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  1. Ps4 same issue tonight, iv been kicked out of game 6-7 times in the last hour. All other games, phones tablets and switch working fine so must be something on fp side
  2. I had a shiner on a shiner last month in that same comp then a trophy pike in cats n nightcatchers on cutbait the comp afterwards
  3. Then the tournaments should b capped to level 40 talk sense most who have the gear are level 50 there for usa or not its worthless
  4. So the lures from competitions that have been around for that lengh of time should of remained the same if thats the answer. Face facts the devs are quik to change for example megachubber within a few months, a trophy frog recieved from missions within a few weeks even a bug that for only 2 days was giving people great xp on historic muskie and chinook but a 4 year old outdated line of supposedly best of the best xseries equipment sorry guys crnt be done iv heard some in my time but wow. If they dont upgrade the existing gear then they need to change to new xseries otherwise exept for the winning title and baitcoins it makes the tournaments as worthless as many of the prizes given out in comps. I mean seriusly how many spinnerbaits and barbless nanno spinners do we actually need, oh wait they changed our barbless nano spinner to barbed without any notice but changed a couple of the comp prizes so can now obtain the barbless type. Yet again proven they can change 4 years or 4 days equipment. Read the discription of the xseries net old or not it states its the biggest capacity of all nets, false statement at this present moment in time dont you think
  5. Check your drag isnt too high. Send specifics of your level, where your trying to fish and current setup. Be easyer for people to advise that way
  6. You and who ever enters have a chance but as the name stands its a competition not freeplay. And during comp your words were that u was not catching when i replyd to you to change something you answered uni spot all the same bait how hard can it b to just cast. So didnt sound like you was moving round far to me. I never said im good at comps but iv spent enough time to learn them and do better than i ever thought possible just like any other player could and can, as for helping well sometimes theres no helping people that wont help there selfs unfortunatly.
  7. Il have a look soon, i get what you mean tho as it dint show the day stay. 1 mistake maybe on my part but id still like what they smokin
  8. Erm 50% usually means half the price it looks to me like 40%. Next event i want no discount just send me some of what you guys are smoking
  9. Firstly correcting you isnt insulting you Secondly spit your dummy out is a frase eg: when someone is in a mood about something, id say trying to bring up someone having poor spelling and grammer would be more insulting of ones intellegence. How do you know im not dislexic??? Thirdly its not the disagreeing that is nonsence its the part where you claim to know after a month matter of factly that many that do well in comps and tournys are cheaters or hackers. So take your complaint to the admin if you like by all means
  10. Finally giving some of the players that strugle or are just not able to travel as often as they would like a chance☺. Well done fp im sure there will be many happy players for the next few days, well played 10/10
  11. You were in my lobby yesterday in preditor hunt, i explained to you that it was more than just cast at 1 spot. Jeez whats with all these people l8ly, R u related to katlin by any chance . Comps are different if you want to play them and do well learn them. People need to stop thinking just because they can lesurly fill there keep net they can do well in comps.
  12. The point was made from the start of the post. Explaining how it is to help you from future posting nonsence. Glad you was entertained for the day atleast hope our conversation has lightened the mood enough for you to continue to play and perhaps continue to attempt comps and tournys
  13. Ok so you dont like the trueth or my grammer so il just make it easyer for you to understand Your not the 1st person that has spat there dummy out over being told the trueth and tryd to to use the incorrect grammer card all because they dont like what they hear. Unfortunatly if your going to rant on a forum claiming things you know nothing about be prepaired for answers that mite not be what you were hoping for from people that do know and are mearly trying to explain, wether spelt properly or not
  14. There are many spots around the lake in a lake. Sunny and part cloudy morning and last few hour sunny and cloudy you will find many trophy carp. Couldnt tell you if other times are good as these are just the times during comps but common mirror grass and leather trophy are active all around there
  15. Yeh exept for grabing the relic from the kyak a wasted journy to louisiana when im going there 4 the cannon later
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