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  1. Hello fishermen! I wanted to bring to the attention of all FP players on ps4, some behavioral problems of the "FwA" team. We of the _it team, we had small arguments about 2 years ago, since then one member in particular (FwA_mitchthedog) continues his personal and useless battle against us. Through sponsored competitions, he allows himself to insult people who have problems of obesity and poverty. Not only that, Fwa members play multi-account in the same competition (when they have no luck). Obviously we have proof of this and have not yet taken action. these are the names of the linked multi accounts Fwa_mitchthedog - Fwa_necromonker - Fwa_capitanACHAB SAME PERSON (declared by him) Other multi accounts Connect with these gamers FwA_Crisantemo80 FwA_Patrickasr81 FwA_Volevavincere FwA_Xsirius FwA_BlackGryphon FwA_Uncle_Ken If those who spend the most have more privileges beyond the rules, this FANTASTIC game will be short-lived, I hope you solve everything. Just some
  2. Attenzione che saremo in tanti, preparati un tappo per il culo Sabics LoL Sabics attention that we will be in many, prepare a lid on your ass lol
  3. Thank you very much, I will inform you about the PS4 players who participate 2 times in the same competition
  4. This Game leads from the beginning to make you believe that you absolutely must get to level 40 to unlock everything. But it is not so and we realize it too late, when we can no longer participate in amateur competitions and lose the chance to win trophies and earn points. I do not see anything wrong with remedying their mistakes. The problem would exist if you participated twice in the same competition. The important thing is that once you reach the goal you must have the honesty to use only one. And then..... Those of you who are sinless, throw the first stone. I too use google translator
  5. Hello everyone ! I wanted to thank all the PC Fishing players who came on PS4. I wanted to thank you individually one by one! Yes, one by one .. Thanks for spoiling the PS4 gaming experience for the first time ever (especially in competitions and tournaments). But do not worry, we're also starting to win. Thanks to you we understand that you have to resort to another account to earn the trophies and points in the standings lost in amateur competitions. But unlike yours, at the reached milestone, we will use it only one of the accounts. Think about it and think about it, maybe you came here because you did not give anything on your PC, I do not know it. I just think you've ruined Fishing Planet on the PS4. A hug to all of you PS4 PLAYERS, Sonny
  6. Hi Pike! incredible, we must also fight against this.
  7. All the shit is always on the surface. I hope the Creators will do their duty. Shame on everyone!
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