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  1. The Fisherman is not available on the Microsoft store. Only the f2p game is. The Fisherman is on Steam , PS4 and Xbox One
  2. No everywhere else also just gives coins for Unis. ( and XP ). No Uni gives cash in this version of the game. ( Except the monster mission fish )
  3. All Uniques in The Fisherman gives baitcoins. It is designed like that. Check again in other lakes and you will see those Uniques also gives baitcoins.
  4. Update: I found the key. You HAVE to do spodding now. It wasn't needed before but now it is. I did a few days on the same dead spots and spodded up the areas and then the fish starts biting. Very expensive but they only way to not stare at dead rods.
  5. Exactly. And why nerf the top level lake ? The player did the hard yards and the hard work to get there , leave him alone that he can enjoy himself there. He worked for it. But nooooo
  6. Wow Weeping Willow on The Fisherman is nerfed into the ground. Complete ghost town. This was one of my favourite lakes on f2p and I was so looking forward to unlock it in The Fisherman. What a disappointment and complete waste of credits on gear and bait. Thank you devs for destroying what was once one of the best lakes in the game.
  7. Pinned right at the top of this forum :
  8. Those are no excuse , this game is not a new release. It's just a clone of what already exists on both Steam and PS4. There is no reason at all why we shouldn't have it. At the very least we should have the specialized packs like bottom/feeder/casting/sport packs. The current mixed bags of only 1 rod of this and 1 rod of that packs with very poor additional equipment just doesn't cut it and is over priced.
  9. The current 3 DLC packs for Xbox is pittyful to say the least. Just look at all the options and packs available on PS4 https://store.playstation.com/en-za/grid/EP1438-CUSA09106_00-0000000000000000/1?relationship=add-ons And pc has even more choices. When will Xbox also get all these DLC packs available ?
  10. Yeah they specifically mentioned that boats and carp fishing will be in the first update for Xbox version.
  11. And bug reporting section. There is plenty to report
  12. Same issue as with all games. The XB1 is weaker than PS4 and all games looks worse on XB1. It's only on the XB1X with titles that is X enhanced that games looks ok. But for standard XB1 almost all games looks worse than on PS4
  13. Marshall_Maz


    I was excited until I saw the prices of the DLC.
  14. 2 questions: 1. Will the lake require a ridiculous high level to unlock ? 2. Is it going to be just as dead as Germany ?
  15. Hi all , is there a way to reset your fish records only ? The list of personal bests you caught of each species. I'd like to start with a clean slate on my personal bests , but I don't want to start a new account all together. Don't want to loose all the effort I had to put in to get my gear and licenses. Just want to redo a fresh records of personal bests. Any way to reset that only and nothing else ?
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