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  1. just go for the biggest fish in the lake for alberta u need the trout so you need to cach 10 fish that are trophy or uni to get the highest weight same applies for Michigan but you will be catching catfish as they are the best weight fish in the lake . there are many youtube videos that could also help you out with spots etc . you will be able to only catch ten fish in total the rest you have to release so the idea is to catch ten fish then if you catch a bigger 1 u then have to release a smaller one from your keepnet so you can keep the bigger one but be careful when doing this make sure u release the smallest fish . only the 10 fish u have in your keepnet count at end of comp
  2. yes but I think u mean California also the people at the top all the time have spent many hours learning the comps that's why they r at the top
  3. NC what are u on about? im not on about leaderboard in matches im on about the global comp leaderboard and I do fine in matches thank you
  4. still cant see leaderboard and am sick of bugs please sort out the game its becoming intolerable
  5. ok sry don't know yes the two top buttons I guess they r the same . you don't get a message to say u have clipped line just look at your casting distance in bottom right corner when clipped it should say it twice and sorry if u already know this
  6. no you can use heavier line np for pike
  7. bass challenge seems to be bugged I cannot enter also the competition leader board has gone
  8. is it not free there? I cant remember look under licences in your inv see if u already have it I cant remember if I bought it or was free but failing that my left dpad button scrolls it up and down so that should work
  9. you will be glad to know this is my last post this forum is pointless
  10. lol have no idea whats going on u release this post which was already old at time of release and now you come out and post the steam 1 when im told its already out lol seriously this is stupid
  11. carpman says the dl was today? this makes no sense as usuall
  12. you get 2 minute warning before your licence expires you should of reeled in a bought a licence
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