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  1. Hate_ful

    new fishing system

    I hope its included will add some live into the old venues.
  2. Hate_ful

    new fishing system

    Ps4 will be a few weeks after PC release. Is it confirmed that the original lakes will be affected by the new fish mechanics , even in video kp wasnt sure?
  3. Hate_ful

    Looking for people to fish with

    8 minutes ago, J.Mitchell WV said: Whats the best times for you Pierre? I've cut way back, but I manage a couple of hours daily, usually somewhere between 4:00pm and 6:00pm est. More like 4pm to 5 pm old age sucks . Anyway i'll be back for Xmas event.
  4. Hate_ful

    Multiple account users taking a hit

    39 minutes ago, RysingPhoenix said: Stupid question, maybe. But my wife and I both play this game on 2 different PS4 systems. Is this gonna be misconstrued as cheating? We usually play together and chat in parties. But being that we're on the same internet and all, I'd hate to see one of us be affected when we have 2 legit accounts. She's never played a tournament and I don't believe I have either. No its not against the rule. If you have 2 ps4s you can both play and do tournaments . Rule is 1 account per system as i recall and if you dont do comps is ok anyway.
  5. Hate_ful

    Feeder Fishing news. Part 2

    Did they give a ps4 date or just PC as we usually are 30 days behind .
  6. Hate_ful

    Checkin' In

    Just waiting for Xmas event to start . Once its active i'll be on fishing more. Hopefully its similar to last event with alot of mission .
  7. Hate_ful

    Videos Of New Waterways

    Not sure but i think the European lakes have there own rank system . I remember something about it when one of the PH guys had a Q@A with killerwhale on live stream . The stream is no longer available to check .
  8. Hate_ful

    Videos Of New Waterways

    Yep thats the ones .My mind went blank when i posted it.
  9. Hate_ful

    Videos Of New Waterways

    Hopefully we get a nice gift and they will add some Uniques for existing fish that arent in the game already .
  10. Hate_ful


    Menu issues needs fixed before next event or lakes . It has to be something that was added in recent patches that is causing the issues .
  11. Hate_ful


    Did they say how long ? Did they say why ? . You did post on forums about using second account so that could be reason . FP should always send email as to why and how long it will last that is common by most developers.
  12. Hate_ful

    Grand Smallie's Cup: Final Results

    Congratulations all
  13. Hate_ful


    On 11/21/2018 at 8:49 PM, Miles Smith said: That's complete BS and you know it. I suspect you are DrunkKiller/DontWorrySmile. I personally have never spoken to you but there are at least 3 or 4 guys in my fishing circle that have been in chat rooms with DrunkKiller and its common knowledge that he is also DontWorrySmile. Heck your brother HappyAssassin even admits it. Secondly, I was in a competition where DrunkKiller finished and a few minutes later in waltzes DontWorrySmile and someone in the competition room called him out for playing 2 names and he admitted it. So take your lying, cheating bullcrap elsewhere. And thanks from all the honest people on FP for doing your best to ruin a decent game. SCUM Well they both qualified in smallmouth cup so we will see if both names actually fish in semi finals. I suspect they will as i dont believe its one person using this Dontworry account but multiple ppl .(Like a group of friends )
  14. Hate_ful

    Videos Of New Waterways

    With how slow content drops i dont blame anyone from trying other options.
  15. Hate_ful


    On PS4 it really shouldnt be that hard to find double accounts each PS4 has a number that is specific to itself . To shouldnt be that difficult to program something to identity how many accounts it uses on their game . They also could check IP address but that is easy to get around . The best way to fix it is lowering the time you have to start and finish comp .