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  1. you have to keep the bulhead to avoid fine
  2. RF_Rudi

    fish stuck

    translate in inglisch
  3. RF_Rudi

    fish stuck

    ok next time its happens i give it a try thx
  4. RF_Rudi

    fish stuck

    Hello. I have a problem to put fish away.The keep screen dont pop up. tis is the third time now; here is a picture
  5. RF_Rudi

    Xbox one Launch

    1 year later , still nothing
  6. RF_Rudi


    Why is it canceled?
  7. RF_Rudi


    Please is there news for the game on xbox?
  8. RF_Rudi


    In august they said the game was on final step , howfare is the game now?
  9. Should i buy pro fishing simulator , or will ff come out for xbox?
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