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  1. Everything is too expensive from Lors to rods especially traveling traveling is by far way too expensive you shouldn’t have to spend $18,000 just to Fisher Everglades and buy a license for four grand that is such a rip off I mean I know the game is free and all that but like why waste your time when you’re not gonna catch anything at Lonestar late trying to make money to go somewhere where you’re not gonna catch anything either they don’t bite as much as they used to before the most recent update on here so something is definitely been done with the biting from the fish because are used to catch 40 Pike in 30 minutes at Emerald Lake now I catch like 20 in an hour seriously payouts for catching fish in general should be bumped up atleast 100$ this is ridiculous.. and they fish act as if they do in real life? I’m not entirely sure about that I’m real life I’ve caight bass right in front of me with different lures top water and under water lures but om here you have to reel and it must say ( in white letters on the top right corner of the screen) or you won’t get a bite.. fix please.
  2. So i was playing a few times on ps4 and I've encountered this bug quite a few times I'll be fishing I cast my line out mainly at lonestar lake I'll cast my line out and I'll see 0/301 ft when my lines supposed to be in the water but it's glitches out and I can't open my menu so i have to restart my game and lose my progress it's very annoying and my friend has had the same thing happen to him this needs to be fixed. Ideas here. could we have the option to make our sensitivity higher? Could we have the option to choose an underwater cam? More profit for catching fish traveling costs way too much.
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