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  1. On the global map, clicking on one waterway's fish species list and close it. Then, select another waterway and open the fish species list, the fish species will very likely to mess up. Ex:
  2. Can developers write more diaries? I'd like to read them.
  3. I like the game so far, and I think same fish species can look different in their body shape or color. Some fish might look a little bit darker or brighter than the normal ones. Also, some fish have big bellies but some others don't. One can catch a fish that is not the best in length, but the heaviest... In this game, it seems like one fish species has one certain formula (c1*x^c2+c3=y x:lb, y:inch c:constants) in terms of their weight and length. Any plan on adding different body types to the same fish species? Maybe this is easy to say but difficult to work on.
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