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  1. That happened to me in michigan I made a post about it the setup I was using pulled in gar chinook carp striper everything so it's a glitch unless there's an unknown fish in the game.
  2. You're the first person to ever quote me ;-; also I remember you! We fished in michigan together! You were catching walleye and clear musky and taught me
  3. @Denis_fp I have found a bug in the beta was fishing in texas and had to catch around 15 fish during the catch 5 fish with crickets mission
  4. This is neat and all. But when can I catch a megalodon?
  5. I am currently fishing in michigan for walleye off the floating dock throwing east between the two rocks like normal when I'm not sure what happened but my line started ripping drag at like 20ft per second in a straight line. I have almost 300hours in fishing planet on pc this is the first time anything like this has ever happened. I wasn't a fish because the rod was bent down but the tip was sticking almost directly in the air like I hooked a ufo and went in one direction with no left or right motion. I'm using a rod I catch chinook salmon and unique muskie on and whatever happened made it look like a toy rod from walmart. Did y'all add a lochness monster or something?
  6. Is there any time period like a month or couple of months you could give us on a time release?
  7. I just want to catch a megalodon can you make that happen?
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