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  1. BobNudd10

    hacker or bug?

    FPU Daywalker had an impossible fish in danger in the grass on the fisherman a 36 pound trophy lol there are no such fish in this game how is this possible?
  2. don't quote me on this but a little birdy has told me blue crab might be coming also some Australian water but you will have to buy the lakes as dlc . might be bull but it offers a little encouragement I guess
  3. in the eel comp and me and my friends keep getting the ( bait pulled away from fish ) box appearing when not touching the reel button or anything lol it is a bug
  4. kind of lol was my m8 telling me but what he meant was that the rods r still active so even when paused the fish can take your bait sry for the confusion:)
  5. why remove such a feature? does not make sense to remove it so cant pause for toilet break or brew or whatever anymore without reeling in rods etc lol nice fishing planet removed yet another helpful feature . you going to have no players left if this how you go about things
  6. cool place bite rate shocking nice to see a suggestion of mine in practice ie the crock lol but looks like a log with eyes
  7. 6 months now not a single update or bug fix how ripped of do ya all like me feel now
  8. seriously fishing sim world is probably the most arcade like fishing game on the market where nothing makes a difference in tackle choices and every fish fight is as predictable as the sun rising in the morning lol
  9. closed feeder for rivers with good flow and open feeders are better for ponds and lakes with no or very slow flow the idea being that with rivers with a good flow the closed feeder would release the chum at a slower rate to keep the fish feeding in same spot if u had open feeder in fast moving river your chum would get washed away a lot quicker and u would have difficulty in holding the fish in that spot so open better with no flow . well that's how it works in real life but don't know if it transfers to game same way
  10. would be nice to have a cabin u could put all your uni fish in have them stuffed and mounted something you could show off I guess
  11. don't know but they might be the event fish if they are counting them to but like u don't know tbh
  12. not just xbox problem happens all the time on ps4 to gl in them fixing it anytime soon
  13. I'm pro Fp player! but there's no way to catch second  unique chinook at Alaska ! I used to catch 8 unique chinooks and  now wtf only 1 unique chinook lol that's boring only commons fish bites after I caught unique chinook which is boring! There's many bugs in the game when I'm playing!   

    1. Tonto


      Maybe so, but the Unique Chinook doesn't pay more than the common or the trophy.  Money per kilogram/pound is the same.



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