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  1. Will we have to buy new boats or will old ones be conferted to have rod holders . Please allow them on bass boats also.
  2. Not yet on free to play version . Only on The Fisherman
  3. Hate_ful


    Try restoring your license in ps4 settings it might help .
  4. Goodluck its a Dev team vs a Publishing team battle . In the end the losers are the customers whom trusted them to be honest and upfront. We suffer while they spend our money . Like i said before neither Bigben or Fishing Planet devs have a good track record with support or communication .
  5. This Sound bug seems to be creeping back into game . Speaker dont pop but you lose sound till you adjust audio in settings.
  6. 45 minutes ago, SabiScs said: so yea Bigben emailed they are just publisher and say the future (game development, bug fix, updates, etc) of the Fisherman is up to FP Devs team! So Bigben blame Fishing Planet devs and Devs blame Bigben lol . They both have shitty support and are both responsible for taking advantage of the supporters of the game .
  7. Sorry you are right to be honest i didn't look to make sure challenges where there just assumed they would at least to that but they didn't . The fact that Bigben says there are no plans to add lastest things from FTP version or future maps i havent even bothered with it . Feel like i was screwed out my money buy both companies .
  8. There are challenges for furry trout and antlered salmon
  9. Just another Fishing Planet opps . Spend baitcoins on lure to catch a fish that dont exist . 6 hours ago, Tonto said: On falcon Lake the cutthroat are decorated Lake trout
  10. Obviously the fisherman Fishing Planet and Fishing Planet are different games . Lol that are exactly the same including similar name , bugs , crappy support that we have come to expect.
  11. Bigben is a shitty company who have a terrible reputation . They offer little to no support on the products they sell . Shame on them and Fishing Planet for selling the publishing right to such a crap company . The game was advertised on Fishing Planet forums or dev interviews , shares the Fishing Planet name yet they dont have any control lol . Great job on dividing the community then screwing them .
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