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    *grins nice fish* blue cats give so much more sadly could not keep mine lol
  2. Yuzukisuzuki

    Fresh game

    you need ask admin reset your character if mess up there should be email to support on site somewhere, what happen for you want reset ?
  3. LOL, must be added to game LOL hehehehehe
  4. yeah, done that in past biggest ones i ever hit came from using purple worm and jig rainy days i found be best for walleye man do they fight to.
  5. I would have never dreamed i catch something like this today, what a fight it was too.
  6. Wow, Nice catch got there. going have try night fishing there later.
  7. I heard lot good things about you guys since watching kache videos from back in the day, and wondered how i could join you guys. seeing how invite only now love fish with you guys sometime lol if open to it. peace he he.
  8. check out Kache videos to, there very helpful bit dated but still help. https://www.youtube.com/user/Squatchcraft/featured
  9. i have agree with icerunner, we don't need this type of thing. having something alerting you like sign on screen saying strike or etc. takes feel out of the game. like in real life you watch floater and set hook when know fish has hit it. i like way things are feels like real life.
  10. i don't have ps4 but do have pc verion as for setting the hook i go to right most of time, like i do in real life, as for when to hook them play it by ear umm by eye keep eye on bars if go half full or so pull it set the hook. Best way i remember how to do it, i try make video on it later to explain it better.
  11. we need Norris lake, Cherokee Lake, Clinch River and Cumberland River. that ones i know of Tennessee from were i live love fish them in game. as for ky we need some of them lakes to.
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