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  1. BobNudd10


    thanks for the link gl in finding The fisherman on it cannot find an official page at all on it they r all linked with fp
  2. BobNudd10

    rod issues

    fishing California on ps4 every time I catch a fish and take it to put in keepnet my rod disappears and it goes to hands free sry just doing my job and reporting problems don't hate me :)
  3. u can get a rod from shop for coin a Halloween rod but only 26 lb gl landing gar on it
  4. seriously using a float rod a maxed out 1 it takes 15 to 20 mins game time to land a sturge and a cat in mich its stupid patch I hate it cant fish on float now just isn't viable and not nice tbh
  5. I think its about time we got an upgrade of the brutus its barely coping with this new fish fighting mallarchy
  6. BobNudd10

    no coin

    just had 3 uni northern pike at Michigan and did not get credited with the coin for them . update I got them after selling the fish doh!!! sry
  7. BobNudd10

    pike ally

    having returned to lvl at Michigan on the pike I am not happy at the sheer number of false bites u get on minnow and shiner now its almost every cast and is making the float fishing very very annoying when u strap on a lrg min or shiner , it never used to be this bad
  8. yes you get plenty of baitcoins from the unis
  9. yes you get nice bc for uni a good uni lake trout is 36 so the bigger carp etc should be more I think the economy balance is correct the issue is with the sports equipment degrading to fast
  10. I think this is more of a problem with durability rather than the cost the sport gear wears out at to fast a rate when the whole ideas with sports equipment is that they r more durable than normal equipment
  11. BobNudd10

    the fisherman

    update had the stretch rod bug 4 times now so its pretty bad 1 tbh
  12. Gars and Glory cup tournament is here
  13. BobNudd10

    the fisherman

    also the stretch rod bug is still in effect at alberta first time I went on the fisherman game come out of 1 of the many many snags and rod stretches to horizon
  14. BobNudd10

    the fisherman

    I might add that all dlc items and the shop bought sport equipment can only be repaired by using baitcoins and a lot of them at that I do not think this is viable and therefore conclude it must be a mistake on your behalf and this needs sorting as soon as possible thanks for your time
  15. no I honestly think this must be a mistake and 1 that needs sorting asap or dlc will be pointless
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