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  1. As much of a pain as it is creating another account is best option. You can try support option aswell but it may take time and they might not even grant you a reset.
  2. Pokerxxl this guy isnt worth arguing with . Maybe if everyone here just ignores him he will go away.
  3. 19 hours ago, Rupert ruu said: This doesn't make any difference to how @HATE_FUL is treating the visitors on this website, insulting people an calling them names... Yea great way to speak to people... Total lack of respect! You are the one who stated No you are wrong .Nobody truly knows why it was delayed besides Devs and Micosoft. All i said was they dont respond , i was refering to the forums because thats where are conversation was at. If you look at post i have made you would see that i try to answer or help in anyway i can . I guess i should have let you post sit there with no reply for days or weeks . Anyway im done with this conversation. Goodluck and Tight Lines.
  4. 14 hours ago, Rupert ruu said: I don't care what you said, you're nothing to do with the game.... Sooooo..... Sooo why did you quote my post and respond to it . Funny way of showing off your ambassador skills . Arent you guys to spread fun thru the gaming community not come to forums and act like a fool. All i said and if you look here on the official forums the devs very seldom reply to anyone. The mods answers best they can .
  5. You can request a reset from support. Look at 1st topic under support.
  6. 10 hours ago, Rupert ruu said: No... You are wrong, they reply to PS4 and PC, proof is on Facebook. I'm a xbox ambassador and to see the fishing planet team not updating anything on xbox, is not very good. 6 hours ago, RF_Xyphias said: But the dlc pack can't be purchased at the moment. I hope that gets solved very soon. As the so called Xbox ambassador .
  7. 10 hours ago, Rupert ruu said: No... You are wrong, they reply to PS4 and PC, proof is on Facebook. I'm a xbox ambassador and to see the fishing planet team not updating anything on xbox, is not very good. These people come here cry like babies when they dont like the answers they get . When I SAID they dont answers questions i was refering to these forums as that is where we are and the question was asked. I dont use social media as i want to avoid ignorant people so wouldn't know what they do on Facebook.
  8. Dont feel bad they rarely reply to any questions.
  9. 54 minutes ago, Kee said: Look at you suck ups 54 minutes ago, Kee said: Do you mean for the broken game? If the game sucks so bad and is full of bugs then why do you care that you haven't gotten the new venue. Im sure they wish it was out on Xbox / Windows 10 as that would bring in more revenue (Dlc and premium ) . It either didnt pass certification or Micosoft is just slower this time . Relax and enjoy the game or delete it and move on .
  10. Obviously we are alone here on the forums or its a simple case off NFG .
  11. Sony and Micosoft both require all patch to go thru a certification process usually 3 to 4 weeks after they receive it . PC they just can release patch anytime they need to. As for allowing Ps4/xbox players to level up , why would they it would cost the New DLC sales.
  12. The forum is for Fishing Planet . The Fisherman Fishing Planet is a separate game and has a publisher (Bigben/Nacom) that is a terrible company . If you look at Devs or Mods posts they have said MANY times to contact BigBen . As a person who owns The Fisherman buyers got a raw deal but if it sounds to good to be true then it is. Besides the Devs almost never reply here .
  13. Unfortunately once you have competed the mission there is no way to get another lure . Same with all monster fish baits and lures .
  14. Old tournament winners , Xmas event 2019 and feeder introduction for 2018 lol.
  15. Is there anyway a moderator could remove some of the older out of date topics. If someone posts anything in this section we dont see it easily because its on page 2 .
  16. Not many tips i can give as i really dont play comps or Tournaments anymore but im sure there are custom comps for each venue to practice with the exact time and weather as each qualifier. As for time no you cant skip time , tournaments have the same start and end time for everyone just like comps.
  17. Also check out the Fisherman section here on forums and you will get more pros and cons .
  18. I have both on PS4 . I prefer FP over the Fisherman because of the updates . The Fisherman gets updated almost never and if the trend continues it will cost another $30 for the 3 Amazon venues ($ 10 each). That is if they even come to the Fisherman, Blue Crab took almost a year after FP to get released . That being said the leveling and economy are much more player friendly in the Fisherman. Also remember both are online only so if they shutdown servers any money invested is gone and Bigben/Nacom the publishers of the Fisherman arent the most trustworthy companies.
  19. I would hold off as the Fisherman is way behind the free version. The last venue was Blue crab and it is a DLC not free .
  20. The game comes with all early release dlc that can be purchased by baitcoins in game. Baitcoins are earned by catching unique fish . As a person who has both versions I would suggest F2P version as it has more content , but more of a grind.
  21. Would be happy with rod holders like the fisherman.
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