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  1. Its only out on PC right now . Should be available on PS4/XBOX W10 within a few weeks.
  2. I believe those locations came out after the DLC was released so they aren't included . They need to be more specific when it come to whats included in DLCs.
  3. Hate_ful

    oversize fish

    Ya definitely but nothing would surprise me. People are competitive and that drive alone makes people go beyond what most others would do. Im sure most of these people who figured this out worked with others to make it easier. I certainly could do it with out going crazy .
  4. Hate_ful

    oversize fish

    Some people have notebooks or spreadsheets full of data . Some people log what , when and where for every fish they catch. So it wouldnt be surprised.
  5. Ya the 3 different glass take the sun glare away and add a slight tint. A PC player can help more as they are out for them . I imagine we shall see them in a few weeks as Ps4/Xbox are always around a month behind PC.
  6. 2 hours ago, BobNudd10 said: not cheating just getting the best xp for his fish Not sure only 60 trophy fish and 2 uniques. Seems kinda fishy to me . Could be a hack or Dev account for testing.
  7. Believe me im on your side i'm not looking forward to the terrible grind at all ( Debated just deleting the game) but thats how these so called free to play games generate money . If they made it to easy to rank up nobody would buy premium or DLCs that are basicly pay to advance . To me the grind wouldnt be bad if i didnt really only have 2 or 3 types of fish to maximize my time.
  8. They want us to buy the New DLC that comes with every new venue , premium or prepare for a long grind .
  9. Working fine since PSN came back online for me . Dont hold your breath for a Dev or Mod to answer you , they almost never respond .
  10. PSN isnt working for me but could be isp because its very slow today . As for competitions i have reported some whom do it , maybe if they get enough complaints about certain hosts they will take the ability away from them .
  11. Hate_ful

    battle pass

    If it included items like a few days premium , Special poles with unique color schemes , lures with different colors and daily mission that give xp boost for season pass and in game xp . I could see that working fine . Most DLC items aren't pay to win as much as pay to advance .
  12. Hate_ful

    battle pass

    Seems like thats the way alot of games keep generating money nowadays so seem like a good possibility.
  13. According to Steam post Blue Crab is coming soon .
  14. I agree if you have to go from 60 to 62 it could be 500000xp . I think 59 to 60 was 248000 roughly (memory not very good) i cant see myself grinding the same 3 places to get there . Higher level lakes exclusive fish (New fish recently added ) need to reward more xp otherwise its back to Cali , Blue Crab or WW to level up.
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