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  1. it is extremely difficult to get from a bass boat onto the dock at Michigan It can take me ages to be able to get of boat and most of the time have to drive the boat onto the dock itself before I can get the message to disembark I don't know if its just me or others have same problem but very its frustrating
  2. prem is now 55.99 for 12 months 31.49 for 6 months and 11.99 for 1 month and mine runs out today lol ahh well nvm
  3. BobNudd10


    you need to go to next day or leave the water to sell your fish and it does it auto
  4. u want to keep the line tight to the fish so pull rod up when reeling in
  5. you only stay on the records for 1 week then it gets refresh
  6. colours make a big difference ,there is a chart which I cannot find lol but generally speaking u want to use on sunny days darker colours like brown red black purple and silver and on cloudy the lighter end of the spectrum like yellow pink blue green etc hope this helps and others can tell u better than me but I think im right
  7. there is a new fish AI system for the new lakes which will be also implemented for the American lakes to in due course . basically it means the fish will move in more unpredictable patterns as opposed to the predictable currently on the American lakes
  8. tried everything 10z increments only I can have
  9. typing did not work either and now the box has gone and still only can make chum in 1oz increments same as before
  10. you don't have to enter the tourney all u need to do is register for it and there is an achievement to enter them all so that's what I was saying as it is an ingame challenge
  11. make sure to apply for school bass tourney as with a lot of people on here we missed it trying to lvl up and you can only do school bass as amateur. So we r unable to get the achievement of doing every tourny
  12. yes hopefully patch will sort it out next dl
  13. the solution is to close the game down without leaving the water then reboot the game and rejoin it works for me but a pain in the butt lol
  14. this game does not have the potential to be best fishing sim as it is already the best fishing sim
  15. you cannot repair away from home sry for the bad news
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