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  1. This is why I just plain lost interest and quit. I lost track how many times I busted my a$$ to get someplace, and they just redid everything, and killed my progress. Hell, I can't even buy more equip, because they screwed me on tackle space when they decided to change crap around, because these greedy clowns, had to find a way to be greedier. I'd rather just go and buy a fishing game, spend my money up front and enjoy just casually playing, or just go fishing. Both are far cheaper then going broke on a game that wants you too spend thousands and live online to get anywhere. Games should be fun, not cash cows. I like competition and exciting fun. Buying it is stupid, and I can't believe anybodies life is tht sad that they just sit on here for double digit hours on end, and pay for something that has no value or nothing to show for. Why there is so much ripping off in the world today. Whether it be video games, or movies. Its that people will always waste their money enough for the standard to never change. Close the wallet, and these companies suddenly listen. This game, is a joke now. Everything on it a joke. Learn something and get good, they will just get rid of it, so you are back to having to pay them. Thats not good business, and why I won't give these games a nickel. They talk about how its to better the game, but its not.
  2. The snagging is just plain ridiculous. I quite the game for about a year. Came back and lasted 1 day. Ridiculous. You can't even fish walleye off dock in Michigan anymore. All my markers. Snags EVERY cast. So, either wastes the cast bringing in stupid crap, or it takes 50 feet of line reeling in to free snag and by that point, cast is wasted. Honestly, if you are going to have jig fishing, you can't have a friggin snag EVERY cast. I've been fishing for a lot of years and I have encountered as many snags total, as the 1 day back I played this POS game. Why are you devs obsessed with ruining the stuff that players enjoy on purpose. You don't fix issues, you just try and see if you can run players off of the game. Honestly, who is the clown in charge of such stupid ideas? Well, thanks for ruining the game. Between the snags and you wrecking all the retrieval methods like Lift and Drop, you can keep this garbage. This is why I don't spend money on this crap
  3. So, the game updated and included new waterways. How exactly do you get to level 42, when you were at 7 levels above 40, which was the highest, and that is still what is listed for leveling up? So, esentially once again, they update any any progress you made, just gets tossed and you are left retracing all your steps? This is ridiculous. I figured I'd stick around till the update to see how much was for player, and how much was really just about money. Time to move on. This game is just a complete waste of time
  4. Hollowman, I can do you 1 better. I was away from the game for 2 years. Decided for the heck of it to see if anything changed. No new places to fish. Now pointless Kayaks, and apparently all my gold acquired is now there's again. So, I play and find that issues I had years ago, still exist. Magic line that just keeps going out in Alaska and never stops, cranks that don't operate correctly. Seeing as they all seem to do the same thing no matter the depth, and I seem to have this interesting physics defying cranks that sit halfway down, and don't surface unless they feel like it. One might say it means a fish. Yet, no fish when I attempt to set hook, no movement of line to suggest it. Just broken, as usual. But, I come to discover on top of issues such as the horrible line mechanics, there are new fun glitches, or someeboby's idea of realism. LOLOL Such as the bobber dancing, spinning and flying all over the place in Michigan. Again, you'd think hit. But, no indication of even the slightest movement in the right corner strike indicator, and it just pushes around the bobber, then stops over and over. As you waste hours watching it do it. Pull in line while it occurs, no indication that the bait was pulled away from a fish. So, you get to waste hours watching this bobber fly around the board, might eventually get a hit, or nor who knows. Funny, because if that were actually supposed to be a strike, 100% of the world would of set the hook in real life if the bobber was in fact cruising all around the lake. Half the time it just pushes the bobber into the weeds where you get snagged, and pull in stupid junk, and lose the bait, so you can spend a grand for 5 minnows. LOLOLOL Line mechanics keep coming up as being improved in the updates, but they have gotten worse. When you twich the line and the lure doesn't respond at all. Thats not fixed. Lift and drop is now a trainwreck. Cranks don't even respond to the pole or line movement on retrieval, and I actually now get different lengths in casting that vary....Lake to lake. So, Fishing Planet has determined that the laws of physics don't seem to apply equally in Michigan and Alaska. Seeing as the same rig casts 50 ft further in Michigan. LOLOL I could go on and on. But, thats not why I wrote. i wrote because I posted about the fact that they have fixed nothing, offer nothing new, and in 2 years, just found new ways of trying to bleed players wallets to pay for the glitches, and the new ones now. They've taken anything "unique" pardon the pun, and entertaining away. They still promise all this stuff to come tomorrow, yet its still the same boring video game where you catch fish in 2 spots and all that they list as realistic, is cosmetic. LOL There are no peak hours, I've never moved forward to a better time. In fact i start from sun up and catch fish over and over in the designated video game spots, and they slowly stop biting all together. Oddly, usually by the top of the "peak" hours. Weather conditions, peak hours and all that BS IS a joke. Its cast to the designated spawn areas over and over and thats the extent of the realism or variety. LOL So, anyways. I post that they've fixed nothing, and broken even more. Thats an honest statement. Funny thing is, I sign back on, and my equiptment is all messed up. Bait I've been using right along is gone, stuff is no in the home, that has been in my backpack. I now go to the spots that I've fished REPEATEDLY EVERY DAY. That I've been sure to keep track of the average of about 40-50 lbs an hour. No matter what type of day or time. Funny, now its 6 lbs in an hour, and not a single bite, or even the right fish for the spot. I calculated, because I was curious and found my answer. They obviously saw the comments, and showed that they are capable of doing something about it. They could of fixed the issues I mentioned, but instead they just broke my guy instead. So, my guess if you can do this to an individual account, then you need to wonder how fair their game is. Especially when it seems it just seems to be the same people winning the competitions. But hey, you want to have your wallet picked clean by this garbage. I set out to see what would happen if I raised hell about their game. Fact my stuff was taken and they obviously messed with settings so that I can't get more then 5 lbs an hour, just out of the blue. LOL So, I'm with ya, this game is a scripted, phony sham and scam.
  5. After reading the very first posting. I laughed. Only an amateur angler. Hmmm..............guess thats why the stupid combinations of lures you'd never use in real life, the unrealistic strikes from the fish, like people who never bass fished, or actually caught a Northern to know that Northern and Musky dont go back and forth bumping around a bobber like sunfish do. LOLOl Or that you don't fish 50 lb Musky out of a kayak. LOLOLOL There is so much about this game that is nonsense, and has stayed nonsense. The one thing that is consistant from day 1 though, is that they are making this more and more just a cash grab game to drag in dead logs with fish names on them. LOLOL
  6. LOLOL i can't wait to see the modified cash grab on this one. Thats if it ever shows up. I quit for 2 years, and back then they talked about new waterways and boats. 2 years later, nothing new, and stupid kayaks to just go fish the same place you fish offshore anyways. LOLOL Oh, forgot the broken tutorial missions that make you repurchase lower gear again at stupid prices. LOLOL Cheers, I'll bet all of you are still waiting come Christmas. LOL They should fix and improve what they've got. Especially the mechanics of the game. Not even fishing anymore. Its just hauling in dead weight
  7. quit this game for almost 2 years. Came back to see if anything new was going on. Still the promises of new waterways. all my gold gone, because they have these stupid baitcoins you need to buy. New glitches to the game. No idea if old ones were even fixed. Seriously, the bobber flies back and forth in Michigan, yet the bobber icon in the upper corner never twitches, and what seem like hits go on for an hour without an actual bite. And then there are Uni's...LOLOLOL WHY??? Seriously, they are just bigger trophies is all. They were Uni, because you got gold for them, so they were different. And don't forget kayak's....again....WHY??? To just go to the same spots, and do nothing different? Ridiculous prices on everything, and I give up trying to get an answer as to why my poles cast different max lengths when they feel like it. When I quit 2 years ago, I was tossing about a max of 150-160 with equipment that appears to only cast 75-100 now. LOLOL What I find even funnier is my float rig casts a max of 165 in Alaska, but in Michigan it casts 102 off the docks, and 125 down by Pike Alley. I guess the laws of physics are applied differently in different states, as well as parts of the lake. LOL Sorry, but all I have seen done is a cash grab on a game that they have no interest in fixing, or improving. Im not even bothering to quit playing for awhile again. I'm just uninstalling this joke, and using the disk space for something that in all these years, is still all talk, and nothing more. They pretend that just as many people play, and that the servers are filling up, but thats as much BS, as everything that comes from their mouth. This game is a joke, and pitiful. I'll give games like Fishing Simulator a go. Heck, they couldn't be any bigger of a disappointment. Good luck, and keep shelling out all your cash. Pay to try and be number 1, on a game that is a complete NUMBER 2
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