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  1. I have this problem to but only happens after the first cast . it puts the rod away and goes onto hands free . I did report it in one of my bug rants lol but I never got any feedback on the problem maybe they take notice now
  2. doubt the top players will be happy lol but for me all sounds good ty . btw im now BobNudd10 and if you don't know who bob is then u should so have a look at wiki
  3. BobNudd10

    news please

    please could u tell us why the servers r down and an E.T.A. when they back plz
  4. when they went down did it give a time when they r back up ?
  5. I have had some crazy catches in this game like brown trout n smallmouth bass on large cutbait but a bluegill on a shiner is just stupid and in a competition to make matters worse lol was old bucks which I have fished like 60 times n never had such a thing like that . so would like to know other peoples ridiculous catches have you ball had similar?
  6. BobNudd10


    well ty for the news about the snags at least that's 1 lol and 1 out of three aint bad at least that's what meat loaf tells me :)
  7. BobNudd10


    alberta still full of bugs on entering the tourney I could not see leaderboard so relogged and when I got back in I could not get my rod out lol it did not appear on entering as it does normally and it would not put rod in hand at all so third time lucky I got in and then it was snag after snag after snag and false bite after false bite and then I got the stretch bug again so its pretty imposs to fish for trout in alberta this is the same bug from ages ago and it still occurs I could not get the vid clip of the latest one so here is the old one again and its still exactly the same
  8. BobNudd10

    willow lakes

    ok thanks for looking into it
  9. BobNudd10

    willow lakes

    please could you tell me if you have removed the unique common carp from willow lakes because since the update I have no caught 1 and on sunny days I usually get all 5 unique carp common mirror trophy grass and leather consistently but not anymore lol I have fished it quite a bit since update but not once have I caught the common uni . on another note do you have plans for tourneys on the new lakes ? a carp tournament or bream etc for example
  10. if u want the big ones they r in gold lake the bighead and silver carp using plankton or veggies when u spawn in go to the right hand side about 6 trees down and cast shallow from 4 inches to 30 im no expert on this matter but u should have no trouble getting them others can tell u better if they see this post and correct me if im wrong ps the unis are 70lb+well the big ones r lol u can get smaller unis of course here is a vid u can check out to
  11. here is the pic of the ams being cancelled have seen a lot of them cancelled recently due to lack of participants cant wait until they have gone tbh
  12. very strange just logged in and the claxon for the second qualifier sounded and it said comp has started yet it does not start until 7pm also there is no 5pm match at all next match says 7pm lol
  13. yea I thought that to but don't know how it help them when I get the email to reset and they don't lol . have emailed them so will see what they gotta say about it
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