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  1. karen having problems getting onto her forum accountsaying her email not recognised its crazy i watched her sign up.and she got the links off there.sorry ok finally got signed in.....FU_redqueen1966
  2. 1.Why the fuck am i getting mentioned 2.don't give a fuck 3.i will call the game shit if i wanna call the game shit people stopped telling me what i could say 50 year ago 4.Don't give a fuck 5.Of course there are cheats its pc there will always be cheats on pc system in every game 6.Don't give a fuck. 7.if you don't like what i say .stay the fuck away.ohhh its ok you already do.. 8 Don't give a fuck. 9.Why are you talking about something that happened months ago.let it go..get over it.grow up..man up....and if you not noticed shittingt on the game and people who play it .is when my stream comes alive it draws chat and comments.and i am going to feed that animal and keep it going.like i say to everybody .you don't have to watch or stay 10...DON'T GIVE A FUCK
  3. hi hilrond is this a single or multi rod setup because it does not say.........UK_twitch.tvphilkool23
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