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  1. Maybe the dev team can add a new challenge in the future: Players fish in 15 minuets in an assigned location(s) in a single fish pond, a specific type of rod, and unlimited keepnets or springers. That means tons of fishes are in that location(s), so it is to challenge the players’ fishing speed and skills. 1. See how many fish quantity the player can catch per second (fq/s). Just an average of the total quantity divided per second. 2. Types and weight. (How many keepnet or springer get filled) 3. Big money. (As weight and uniqueness are usually the fact to determine how much money does each fish worth, it should show who earns the most in 15 minuets) I don’t know if they have already included this in the new mission they recently created for Steam as a beta. I hope
  2. On PS4, we can use the handheld to do the survey. It shouldn’t be too difficult. Please bring this beta to PS4 if possible. Thank you!
  3. It happened a few times the fishing bait I bought - breads and small minnows were missing for no reason. They weren’t in the backpack and the home storage. I hope it is a easy fix. Don’t want to keep spending in game cash to buy missing baits. Thank you!
  4. Possibly to add Sweden in the new update? Night fishing salmons.
  5. I believe in PS4, you can’t really do a beta like this. Sony do allow some games to release a demo version before the actual DLC version release. It seems like they are pretty straight on these rules. It will be very difficult for PS4 to get into the survey part.
  6. Something similar has happened to me before. For some reason, I couldn’t bring out the rod for one time. It seemed like it was the server problem causing the issue. I simply just exit the fishing pond and re-enter it again. I also experienced the slowest during gameplay. The speed wasn’t normal. I believe it was also the server causing the issue. Lucky it only happened to me once or twice. I was using the private room while all these problems occurred, but other than that it is usually quite smooth.
  7. Hello, For PS4, one thing I also want to suggest to the dev team for the coming update is to add spinning motions option to the controller. I notice after casting the rod, the (triangle) button is not in use. I’m wonder if it is possible to enable it to allow the left/right stick to clockwise/counterclockwise the reel for the spinning motions for all types of rods. Currently, the left stick functions as walk around and the right stick functions as look around after the players cast the rod. It probably different in other controllers.
  8. Just curious, don’t know if anyone has happened to fish in a windy day? I saw my screen showing the wind mph, but it doesn’t feel like it is that windy. I mean the fishing line is not very sensitive to the wind. Maybe it is something the dev team can adjust?
  9. I totally agree. This game is very different than others. I actually played quite a lot video games in the past in my leisure time and also some Sports simulated games. But FP in my opinion is really something. I’m not a heavy gamer, I only play video games for an hour or two mostly. I’m kind of tired of all those shooting and fighting games. I can’t play them too long. When it reach a certain level, I need to stop playing them and need to do something else to balance my mind. I mean all those games are well developed, but when I get motion sick, I need to stop and rest. Therefore, I’m Looking for something that I can actually study and learn and feel healthy, and this is it. Of course, it doesn’t matter if you use it as a learn tool to enhance your fishing skill or if you use it to enjoy your leisure time, there is always something you can self adjust to make it your way of playing this game. This also apply to the other games. In term of the controller, I have posted my suggestion earlier to suggest getting more vibration during fishing and make it more sensitive on the casting/spinning motion to enhance this game. Hope the dev team read my post and be able to adjust this issue in the future. Let’s discuss the platform question later. They are probably working on them.
  10. It’s a little late to talk about E3 2018 as it’s already happened in May. I also think the FP dev team weren’t fully prepared this year as they are releasing a global fishing update according to their developer daily. Yet, the actual release date isn’t fully confirmed. Hopefully around Thanksgiving. Let’s talk about E3 2019 or some similar global tournaments. Hopefully something will start happening in 2019? One big topic is if they are heading toward this direction which I’m supporting in general, they need to figure out which is the presentation platform. What I mean is if they are releasing Xbox version. That will put PS4 players in pressure and their crowds won’t happy about their decision. FP will probably lose those players. If lucky those players might switch platform to supporting FP for the live stage tournament. Yet, it creates another problem which is their player account. Lots of video games/esports games/simulator games including FP require player experience in order to upgrade their gears, in game cash, and XP, etc. It won’t be easy for those players who are following their decision to change platform even those they are the top players. If FP follows the crowds, which will put the other platform’s players in bad mood. It depends on how many platforms they will release in the future. If they are only joining E3 or if they are joining a multiply Esports tournaments or invitations for different platforms, or even though have their own live stage tournaments in the future, they will need to make a decision earlier and announce the news earlier for their FP supporters to have enough time to prepare before those big globally Esports tournament happens. On the other hand E3 is pretty much a PS4 dominated global event. All the AAA games are having their supporters there. In order to get into E3 isn’t easy as well. I believe if they have enough crowds which they just need to have some adjustments and will be able to join E3. This shouldn’t be a problem for the FP Dev team. Of course, they possibly need to communicate with Sony as well and see if they will fully support them in the Esports category. As Esports is a very new trends nowadays, people also need sometimes to adjusting this new trendy. It doesn’t matter if it is esports or sports, they need to have enough supporters to make things happen. For me, Fishing Planet is very unique which combines technology, simulate of a real sports in a nice and clean created global environment. Plus, their add-ons and special in-game events and competitions create a upper level of video gaming experience for players to enjoy and explore. It will be difficult and very expensive for people to travel to all these different countries to explore and fish in real life. Only FP can create this experience for players. Also, they always make improvements and listening to their supporters and give enough feedbacks and supports. I hope FP will last for a long time. It definitely wins my heart whatever which direction(s) they are heading. I will think let them focus on what they have in hand first. I believe they have something in mind and working toward that direction. I as a supporter will always enjoy and continue to give suggestions to FP and make it the greatest and the best fishing game.
  11. Ambition

    Please help!

    Dear FP Dev team, Can you do me a big favorite? When I login to my account in this Forums, it shows my account name on the right column and there are a few words I can’t read in a different language. I mean I can guess what it says but not fully understand. Do you mind to put them in English or somehow show a translator for those words. I apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks a lot!
  12. I know there are some other fishing games, but FP took a long time to develop. Just by looking at how much details they brought to this simulator game, the dev team works very hard and has spent lots of time to start from sketch though the entire updates are successfully completed. They have to make sure all the updates work fluently. They truly gain the respect and the game is well developed and organized including this website. I’ve seen the other fishing games, but for me, they just aren’t look as deeply developed or visual wise doesn’t seem to be able to complete with FP. On top of these, they still need to work through different platforms to make sure they run correctly on each console/steam. This is not a easy task. I definely will wait for their coming updates instead of shopping around for other fishing games. Unless you are super rich and don’t mind to spend your money to the other fishing games also. But if I only can spend money and my time for one fishing game, this is the one. I know they are getting a lot of pressure from their competitors but I believe the coming update is a huge update and they’ve showed us some preview screens on who they are working on. Please give them some time. Now, you are all experienced what the dev team have been created from the past for the currently FP and should know what kinds of high quality will be coming. The only words I can say is that “I can’t wait”.
  13. Thank you for all the information.
  14. Thank you Alohastone, the spreadsheet is very well organized and contains lots of information. Very appreciate!
  15. Just curious, I have broken a very cheap reel before, and no repair available. I hope it won’t happen again when I’m going to get a much expensive reel in the in-game shop later. Does anyone know if the ones come in the add-ons have warrants or it allows to repair?
  16. How about the historical fish species? Will some of them include in this big update? Actually, I hope not, because they are especially created for the 4th July event, I believe. Please correct me if I remember wrong for which event they appear.
  17. Hello dev team, I noticed that it is hard to read the product information in the in-game shop. I’m using a TV to display the game. Therefore, the resolution is not as high as players who use monitors. I will suggest if they can slightly bold the fonts for the product information and descriptions, it will help. Considering the players who are using TV, we sit a bit farther compare to players who use monitors.
  18. I think it will be great if the dev team can add a “lunch break” button in the in-game interface for the coming update. What I mean “lunch break” is that it allows players to have a breakfast/lunch/dinner or a short break while they are leveling up. Currently for PS4, I need to press the ‘option’ key to go back to the fish pond info page to pause the game. (If I need to be away for a few hours, I need to turn off the console.) Then I need to re-enter the fish pond again to continue. It just seems a little bit odd in visual wise. If there is a “lunch break” feature while we are fishing, players can pause the game directly inside the fish pond. Maybe in graphic wise, it can display the words “lunch break” or ”pause” or sthg in the center with a translucent background. It doesn’t necessary need to call it “lunch break”. Maybe someone can suggest a better name for this feature. When players return to the game even though they turn off the console, they should just click the Fishing Planet icon and it automatically bring them back to whatever they have left off. Yet, this button shouldn’t be available during events and tournaments because every second is counted during those events and tournaments. Or the dev team may have their tournament rules for those few days tournament to allow players to get some rest in between games/qualifying. This is only for PS4. I don’t know if the other platforms have something in the interface or their controller/mouse to quickly pause and continue FP while they are leveling up. It’s just my suggestion.
  19. It seems like there will be some big tournaments follow up after this big update. Hope it won’t take too long for Sony to go through the patching process. I don’t want to switch back and forth my console/pc for FP. Don’t want to start over again. It took sometimes to gain the experience and built my gears. If Steam is better, I would switch now, but I don’t know. Thank you for releasing this preview of the coming update.
  20. Is this big update coming to Steam(PC/MAC) and PS4 at the same time or it will be on Steam first?
  21. Thank you for all the information. It helps a lot to understand how to setup my rods. Very informative
  22. Hello, I’m currently a newbie for this game. It is a very well organized and well developed simulator fishing game. - I have some questions about the fishing lines. I recently broken a few Fluoro .008 and .009 lines. It seems a little bit strange to me that it would possibly break the lines when fishing in Lone Star Lake and Mudwater River. It’s sunny and not windy. Using casting rod and had the lines set/throw to 42 to 48 feet. The only thing I can think of was the tension. I had it in full. However, that few casts weren’t really some big fight against those fishes. The lines just broke suddenly and continuously in a few strokes. Those are some general strokes. Considering the fish species in these two fishing sites aren’t very heavy. I was thinking about the thickness vs the stretch abilities of these lines, not the stress load of the rod. Just curious if anyone has also experienced similar situations? I mean it can possible happen. I just want to figure out what is the best way to adjust this. I think it’s the tension/the lines. Therefore, I upgraded to the Fluoro .009, but still broke the lines. Any ideas? - I’m also wondering what are the most durable lines available in this game? Are there any tournament lines you can buy at the in-game shop? I’ve seen some people caught some very heavy fishes which are more than 100 pounds and I’m wondering what lines they used to catch those. Line - Thickness, ability, durability, and stretch level?
  23. Is it possible to create some in-game music/sound tracks when you reach certain levels? Jazz Maybe in level 41?
  24. I apologize. I mean if we can buy something is not available in the in-game store. I saw a few add-ons, but it will be great if they can create a few more options.
  25. Dear dev team, Is it possible to create some special bait lure add-on(s) for PS4/PS4 Pro. I know there are currently some add-ons have some special edition gears and jackets, etc. It will be great if we can buy some unique bait lures that we can’t found them in the current in-game shop. However, I don’t know about the other platforms if they can create their own lures which I saw some people discussed this in their posts.
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