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  1. Thnx, yeh managed 2 get on in time for jolly comp but no info on what the reboot was for. Was expecting maybe tourny but nothing there
  2. Wont load the game is there a server update in progress??
  3. I quikstriked a 67lber and landed it 1 second after timer a few weeks ago would of been 2nd instead i was in 20s . Id say 1 of my least fav comps
  4. Your in the wrong forum for the game you are speaking about, howether fishing planet the game that this forum is designed for is (at the moment) a free to play game all you need to do is download from the playstation store. Il be honest there are a few bugs but i supose thats part and parcel with most games and if you want to fish other places it can be a grind unless you baught a dlc or 2 to help you on your way, but if you like fishing this game is highly recomended and also i dont here many complaining about bugs in texas the first water way you can fish. Also take a look on the playstation store if you do decide on downloading it as there is also a free dlc wich gives you a nice little starter setup for feeder/bottom fishing, check further down this section of the forum you should find sabiscs topic showing which dlc it is thats free
  5. kylerobz

    any clue?

    yeh to all it seems jibberish infact type that code in chat and send all comps will be won my friend Asn must be using this code also, i can stop reporting him for cheating every day now when he beats me Cue the comp chat boxes filled with jibberish in hope it gives them a winffs
  6. kylerobz

    any clue?

    Wow, so the text that looked like jibberish to me we now know was infact actual JIBBERISH thanks for putting our minds at rest finally. Withe frase "a long name" i asumed a new mission for Mississipi. Red has seen it breifly before also, it seem ls to come after the game starts bugging out (as usual) i lost all weather climate, wind etc then restarted game and lost all the comp info but as i scrolled over to the comp page i noticed it so screen shotted quik, afterwards i reset the game again and all bugs had corrected there selfs and also the mission had dissapeared.
  7. All valid explanations m8, its the lack of information shared to the comunity thats the issue though. This is big news that oviously is leavingpeople clueless to the future of as you say a game most of us have put money and time into playing (the cash iv spent i also would of payed for the game itself hence why i baught some dlc). It would take them 5-10 minutes just to drop a reply just as a heads up " all is ok nobody will lose out the game remains safe". Any reply would be better than no reply. Instead we have to find out via third party. As i said there quik enouth to post a new dlc or a new waterway but nothing on the subject of changing from f2p to premium game, if you see where im coming from
  8. Unless the devs dont reply because they dont even know (care) what will be the future of the game. Once its sold its not there problem is it. the devs and support have been active since sabis post yet no reply??? There ignorance hasnt gone unnoticed...... big thanks fp
  9. 3 days and no reply from devs on the subject, as usual. So your guess is as good as any, asume all to be possible till we get much needed comformation.
  10. Maybe in the form of a public anouncement to the comunity like they do every new map, dlc, tournament etc. Rather hear it straight from the horses mouth than second hand news that we know little about
  11. If true its been planned for a while. A toppic on steam forum where a mission had been removed was replied to by the devs that it wasnt for the f2p version of the game then when people questioned the reply it got deleted and a new reply taking its place in the topic by a different dev. Cash grab and run springs to mind Why would it boast 5 million players and 20+ dlc, for the buyer thats there suresafe garantee there cash can be earnt back especially by releasing to xbox finally all new players to buy game/dlcs And now it leaves the player to wonder no more on why we never get an answer or a fix, if you was selling your car would you care if it wasnt gona make it through its next MOT???? No you let the next man who buys it wurry about that. To me and probly many other can see the same scenario unfolding. Maybe the devs would care to enlighten us all on the subject???
  12. Personally i dont see the point in saving fake money , 100k usually what i keep for travel, licences, repair etc. So hopefully them seats on the back are there for people like me to hitch a ride with my rich cash farming freinds more time to see the sights and fish, but a price on 1 of those easy a million. Just hope we dont have to pay for fuel aswel
  13. All i know so far is its mississipi and gona be huge with i think it was mentioned saltwater aswell
  14. well played m8 had a feeling it was gona happen, what an epic battle. Gg well deserved see you in future events no doubt
  15. I think last time i did it i joined reds loby and hadto leave again for keepnet but had just entered 3 comps before that 1st stringer 2 trips 2nd net again 2 trips then 3rd stringer again 2 trips then finaly uk still had stringer back home for another 2 trips think the comps were germany michagan and russia so then fishing in uk so you can imagine how much money was waisted that day, even had it writen down the last comp in front of me in big capitals STRINGER think its 1 thing i actualy get mad at in game
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