . Its happened to several people who i know dont think there is much you can do about it . Goodluck
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