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  1. Why I love this community.

    Not sure went and got bluegill this morning so maybe Florida or Carolina
  2. Why I love this community.

    Thank you guys for the help . With the sauger,pikeral and the two Colorado trout my missing unique list is getting smaller . I really appreciate all the help.
  3. Why I love this community.

    Dusty you are in for a treat lol.
  4. Unique, finally!

    Texas lol i lost a popper yesterday thought i was using thora but was jigwinner . Oh well there goes 37 coins again .
  5. Unique, finally!

    I'll show them what not to do. Im always in for a fishing party.
  6. Unique, finally!

    Still there catching bait .
  7. Unique, finally!

    If there is ever a warmouth tournament in Louisiana ill be the man .
  8. Crankbaits

    Still something wrong with crankbaits .The bounce around when retrieving , they sometimes bounce backward when casting and the depth indicator is off.
  9. Unique, finally!

    Then after trying for unique for 6 days game time Jim walk over throws out line Bam Unique . Needless to say the banter in the chat room got intense . I heard VV got to close to shore and his pants got wet ? Anyway it was a great night even if i spent loads of money and bait coin advancing time for nothing .
  10. Unique, finally!

    Congratulations to you both . Im slowly working on it . Need to take Jims advice and print out sheet.
  11. Florida Unique Bowfin

    I did the samething it happen no big deal
  12. Florida Unique Bowfin

    Atleast im not the only person to fish for uniques that aren't there .
  13. Another Weekend Is Upon Us

    I should be on . Gotta leave California the fishing gods are being cruel . 6 day 1 unique .
  14. Winter Pike Tour

    Yep its gone for me 2.