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  1. nice? LOL what a rip merry xmas
  2. being able to lose points in a competition is killing competition . if you take that element away a lot more people would be doing competitions . there are to many correct weight comps and weight diffrence comps which require pure luck to win them and nobody who has designs on getting up the comp leaderboard is going to risk losing points in them they are just to random .also dumping to avoid point loss is losing competition players a lot of money . please take the point loss element away so people can do comps without fear and it also gives everyone a chance to learn the comp in the competition itself without fear of point loss .
  3. i have never done a comp where i could win a dlc ? are they club comps? also not many players i know are in them comps where you have to take screenshots of catches etc
  4. easy solution go to settings game unclick the player models in close range button job done
  5. BobNudd10

    blue screen

    3 times today so far at bolivia getting blue screen it is not fixed
  6. its fixed they have disabled the chat scrolling on entry
  7. well im guessing i cannot play fp now until this is fixed which could take a while as no way can i get online so please fix it or u will be getting bill for loss of premium time
  8. yes reinstalled and getting same blue screen error report and with me having premium at mo im not happy . so cannot get online so please sort this out asap
  9. reinstalling now but i guess wont work after hearing that lol ty
  10. i got blue screened when leaving england but now cannot log into planet on ps4 i have tried ten times i just keep getting blue screened with error report (CE-34878-0) i have sent all errors to sony
  11. not cheating just getting the best xp for his fish
  12. no answer still , well to be expected from this company really . i mean people have emailed them on this subject with the answer we are looking into this and why answer we are looking into it if the fish are meant to be there . just leaves more questions tbh
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