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  1. as for osni problem me and i think pikered had same trouble where we could not net fish so i think this problem and a lot of others will not go away until a patch is brought out and its been a while now since update and is high time they got a patch out , also seems to be tourny problem only as have not seen in norm match
  2. this is not first spring cat tour i guess and the dlc is same as normal one from last year so maybe they just forgot about the new nets and did not take into account people would get more than the old nets 200kg as i asume everyone had the 200kg last time so bit of a fail on fishing planets behalf
  3. why do you get 40 foot snags in alberta ? what could possibly do that ? 40 foot grass? underwater washing line? elasticated underpants?
  4. i wish they wouldnt call a hook link a leader as a leader is something used for predator fish and usually made of wire so the predator cant bite through it in england we call them hook links and all they do is snap before the main line snaps so you save your end tackle also its better for the fish as they dont have 50 foot of main line and end tackle trailing from mouth , so always have slightly less hook link (leader) than your main line so this allows it to snap without losing your tackle they also help with bites as your mainline is quite big so it helps to minimize the line profile near the hook . also CHUM is mashed up fish parts that u use to catch sharks FP the stuff europe uses is called groundbait GET IT RIGHT
  5. yes its all nice and polite i guess its the avg age on here there are many older players and fishermen in general are some of the nicest people u ever could meet ., but here is a riddle if a man rides into town on friday stays two days and leaves on friday how is this done? also got to give MADDCHILD a shout and say thanks for the flounder tip and now i share here . i could not catch i was floundering around lol and asked what bait to catch them and maddchild told me crawfish cut and straight away was into them so now u all know how to get them gl
  6. have caught the gar in the middle peg of the three pegs in a line fishing 12 to 15 inch deep to the edge of the lillys in front of the peg on large cut
  7. i will get my coat (fast show )
  8. so i could use frogs and cranks in the contest as long as its on spinning tackle ? feeling pretty dumb atm lol
  9. RedDwarf10

    call of duty

    free game on ps4 monthly free games call of duty modern warfare
  10. spinning gear is spoons spinners etc you cant use topwater lures or cranks or live bait
  11. RedDwarf10

    acc share

    who is playing rocket acount these days because im sure it is not him
  12. would agree with everything u said but have found gold works better cloudy day and silver on sunny not the other way around
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