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  1. Any bets on if we hear anything tomorrow (Friday) ? The forums have become a ghost town as of late .
  2. You probably didnt notice because the economy is so much better in The Fisherman than in Fishing Planet .
  3. I only ever have gotten coins for uniques never no cash .
  4. And that is why Fishing Planets reputation as a whole is poor. They announce something then never give a clear answer . The forum itself isnt even update as fast as Steam , then they change the dates they post stuff lol.
  5. Goodluck . Had same thing on FTP and never got it returned
  6. Some are rank restricted . I had same problem ( The Fisherman ) they appeared after i rank up higher.
  7. Your link says we dont have permission to view. So we cant follow your link . So your response looks petty and unwarranted .
  8. Thats why i said i believe but wasnt sure . I just wish there was more communication with the community especially on here (Your Forums ) not everyone uses social media . We hear stuff on Q@A are told dates then we never here of it again . I think most people would be good if you said we are working on Mississippi and we are hoping for Nov. release . Then if you can't meet your projected time tell community it's delayed . The way it is now we are just going by whats on streams and left to speculate what is actually coming soon or long term. A tentative road map would be nice .
  9. Check out warmaster stream on twitch , he had Q@A with Killerwhale. I believe Nov. when next big update is coming but there was so much info i cant be sure.
  10. When you have a free game thats been out for awhile ( 2015 on PC and 2017 on PS4) you get to the point that your not getting a many new people . The old one no longer need premium for cash or xp . So where does the money come from to continue further development ? The Fisherman seems like it was designed for people who only play a few hours aweek (old economy was Brutal ) . Im level 50 plus 40 extra on FTP version i almost never play just events and monthly Tournaments never fish to just make money so im slowly going broke . The new economy with the advanced license system make it easier for me . I believe The Hunter did something similar .
  11. Did you do any research before purchase . It is same basic game with a few new fish , 1 lake , trolling technique and rework leveling and economy. I think it is for people who cant invest alot of time to play each day. I admit it could have had more new stuff but time will tell which version gets new stuff 1st.
  12. 3 hours ago, BobNudd10 said: the DLCs are not on the PS4 either under the PACKS tab it just says empty store Same they where at 1st then disappeared , im sure it will be back before anyone gets 1200 for 1st sets
  13. Under packs on main menu they should be free . Only appeared after i put in code .
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