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  1. I think adding coins into the prizemoney would be better and also the ability to add more personal funds than just 4200 it would make the matches more attractive
  2. all 4 bark can be got from mudwater
  3. after the initial week or so of the blue crab patch England has gone into decline yet another nerf in the hope of killing every good fishing spot to make people go to prem this company sucks
  4. BobNudd10


    the fighting fish patch has made this rod almost useless with 12lb line anything over 6 lb is extremely hard to pull in 8lb and over simply forget it its ridiculous please give us a 20lb jigwinner used to be my favourite rod now it is just horrible
  5. every time I travel to England it will not load so have to close the app down reboot and I will be in England on rebooting my friends also have this problem
  6. BobNudd10

    fp england

    main bug for me is the fact having set up all four carp rods on the rodstand and then coming out of lake screen onto inventory screen and then going back to lake screen only to discover all my rods have disappeared as well as the rod stand and im left standing with a single rod in hand so I go back to inventory screen to see my rods except the 1 in hand are all on a rodstand that is not there lol very frustrating . cannot make a vid as there is not enough space on here to post it
  7. lots of people fighting fish in England only to have the fish drop of the hook close in , also coming out of lake screen and going back to lake screen only to find all my gear on the rod stands is invisible that's around 5 or 6 serious bugs found having played England for a short time only. bought 60 pva bags from England shop it only gave me 10
  8. back on but getting snapped a lot in England with no tension its very frustrating tbh snapped 6 times In 10 mins its ridiculous cannot fish it like this ty for another masss of bugs after an update also replaced my 45 braid with 45 braid new and now my rods cast half the distance with the same set up ? seriously this game needs sorting
  9. game froze had to reboot but cannot get back online
  10. BobNudd10


    new bug to me I cannot use my rodstand in England as it says it is prohibited during a match IM NOT IN A MATCH IM PLEASURE FISHING ARGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THIS GAME IS BROKE AS YOUR COMPANY WILL BE IF THIS CARRIES ON
  11. fighting fish patch has ruined this comp for the jigwinner which is needed to cast out nano spinners as anything bigger than a jigwinner cannot cast it out far enough and just tried landing a uni it was impossible to land would not come in on the jigwinner and anything over 8lb is a ten minute struggle have even gone to 15lb line on the juigwinner with the same results it is the most detremental patch to fishing and is just plain stupid
  12. and what of the match fishing system that pc have had for 2 months yet nothing on fp ?
  13. nice going to the people who qualified on the fisherman and fishing planet nice going taking spots that you cannot fish as they r at the same time you retards
  14. this for pc ps4 or box ? as usual no info just a teaser of whats to come for who knows what console and to be honest I don't give a rats asss about this update where is fishing planets match fishing update?
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