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  1. 2 questions: 1. Will the lake require a ridiculous high level to unlock ? 2. Is it going to be just as dead as Germany ?
  2. Hi all , is there a way to reset your fish records only ? The list of personal bests you caught of each species. I'd like to start with a clean slate on my personal bests , but I don't want to start a new account all together. Don't want to loose all the effort I had to put in to get my gear and licenses. Just want to redo a fresh records of personal bests. Any way to reset that only and nothing else ?
  3. You have to buy unlimited licenses with baitcoins. It's the only way. And never bother with the standard license. Always take the advanced one
  4. Morning everyone , tight lines and enjoy !
  5. Fishing doesn't have an end. As with fishing in real life , in this game it should just be about the thrill of not knowing what you will catch today. That is what fishing is about. It's not about " achieving everything". Once I went past lvl 40 is where I actually started to enjoy the game for the first time. I just go from lake to lake and relax and actually do some fishing and not grinding. And I never know what will happen today , will I beat my PB , will I not , it doesn't matter. It's just fun catching fish and that's what it's supposed to be all about. When I feel that I get bored I simply take a break from the game for a couple of weeks. No rule that say you must constantly play. Then I come back after a couple of weeks , start a tour of all lakes from the first to the last and just do fishing without caring about what I can achieve. And I enjoy it every time. And it's amazing how many times then while just doing some relaxing fishing I actually do break my personal records then just giving that bonus of beating a PB as well.
  6. It's problem for sure. I am currently at Louisiana targeting Aligator Gar and Catfish. Now we all know how quickly they fill a net. What happens , I start the day , fish not biting due to the wristwatch wearing fish only biting certain part of the day ( which makes this ff and cooldown issue even way worse ) , so I FF to a better time. Catch fish , net gets full before cooldown timer expired , can't play any further. Have to quit game and come back after timer expired to FF to 5am to sell fish. Then it gets worse , you FF to 5am to sell fish and continue. Fish are dead as it's not in their bite times. Another cooldown timer is in affect for FF to 5am. ( It happened way before 9pm ). And you have to quit the game AGAIN and wait out another timer. So I frequently have to wait out 2 timers before I can continue playing. Extremely frustrating. 3 Things that compounds this issue : - Wristwatch wearing fish meaning you can only catch anything during a few specific hours of the day and you can't actually play the whole in-game day. - Inability to sell your fish whenever you want to and continue. ( the FF to 5am thing ) - Cooldown timers way too long. Either cooldown timers must go , or reduced heavily , or the ability to sell your fish any time you want must be implemented. Or a FF to 5am must be granted regardless if a timer is still in affect or not and regardless if the current time is before 9pm or not.
  7. Oregon. Leave NC for much later when you have a huge net , then you can go after gar and cats there. But both pay very poorly so not a good option at your level. Only other things there is some bass ( which you will get much better and more when you reach Florida ) and panfish and small carp. Not one of my favorite locations for sure. Oregon on the other hand has the very very fun to catch trout and they are good for both money and XP.
  8. Marshall_Maz


    And from what I've read on the Dev's official announcement is that the 5 December update on PS4 will pull it into line with pc for topwater and night fishing and kayaks. ( Correct me if I'm wrong )
  9. If we get this I would party for a week , would be so great.
  10. I supported the baitcoin sale ( 2330 ) as THAT was the kind of reasonable pricing I am willing to pay. Very happy about those and thank you for the sale.
  11. I saw in a video today that the carp island spawn has been put back. ( And the youtuber confirmed it's a new video ) This is great news ! Thank you devs !
  12. Not enough space in backpack maybe ? Just guessing what it could be
  13. Fluorescent Red Night Narrow Spoon #2/0. 7cm night glow worm on #2/0 Jighead also works , but I always get better catch rate on the night narrow spoon
  14. An additional tip for you adding onto what TalonAquila said , it's very important to note that the Walleye in NY has a way better catch rate at night than during the day. So while you have a smallish keepnet just fish at night there. You'll fill your net with Walleye much faster than you will during the day and save yourself a lot of real-time. Only fish during daytime there when the amount of Walleye you catch during night don't fill your net anymore. And remember , for XP wise do not OP your gear. ( rod , real , line )
  15. Can't see any info. Just text xxxxxx.jpg , but no images are showing. EDIT: NVM , found the info in the excell sheet
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