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  1. That's what Gatorade bottles are for!!! LOL j/k good luck bud!
  2. Gratz on your first bud. You'll always remember it LOL But yes you need to start at 9 and fish it through to the end to fish the full 2 hours, Same as in the finals. It will end right at 11 no matter what.
  3. Another great event guys! Congrats to the hackers!!! lol Thanks guys
  4. Sweet thanks guys!!! We should have some nice cash after this one too. I'm hoping Speedy and Hilrond is sitting this one out! :D good luck guys
  5. Both Grass carp event in Germany and the UK are way too slow. Kind of need some luck just to find one in 45-60 minutes. lol I hope they fix that too. I will watch out for the expiring bait now too lol. Thanks, Sabi
  6. Thanks guys!!! Another fun one as always! Can't wait to see what we fish for next time. Boots, rags, and sticks still in the works?
  7. Fish were actually caught in the very 1st event too! Good stuff Dev's. :)))
  8. Another fantastic PH Event! Thanks for the fun and big grats to Carpman and Speedy for the Sandbagging <tipping my hat to you both> well deserved! Along with everyone else who took part in it. Bream Dreams are real!!! Can we start #11 tomorrow? :)))) Thank you, guys! Especially "Gramps"
  9. The prize for beating me Ahem Stewy <cough> My inbox is always open for markers LOL <raising hand>
  10. Your Credibility is at -0 but have your last ditch effort to bring up things from last summer under "your assumptions". It's ok, give too a dog a bone. People can see that. Like that effort of lining them all up and a cool dude Zero also into this staged mess of bringing things up from months ago. One of them had a brain as it's game and pointless. Which nearly everyone would agree on. I rarely talked to this dude of yours aside from in events but I know he is close to both you guys. Heck, even he had enough of your over-the-top BS. Say's a lot Dar. -0 credibility so let's have it. You can have the last words I won't mind at all that's the only way an ego like yours will be satisfied.
  11. You do that! <insert a mini violin here>
  12. You are right absolutely right I was referring to you. But who would have known? I'm done here, nice talking to you Pal! Anyone who has some hashtag alt names they want to see me include in an upcoming video please message me. This dude just lied through his teeth! Soon we may see him play Minecraft alone. Not wasting my breath here any longer you lying piece of S**t! ANd if you change your name I know your numbers so I will call out any name changes that come around. I've never known something that stooped this low and all it was pretty much was describing himself in the mirror! The End! Ya you really don't have friends bud! We can see why.
  13. Nope, can't find the name Dareach anywhere to be found on my 1st post or was that your Alt playgirl I was talking to? Just wondering But it's getting better getting a msg from someone that YOU KNOW WELL that is Quote- "Sick to his stomach reading you lie through your teeth to belittle someone" I'd run in a small dark cave Dar. #RIP This is getting good you BS'er!
  14. What did you do??? Are you really asking that? Um, look at all the personal shots you threw out at me and the above post there's more of them. I shot 1 "assumption" to your countless assumptions, but I guess I'm not entitled to do that. And, no I did not report anyone. The last report was a player about a month ago for obvious reasons and they said they will keep a watch out. Others reported the same dude too that day. That's all the direct reporting I've done in probably 8 months. I don't bother with nonsense unless it's obvious. Why Voice? Your assumption on that (Again) is because of that? Or because I don't want to bother getting my mic plus it's 9pm at night here. She doesn't want to hear about it either as she's relaxing watching a movie. And when have I ever discorded anyone to be honest? I streamed 1 time and jumped on a handful of times in a year. That's the extent of me using a mic to begin with. So I'm entitled to not voice or not is that a new issue now? Dar LOL I lose won't sleep if you don't add me on anything believe ME!! The only thing we have in common is we enjoy the game. That is all it will be and I'm more than fine with that.
  15. Yes, they both joined Dareach. I sandbagged them all and got 2nd place! I did not bring names up when I mentioned charity, did I? No one knew who I referring to but you did a good job of that now. I chat with both Zero and Sully at times, they don't live in the past and we respect each other, no need for drama especially dating back to last summer! LOL I mean C'mon man really? No one has to agree on everything. As far as the "Alts" again a reminder I said "maybe" correct? Therefore what does that tell you? Cauca plays in a public place with more than one PC's at I'm sure. He has stated that a few times in the past so he can get away with it under the current system. But again speculation obviously? Where were you in it Dareach since you were on "watching" and I know you don't miss Bowfins. I'd love to see you and I'd guess Fishg_Dat in the same comp. Give it time also like someone else said it can take a week or so too. But again since I need to clear this part AGAIN "Maybe" just an assumption! Or wait until the new system gets implemented, simple. I'm not a Dev. "Stalking and Harassing" again soo last summer also, when I just left and kept to myself for a couple weeks time to avoid the drama. Many can agree I avoided everyone for a couple weeks. Didg accused F#1 of that once too. If that was true AT ALL I would have reached out multiple times since correct? But NOPE not a single time! But believe what you want dude if it helps you sleep at night. There is also a private msg box on these forums as well. We cleared the air once before by typing then the ego hit again shortly after didn't it all while you said "You were joking and laughing at the time" the 1st time. Like someone else said, "I don't give a F!" You're entitled to believe whatever you want. I won't hold that against you or anyone. Just relax man I don't ever and have yet ever attacked you personally. We don't have to agree either. It's a friggin game, enjoy it. End of story! PS. Book another room
  16. whoa a multipost. sry guys not sure how that happened. Just calling it out quick in case they make a cheap attack about that next! <chuckles>
  17. Um the alt account was not brought up until my last 2 post Dareach! What about the previous 100 rants which you were crying about prior? Yet again common sense goes a long way! Amen Zeroeffotz! Thanks, dude. Bringing up last summer was priceless though but whatever we both know what happened and it's been behind us for a long time now. They just were running out of ammo I suppose. But I love it, most knows that as I don't get mad It's just a great form of entertainment! I love it Phil!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha I'll be watching to Daf, it will provide good content w/o much-searching thanks, dude. Nearly everyone else who has said it too...It's a game! LOL GG's and fish on!
  18. Look at all those kiddy shots again. I love it Dar. Dev's will handle the alts, Changes are coming soon anyways to multiple accounts so it won't matter soon. What they do exactly who knows. So I'll leave that up to them Why you get defensive over it? If you read it properly it said maybe, therefore, it was an assumption correct? Fish_Dat_Ran_Away and Immortal_Racing are clearly alts, whose names are under what name who knows. But they started showing up the time you guys disappeared. Only a handful of players know the Sunny changing to Partly Cloudy in uni hour method to Lucky let alone a level 40 with no rank and no videos nor neither one of us helped them. Bowfins too was another, I can go back and probably find more but don't care too. Dev's can handle it. All the events that you guys played well in they play well in. The 2 are always fishing together quietly in game. Like you and Cauca were like always. Put the puzzle together and if you think I'm the only one which thinks that you're mistaken. A few have caught onto it too. I just didn't really cared too speak up about it until now from you guys staging some epic BS cheap shots. lol SO ya the "Maybe" means assuming correct? I have a couple others names come to mind that you guys may "recruit" for your staging attempt. I care less if I win or lose but I did feel bad for Phil as he lost 1st over an alt. When they could have just fished on their main. Since changes are coming it's all in the Dev's hands so I'm not worried and no biggie. I respect your game, I don't respect your personal cheap shots and ego. I don't trash either one of you ever. Anytime before this either.
  19. Your very first post on here was total postal ape chit talk. You took personal shots at me and anyone with a brain can see that Dareach. lol Who's the one that needs a doctor? Which is another personal shot btw learn the difference lol I finished top of a few euro events recently now. I won't upload stuff until I fine tune things but getting there. Once I get it consistent then I will share but not before. That's all I'm in no rush lol PS. Notice I haven't taken any personal shots still? no need for it. Just like no need to take down my Youtube channel that you guys are hoping. Just drives me to make more actually to help others like all other YouTubers/Streamers like to do. Lucky Spot will be a fun one
  20. oh right, this is the 2nd time now, according to your earlier pos,ts it's seemed to have been awhile. But now you admit it was today. Proof of exaggeration and totally staged by you guys. I won't be losing sleep over as again I never reached out to you for a very LONG time anyways.
  21. Next video is Lucky Spot showing how to fish when the weather changes to partly cloudy when uni hour hits. Haven't seen one of those yet done properly and again I won't be sharing any Euro events for awhile as stated also above before you went postal lol Also reveals a level 40 with no rank alt winning it too.
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