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  1. my m8 got 9 packages delivered when buying blue crab he has 9 boats rods reels etc lol then when trying to fish it it said he didnt have a licence and fined him . they just transfer it over with no thought . have to say FP is the worst company ive ever encountered in the gaming world . fp still has so many bugs its impossible to fish anywhere without encountering one ,and yes anyone buying blue crab needs hospital treatment
  2. speckled in blue crab and payara in peru r the best paying fish atm
  3. not cheating just getting the best xp for his fish
  4. BobNudd10

    oversize fish

    no answer still , well to be expected from this company really . i mean people have emailed them on this subject with the answer we are looking into this and why answer we are looking into it if the fish are meant to be there . just leaves more questions tbh
  5. BobNudd10

    oversize fish

    well supposedly in the summer update there will be a anti hack programme installed like they have done on pc . and yes it is possible to hack a ps4 game
  6. BobNudd10

    oversize fish

    lol did i accuse anyone of cheating ? no why dont you read the post ? i asked a question thats all . but there is not 1 mention of fishing planet putting these fish into the game on the updates so why is that ? and why put fish in a game u need a specific mix to catch it and then dont tell anyone they are there ? so everyone can argue about it ?so stupid of fishing planet to do it like this , also the 83lb record is not an english fish it has been imported it is not a natural size to an english carp
  7. fisherman is dead not a single update in 8 months lol its a joke and a rip of
  8. BobNudd10

    oversize fish

    there are huge carp in willows being caught above 70 for the mirror and leather and above 55 for the others only a few people are catching these carp which people are saying its a hack or a exploitation and its causing major arguments as to wether they are meant to be there or not . please could you clear this up and patch it so it fixes it if it is not meant to be in the game . also there are no fish this size im talking 80 plus in willows in real life so the question remains are they meant to be in this game?
  9. BobNudd10

    battle pass

    just wondering if a battle pass is in the future it would be a nice edition new rods exclusive lures etc
  10. BobNudd10

    aracu minnow

    this minnow does not move and is dead bait i would of thought it would be live bait like the lrg minnow
  11. so many bugs just ruin this game, never fixed always present in every situation bugs bugs bugs why people pay premium for this crap is beyond me
  12. BobNudd10

    hacker or bug?

    FPU Daywalker had an impossible fish in danger in the grass on the fisherman a 36 pound trophy lol there are no such fish in this game how is this possible?
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