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  1. The game comes with all early release dlc that can be purchased by baitcoins in game. Baitcoins are earned by catching unique fish . As a person who has both versions I would suggest F2P version as it has more content , but more of a grind.
  2. On 3/12/2020 at 3:54 AM, FPdimsam said: Not yet. Copyright issues unfortunately. Solving in progress. Any update ?
  3. Would be happy with rod holders like the fisherman.
  4. First part i believe that its a warning that even if you cant use kayak you still will get repairs on it if you take it. Second if you have kayak equiped then you have to go to peg with boat symbol and it should already be in water . Hope that helps some
  5. There is a community section on your PS xmb. You also hit down on dpad while hovering over the game , it will show trophies , friends and communities and a like to DLC in store.
  6. These forums are pretty dead these days .Might be better to look into PSN communities.
  7. Keep going if you dont finish its less to do next year.
  8. Hate_ful

    Krampus Fish

    If you bought the dlc you can catch 100 of them .
  9. To take up space in our inventory. Havent seen a use for them.
  10. 8 hours ago, Wendy said: Hateful....when they did the update Christmas Eve did they fix the colors being so uneven? You still had a lot of red to get. I don,t know how I will finish this on time. You have to go to all of the lakes for Christmas presents and stockings, that means a lot of wasted time catching pike at st. Croix for money to travel. Then whatever time you have left you have to try to catch the event fish. Not sure I am even going to try, it is so boring. Ya i finished was a grind for sure . Once i got the glasses i just would go back and forth between
  11. This is a poorly executed event . Still need 57 red bandits everything else is done . If the catch rate of reds continues the way it is i'll need to use 25 to 28 more token to finish . Thats around 113 minutes of praying i get 2 or 3 reds per song . Not fun . The xmas event used to bring the community together this 1 not so much.
  12. Does Fishing Planet even have voip ?
  13. That would be a terrible idea to implement into the game. Punishing the player for the poor bite system mechanics .
  14. Hate_ful

    change email

    Predator boat pack and Blue Crab DLCs are for The Fisherman Fishing Planet only not Fishing Planet .
  15. Competitive wise i dont believe there is .As bad as FP can be they really dont have any competition on PS4 .
  16. What im saying is it common practice and im sure its covered in TOS by FP and Sony . I hate it also its cost me money several times aswell. Its happened on FP , Fallout 76 and with PS plus to me and i blame Sony more than anyone its their store after all.
  17. 17 hours ago, PoJ-Gamer said: Fishing Planet should not assume that we want an auto renew just because we want 1 month of premium, i consider this steeling and i want my money back Its not just FP its any game with a subscription type plan .
  18. Ya topwater or buzzbait works well . Peak hours , on rainy day i start at 3 as tarpon seem to be active. I fish the usual farming spot so i can use multiple rods .
  19. I use craws on my buzzbait works great . 1 speed straight on top or stop and go both work.
  20. This was from Feb 2019 lol . Half the people in this thread probably dont even play or visit these forums anymore.
  21. I caught all 10lbs trophies. Maybe i should have practiced but it was fun anyway.
  22. Its a bug . It happened before then it got patched . It must have just slipped back in on certain venues . I fished BCI to get from 60 to 63 without any issues with bottom robs drifting
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