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  1. Maybe gone but will never be forgotten! That's Nice Phasers! R.I.P
  2. So last night we did a Q&A session with Killer Whale on my stream and thought some people may be interested in getting some more information! so here is a link for most of the Q&A, i had an issuse with my PC near the end, but most of it is in the video. Hope you all enjoy.
  3. My thoughts, for what they are worth, Workshop Great idea, Would love a PH logo for all my gear! Friends room This needs attending to sooner rather than later! Load-outs I like tree's idea of saved load-outs. Chat window Currently you can make it only show up when someone talks or catches a fish you just click on settings and you can do it there somewhere(Noob and cant remember) But resizing would be nice. HUD Colours Id like to see something for this, i agree that at times i find myself moving my rod around so that i can see the float/lure indicator and even trying to make sure things are visible for the stream's to stop the usual question *What hook are you using, What bait is that, how far out are you?) Sun glasses I thin id like to see some more thought on, what are they to do, maybe just a gamma/contrast setting in video settings might help fix this, unless its for something else.Bare in mind that fish don't appear at the hook till they are going to be caught, but random schools would be kind of neat under the water even just visually to help with clues! Kayaks I love the stamina idea for Kayak's, my experience so far, i lose stamina on all of them at the same rate, there for making the kayaks a which colour best suits my outfit sort of thing, instead of a what best suits the lake. Patch notes Personally id like a bit more explanation at times on patch notes, maybe a subsection on the forums would be a good idea with more detailed patch notes, minor and major fixes/changes A couple of other ideas i have heard thrown around is: Fish recording per lake Record our personal best fish per lake, as well as all time best, might make some people consider going back and getting their PB at lower lakes instead of I'm bored here lets go here instead! Moving rod Moving the rod to keep a float in place is a thing we all do, but it should not always seen as a strike if a fish is near. Fish is gone Fish is gone notice, please don't tell us that, makes us mad. Tournament leaderboard Could we please have it to the original layout where it told us our place currently, not just the top 3 and then 12-19. We are interested in our location in the board, like in the competitions. Chat filter Some words i understand need to be filtered, I'm not sure if there is a code reason for stopping some words from being used, but words like Unique, Cheese(for a short time) are not bad words...I Don't think they deserve *** Well with the being nearly as long as the original... Sorry /Phoenix
  4. So you didnt get the patch that went out 10 minutes before you posted apparently?
  5. Username Phoenix Platform (PS4, Steam) Steam Date when the issue was encountered 20th Oct 2017 Problem description i might be flexible, but wow that's impressive! In-game equipment settings (if you experience any technical issues with rods, lures etc) Shadows, just something i noticed the other day, hope it helps!
  6. Please make sure to include the following info when contacting the support team (either on forum or by e-mail). Username Phoenix Platform (PS4, Steam) Steam Date when the issue was encountered 20th Oct 2017 Problem description Rock the boat baby? In-game equipment settings (if you experience any technical issues with rods, lures etc) Kayaks! This seems to be a common thing people are experiencing! Thanks
  7. So i had the same problem and got it recorded hopefully this will help and another version ill also send all the video links im providing in Bug reports to support@fishingplanet.com
  8. After chatting with some of the club members and my stream we worked out a couple of questions to ask and would appreciate some feedback. 1) Someone asked me a couple of weeks ago about this, but i was not sure. Is VR something that has been thought about? 2) Is club integration on the PC road map and is there a time frame (subject to date changes during the process) 3) Rumor has it there is a Currency change coming in again, If true could you elaborate at all. 4) Depending on the answer to the previous question. Would you consider re-adding bait coins to unique's IF a) The reward was lower (ie. 5 baitcaoins per fish for salmon in Alaska, 1 baitcoin per fish for bluegill in Missouri) b) They are much more unreliable to catch (i.e remove unique times and have them chance based all day with low bite chance) c) All of the above together d) A whole different method which would make the farming of baitcoins harder to do; therefore, making them feel much more rewarded. Thanks for taking the time to check these questions out and for all the feedback. Many thanks, Phoenix
  9. Phoenix Pro-Hookers PC http://twitch.tv/Phoenix_025 Fun and tournaments, with some added hilarity
  10. Please fill out the information about channel as follows:- Name Club Platform Link to channel What People will find(Tutorails, Comps/Tournaments, Fun) Thanks in advance to everyone posting, please only post your channel once!
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