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  1. this for pc ps4 or box ? as usual no info just a teaser of whats to come for who knows what console and to be honest I don't give a rats asss about this update where is fishing planets match fishing update?
  2. yes it happens to all I speak to and myself its like its got a nervous twitch lol
  3. just had an update with no idea what its for anybody know?
  4. you can float fish or bottom fish for them crickets work great fish shallow on the float 10 to 15 inches should be fine wax worms maggots most small baits work
  5. its called passing the buck , and the fact that many on here have sent emails to bigben without any reply says it all really they will happily take your money for the games but information for them is just a joke. lots of questions are put forward on here only to be answered (or maybe someone knows more) by the very people who run the game hahahaha customer care is not something these people understand or even care about . money is their god screw the customers
  6. yes also my rod loads chum twice instead of once the second time is twice as fast as the norm speed its like it has a nervous twitch but probs wasting my breath on hoping anything gets done as their track record on bugs is extremely bad
  7. match system please u can stick the rest where the sun don't shine
  8. the chum loading procedure is knackered after loading chum it now does a nervous twitch and does it again but faster so every time I load a chum now it does it twice its just 1 bug after another in this game how about getting some extra staff to sort this game out
  9. BobNudd10


    it seems a lot different now have they nerfed it ? it would be no surprise as they have every other lake
  10. started fishing after new dl 10 mins in got disconnected from server and cannot get back on
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