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  1. Insane amount of HUGE gars guys, well done to everyone that participated!
  2. Here are the 3 spots I fished, and how far of a stretch I fished before going full reelspeed to make a new cast. https://imgur.com/a/bVwBC I clearly had the "Random Number Gods" on my side last night, for the first 6 ingamehours it felt like I was catching trophies all the time, and in the last 2 hours I had 1 trophy each hours, none of which was good enough to switch out. If you still think it's fishy feel free to check my ingame profile, I havnt been top 3 in any of the 149 events or 9 tournaments I've entered. In my mind I was bound to finally have some luck on my side. I even got a 3 min video dump I made to give the devs, since I had quite a few "bouncing lure" bugs mid qualifier.
  3. I can only speak for myself, but here's my top 10 fish. I was jumping 3 different spots and focused mostly on frogpoppers. First hour I already had 3 trophies, and in the second hour I started upgrading. I was having the best comp of my life clearly, catching probably 60-70 fish atleast. Unlike the first qualifier where I only caught 17 fish in the 2 hours, 13 Largemouth and 11 over 1lbs. I wouldnt even mind sharing the spots I was jumping, but that will have to wait until the qualifier is finished /Scrappy
  4. This one was fun and alot of big*ss Trout have been caught in Falcon Lake this week.
  5. Regarding the Kayak. The rented Kayaks are rented for ONE ingame day. And the event is always starting you off in a new day. You might for example have practicing for 7 days, showing day 7/7 in the top left corner. Once you enter the comp it will say day 1/7, and there for the rented kayak should be gone. However, the issue you're describing with a new one not showing up at the dock MIGHT have something to do with a similar bug me and others have encountered in Michigan, where we have anchored the kayak at the "old floatdock" and then switched pegs. And when we go back to the "new Kayak dock", the kayak is not there, it's still anchored out by the "old floatdock".
  6. And here I was, planning to slay some trout this morning
  7. I don't know if this is the answer to your question, but I noticed that it showed the wrong position when I checked under the "Schedule" Tab, it showed my position that I was in when I was done with my qualifier, and not my most recent position that made me drop. However when I checked under "Tournaments" and then checked details / rankings for the qualifier it showed the correct one that made me drop. Sidenote, we get 20hours to do the qualifiers, and I know PH_nizz420 did the qualifier the morning after it opened, so that's probably why you never saw him when you did yours.
  8. Inventory Sorting Tool: Sort my weight, Sort by hook size Sorting lures / hooks fix metric is okey, but imperial is a complete nightmare. It would be great to have the lures sort by actual weight (Lightest to heaviest), Imperial sorts by "name" now, and when it comes to 3/4, 1/16oz 2oz and so on it takes forever to find the correct weight/hooksize every time you wanna go to a new lake and redo your backpack. Softbait Weights: actual weights for soft plastics showing, because they all have "hidden weights". If a rod have a max Lure Weight of lets say 1½ Oz, and I use a 1½ Oz Jighead, when I then pick a softbait I will ofc get "Tackle is too heavy for this setup". So it would be nice to see the weight of the plastics aswell, even if it's a very light weight. And I guess they vary from lure to lure. A way to save preset setups (I know this is on it's way), I have a suggestion to being able to have preset setups for each specific waterway. This way we can have our 7 rods and Kayak equipped for Michigan, and maybe the next day I wanna go to Louisiana and I could then just click Louisiana on the map and it would automatically get my preset setup for that lake, that don't have the kayak equipped for example. Switching slots for rods without having to move them back and forth to the home box: Being able to mark for example my "3rd rod" and switch it to my "6th rod" slot Keepnet Sorting by: lure / weight / length / xp / income This is a tool that would make our lives so much easier, in our fishingclub (Pro Hookers) we do Saturday comps in friends only rooms. And at times we're using formats where we have to catch a fish closest to a specific length, and finding the fish closest to that length can be a pain in the b*tt at times when the length vs the weight can vary from fish to fish Shop Possibility to buy baits in bulk. Let's say I wanna buy 1000 corn that are x50 at the time, it would be nice to get the option to just buy 20 of those 50 packs at once, instead of having to click "Buy" and "Confirm" 20 times. Weedless Jigheads, and possibly prerigged Texas/Carolina/Wacky rigs Braidline sizes (get rid of the massive gaps), We did get the 17lb braid yesterday, thank you for that. But I'm hoping for even more sizes in the future to fill the gaps. Events Run double events for the "pros" AND "amateurs". I'll take the event "School Bass" in Mudwater River as an example. That event have a maximum level cap to 13. How about making a separate comp, that's running at the exact same time where the minimum level is 14, and the max is 40. That way we can all enjoy the events every 2 hours, and the guys what are new to the game wont have to play against us experienced players until they are hitting higher levels. The reason I'm pushing for this is that I need to go back and do some comps at the lower level lakes to complete my achievements. Leaderboard Rank every fishspieces separate. Please separate each fish for the specific waterway. We wanna be able to check All kinds of Bass, Trout or whatever it might be. The way it's set now the leaderboards are most often full of the heaviest kind of bass/trout in that specific waterway. And when I go to the leaderboard it's to get info on how big this specific fish I wanna target can get. New features Participation Pins (Tournaments), that you can display on your profile and vest. Replay system/tool. A way to record after you've caught a nice fish. And it would be specially good for when we report bugs to support, alot of times it's near impossible to recreate a bug from memory, and alot of the times the support asks for a video. It would be great tool to always have access to your "last session". And maybe even have an option to always save your sessions on our local disk for if you're a youtuber and wanna do a tutorial or highlight reel or whatever. DLC DLC gear, holding "max lures", or redo (lower) the the amount of tackles that the top vest hold in the shop atm, (and ofc adding the same amount to the top tacklebox instead). This way alot more ppl would actually USE the DLC gear and Tournament Jackets. The way it is now, there's no way I would (personally) use a tournament jacket, because doing so would force me to bring less tackle.And that's one thing I really don't wanna do. I wanna be able to bring "something for every situation", that's just the way I am when fishing (and I'm the same IRL ) Sonar I know you're working on it, I actually saw some of Killerwhale's prints on it. My question on this is, will we be able to "Sharpshoot" fish / Vertical fishing (with jigs)? And to add to this, what I'm asking is: Will we be able to see our jigs on the sonar and actively see the fish going for our lures before the strike? Anyway, I'm sorry to give you yet another wall of suggestions. I love everything you guys are doing with the game. These last few weeks/months have been amazing and exiting, and I love the way you're going with the game. Best regards PH_PUPPYPOW3R
  9. Sweet Tarpon on the new "Sport Topwater Night Pack"-Gear. Sadly I'm not sure how big it is compared to how big they get since the leaderboard is full of Trohpy Red Drum and Unique Common Snook. But I had a really nice fight on the 20lbs setup
  10. Thank you for yet another successful Comp PH_Trulight, I really enjoyed this Team format.
  11. The leaderboard only shows the biggest fish caught last 7 days, that's why it's no longer showing. (I'm guessing that is what you're asking for, since your fish still shows on your profile)
  12. Hey guys, just wanted to inform you that some of my fellow clubmembers are having trouble posting on the forum right now. They Cant: Reply to topics Make / Edit topics Private message Use the calendar They have cleared their cache, cookies and so on. They have tried it in Firefox, Chrome, Explorer, Tor Some got Win 10, others Linux so we cant figure out what the problem is. The only function working is "Drag files here to attach, or choose files.."
  13. (PC PLAYERS) I went around to all lakes today, and I THINK I managed to find all locations for the Pumpkins (if you know of any I missed, please inform me and I'll edit this post) Lone Star Lake / Texas #1 at The House, Top Right Peg #2 Up on the Road, bottom Peg Mudwater River / Missouri #1 Top Left Peg #2 Top Right peg Emerald Lake / New York #1 on the road between the two pegs #2 (KAYAK NEEDED) on the beach on the left hand side of the lake (from where you get in your kayak) Neherrin River / North Carolina #1 & 2, Bottom Peg, By the tents #3 In a Dip going towards the "Longnose Gar Uni Spot" Everglades / Florida #1 Top peg, just turn around Saint-Croix Lake / Michigan #1 Either of the Top Right Pegs, In the forest by the crossroad (there are several roads leading into the Pumpkins) #2 (KAYAK NEEDED!) On the beach to your right, once you get out of the channel. White Moose Lake / Alberta #1 & 2 The house by the dock, there are 2 separate pumpkins you can get stuff from. #3 (KAYAK NEEDED!) On the other bank, at the right of the two campfires Quachkin Lake / Louisiana #1 Bottom left peg (by the hanging tobacco) #2 Pelican Hut (on the side of the house from where you spawn in) #3 "Alligator Gar Spot" #4 Bottom Right Peg It is possible that these locations might move for tomorrow, In previous events they have from time to time.
  14. Here's some bits and pieces from my original thread, I would love your comments on some of it in your next post: Sunglasses: Me and many others have brought this up before, and I got some more suggestions on how it should be implemented. Give us a pair of sunglasses in a DLC or in the ingame shop that we can adjust ourselves in our options. Maybe with a few different filter options, like a blueish color, a brownish color, a yellowish color and so on. Customized gear: I would love to see some kind of "workshop" or whatever where we could customize our gear. I'm thinking there could be ways for us to make small changes to our rods, reels. Switching colors, adding reflextape or glow in the dark tips for all our gear. And once you introduce a proper Club System in the game, even Club logos for your vest or pants. I won't make a wall off text in here, but please check out the original thread. Hopefully we'll get some comment on it from the Dev Team Anyway, keep up the good work, I love way you're taking it. And cant wait to see what you'll bring us next. /PH_PUPPYPOW3R (Scrappy)
  15. My thought in the new patch, and what I would like see implemented in the future. Kayaks: Overall, I love them, however I would love to see you implement dual anchorpoints, or the option to pick if you want the anchor in the front or the back. Something that helps us to stay in one spot without having to readjust the kayak and try to find the same spots over and over when a fish drags your kayak to the side, or when the current in the water is strong. Also, it would be nice it the kayak had some kind of automatic anchoring system for whenever you go out of the kayak and leave it on a bank. It is possible to set the anchor before you leave it, but I had a blooper in New York one of the first days of testing it when I went the the "beach" out on the left and got out of my kayak, and when I had been fishing for a while and went back towards where I left it I noticed that it had drifted away long enough for me not being able to get in back without switching to another map peg. Pricing of the Kayaks: I think the prices atm are way to high for the players that rent them,. And not only that, the fact that it only lets you rent it for one fishing day, instead of 24hours IRL time like it is for the Licenses. My suggestion would be to make it 24h IRL time, or even giving us a new 3rd option for an Advanced Licence including the Rent of kayaks. Edit: In my opinion when using the Kayaks the stamina should ONLY go down if/when you're pressing shift, and it should start to recharge as soon as you let go. It would make way more sense that way. IRL I could paddle at a slow pace for hours without any stops, and so in my mind the stamina should realistically only go down when you're "really going for it" (top speed). Float Alarm: I just wanna add that I love that you implemented this feature, BUT(!), there was no mention of this is the patch notes or the news. I would like it if you include alot more in your patch notes, not only the "major changes", but even minor, once like this new Float Alarm (that now is possible to activate in Audio setting for everyone that didnt know about it yet). ___ Stuff I would love to see implemented in the future ___ Sunglasses: Me and many others have brought this up before, and I got some more suggestions on how it should me implemented. Give us a pair of sunglasses in a DLC or in the ingame shop that we can adjust ourselves in our options. Maybe with a few different filter options, like a blueish color, a brownish color, a yellowish color and so on. HUD color settings: Please make it optional what color we cant to use for the HUD, and even make us slidebar 0-100% transparency for the HUD. In my experience some weathers make it near impossible to see your HUD (even the Bobber/Lures icon that are 2 colored are impossible to see at times) , if you implement a way for us to adjust it ourselves with a color chart and a transparency bar I think that would make our fishing experience alot easier. Chatwindow & Event scoreboard: Same thing here really, I would love it if I could turn the border around the chatwindow down to 0% transparency, because at times you wanna "lock" you rod in a certain position to hold a bobber fixed in a spot slightly downsteam (behind the chatwindow in this example) and at the same time being able to follow the chat without minimizing it. Customized gear: I would love to see some kind of "workshop" or whatever where we could customize our gear. I'm thinking there could be ways for us to make small changes to our rods, reels. Switching colors, adding reflextape or glow in the dark tips for all our gear. And once you introduce a proper Club System in the game, even Club logos for your vest or pants. "Friends only rooms" (The way they work): Ever since PH_Trulight started his forum fishing comp I've noticed how this is a really annoying problem. When you start a friends only room everything works fine up until the creator of that room leave. When that happens there's no way for him/her to get back in. Something we got painfully aware of this last patch when we had alot of problems with the "Spagetti reel bug". If (WHEN) the player starting the room got that bug, we ALL had to leave the room and rejoin once the person was back in creating a new room. Hoarder gear: I want Bigger bait boxes basically, the way I got my gear atm I think I can bring 151 baits/lures/hooks/bobbers etc And that's with the highest lvl vest, the "Sport pack" cap. I think if you have all the best things you can get it go to 153 if I'm not mistaken. I would love to see a baitbox that made it possible to bring 200-250 lures, and that way I would use the different tournament jackets etc more frequent, since I dont have to sacrifice tackeslots my "downsizing" to a jacket/vest that dont hold as many tackles. I wouldnt mind an even bigger rodcase either if I'm honest, atleast one that holds 8 rods. That way I could bring Float rods and spinning/castingrods in 4 different weightclasses to cover all fish in all lakes. (I know some ppl are gonna explode by me asking for this, but I'm the same way IRL. I always bring a ton of gear to cover whatever I might encounter at the lake).
  16. I'm not a 100%, but I'm pretty sure that was fixed in last nights patch. Either way we did manage to finish the last individual comp with alot of the "spagetti bugs". So I'm guessing no changes will be made, I for one dont mind if I'm "stuck" with the casting/spinning rod in whichever team I get in to. I love the fact that we need to work AS A TEAM, and hopefully (in a sense) need to trust our partner to do his/her job on the other fishing method
  17. Looking forward to this, teams should be alot of fun
  18. Sure, you can share if you want to Just make sure we (PH) get some credit for it
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