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  1. I would like to ask some questions to @ DENNIS_FP I hope you can answer me 1. Can you dev team improve fish AI so some fish like snook, reddrums, sometimes bass when hooked seek for structure and get stuck and sometimes be able to pull them out? 2.- Can you dev team improve the graphics of some fish like speckled peacock bass? I tell you this because for example asp, LMBass and SMBASS, catfish, trouts,, salmon,look very realistic 3.- Can you dev team make fish like snook, bass, pike family (pike and muskies) and tarpon open their mouth when they jump out of the water? 4. Can you dev team change the sound tic tic tic of the line been pulled put by the fish by a realistic one? 5.- Can you change the design of the black drum? in real life black drum is all black, the black and white stripes and colours are only when they are small 1 to 4 kgs and I think black drum has wrong weight measures, a 8 kgs black drum in game looks more like a 5 o 6 kilograms, a 22 kgs trophy black drum looks like a 12 kgs one 6. My last question is can you return the weight to the fish? I'm able to pull like nothing a 8kgs reddrum with a 15 or 22 max drag reel with a 17 kgs line or a 24 kgs line and that is impossible in real life and also can you make fish stay in the water? everyone fight a permit and the fish is half outside the water and half inside the water I will be waiting for your asnwers, HELLO TO EVERYONE and for me is almost perfect this game, continue your hard work
  2. Hello support team I would like to know when are you going to improve the fish AI on snooks, those fish like to snag you, make tarpon jump in a acrobatic way, IMPROVE THE LINE SOUND WHEN THE FISH IS TAKING LINE OUT OF THE REEL and add snappers to salty florida
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