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  1. ihttps://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2019/04/17/1805627/0/en/PRESS-RELEASE-BIGBEN-IS-HAPPY-TO-ANNOUNCE-THE-FISHERMAN-FISHING-PLANET.html this should help u
  2. yea it came back after reloging i just have so many bugs and finding new ones all the time its getting hard to play
  3. i have no shop its gone
  4. The current game version will certainly be running and supporting without any changes. These two versions will not have any transfer features. We'll post an announcement with more details closer to the release time. 1 You reacted to this
  5. as we now know about new game the fisherman coming in autumn could you please tell us what impact for the current format this has , is this game still going to be running ? can we transfer account onto new game? there are many more questions about this new game but for now maybe you can ease our minds concerning the current game thank you for your time
  6. not had this happen yet but it wont happen at all now being that im forewarned so thanks for the info sabi good to know
  7. RedDwarf10

    any clue?

    cheers m8 now i know tyvm
  8. with the new one coming out will this game still be viable ? can we transfer our accounts onto new game ? there are so many questions on this subject please help us out devs . i for 1 dont want to grind up to 50 again although fun as it was to do it is very time consuming . and by the sounds of it with the new game having 30 dlc in it it kind of makes a mockery of the people who have spent huge money on dlc . i guess will have to wait until the autumn to find out
  9. RedDwarf10


    crashing when the game has just loaded up and the score box from the previous competition comes up it crashes my game by loss of connection to client and i dont have screenshot but when it happens again which it will i will get 1 although no idea what u can learn from it
  10. wow lol thanks for the info sabiScs
  11. i think bigben just make the vid for fishing planet advertisement i could be wrong lol . dont know about the fisherman part maybe they revamping name and look for next dlc . or maybe its the new xbox version type thing i dont know its a bit confusing to say the least
  12. yes would be nice to have something to aim at like that but i think they may save the best for dlc
  13. so decided to buy a smaller net for some comps because no point in taking a big net for small fish as it is expensive to repair big net but instead of going into inventory like it should it replaced the net in my backpack and on going to england making chum and spending a coin to time forward to favorite day , caught first fish and up popped the box saying impossible to place in keepnet lol so had to restart from home again costing me small fortune in the process so its very annoying these little bugs and expensive to
  14. not sure about these boats they look a little awkward and a lot of the boat is in your face and it detracts from the scenery but im willing to forgive this if they work as intended with the fish finder etc
  15. RedDwarf10

    any clue?

    KYLEROBZ sent me this anyone translate ? google not working on it
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