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  1. Hate_ful

    [PS4] Patch Note 1.14: The Missions update.

    I just dont get it. I find it hard enough to fish 30 or 45 minutes straight how in the hell can they do same comp. 2x in 2hrs.
  2. Hate_ful


    Wrong spot
  3. Hate_ful

    [PS4] Patch Note 1.14: The Missions update.

    It is widely known for ppl who do comps . That is 1 and the same person .
  4. Hate_ful

    Rocky lake tutorial challenge bugged?

    It was ok for me but then again it is Fishing Planet
  5. Hate_ful

    [PS4] Patch Note 1.14: The Missions update.

    I found that ifi restart the app it is smooth for a few minutes then slow again . Did this 5X to get backpack straight .
  6. Hate_ful

    [PS4] Patch Note 1.14: The Missions update.

    After completion of mission i spent 35 minutes trying to get my backpack in order before giving up. Why is fixing inventory so slow . I have 800 spaces and cant even reequip cranks because it would take to long .
  7. Hate_ful

    [PS4] Patch Note 1.14: The Missions update.

    If it wasnt for the missions making me do strange set ups ( 1/3 gig on a 8'10 loki or 4lbs line on brutus ) i wouldn't have gotten annoyed . They are simple and fairly easy to complete . The rewards are nice . I think the higher level missions will be fun.
  8. Hate_ful

    [PS4] Patch Note 1.14: The Missions update.

    I get they are tutorial mission so they aren't as fun or informative for use higher level players. Getting the free narrow spoons for finishing the ones i have done is nice. What i dont get like TMIF said what is with it making you build combinations that really dont work .( brutus with 4lbs line ) This could actually hurt lower level players by teaching bad setups. I really dont understand how it wasnt brought to devs during the beta. The new interface is nice in all looking forward to higher level missions.
  9. Hate_ful

    Hacks and cheats

    2 hours ago, Shadow of Poohlykhomyak said: Rota, what is the name of 2nd exploit user? I believe everybody should know about such bastards Agree
  10. Hate_ful

    Some One Explain This

    If he was caught cheating in one comp he shouldnt be allowed in any . So kick him out of qualifier and put in a person who is honest and deserving . Cheaters should never be rewarded .
  11. Hate_ful

    Some One Explain This

    Kick cheaters off the game . Its better to lose 1 player than multiple because of cheaters.
  12. Hate_ful

    Hacks and cheats

    Piss on warning them ban them
  13. Hate_ful

    Some One Explain This

    That is the shit that made me give up playing the game till new lakes . The comps are broken by this and the fact that people are using multiple accounts and nothing being done . Hell i guess we can say Dont worry and smile.
  14. Hate_ful


    The jokes on those of us that have that shit saved in our inventory . The devs are LOL why does he have 15 bags , 12 shoes and 34 lillies .
  15. Hate_ful

    Mighty Carp Tour