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  1. Would that be your contribution to helping a low level player? Your words are my point exactly of a selfish veiw since you have what, grinded the game twice over also rf4 so have far greater knowledge of the does and donts where a first time round player does not nor is he trying to grind rf4 . As i said you, i and most of who have replied on this topic are experienced enough to deal with change unfortunatly it seems some dont see fault within the changes
  2. The context in which is spoken, all addressing mainly big hitters like cats gars and sturgeon which i havnt been bothered by the change since catboxer was my go to rod so instead now in comps i will use the other rod (forget the name) the big 1 with the leviathan reel. So what about the players that are going to mistakenly hook into something that takes them for ever if ever to land, not doubting you and others will offer help but what would that be other than "you need to level up,you need better gear,you need to avoid those areas or baits or you need to buy the fisherman" take a step back and look through other peoples eyes and all will be clear
  3. All thinking about your selfs being high level players but take a veiw of a low level player, the grind is tough enough on them having to stay at certain waterways and target only certain fish. We all had the option to make it tougher by using lower strengh gear where new players do not
  4. See kps clip for michagan m8, think he uploaded it a couple of hours ago
  5. Travel to many locations, joining different lobbies in comp freeplay and private. Fish different species different tecniques and different areas and you will witness for yourself. But this isnt about the 1 patch that just makes a fish take a little more time on our level 50 gear or about the tightening up of the game model in advance for the fisherman this is about the tactics of the developers over the long corse of time, midle finger to the old players and a big laugh to the new. As i said quik enough to fix something beneficial but any problematic things get brushed under the carpet. For instance they can put a barrier up that makes your tackle bounce god knows where but dont put barriers up that allow people to be swimming underwater. Defence for this game is a clouded mind, do you allow people to mug you off in real life scenarios, offering people premium even reduced still at a price as you said AAA games cost then a week later find out for the same price you can get the game with no need to pay premium even next year.... yeh m8 you just got mugged off. Each to there own people will buy and in honesty i think they will maybe have more people buy the game than they ever had on f2p base but for me its a no
  6. So you can easily fix a bug that doesnt effect anybody but gives them a chance to gain eg: alaska chinooks, cheaper gear in waterway shops, extra xp for a historic muskie and fish that could be reeled in for a lower level player etc, but countless bugs that do effect us are ok yeh? No examples needed im sure. Before anybody jumps the gun iv played since it started ps4, best fishing game and perhaps best game in general,dont care about cash or xp and have baught dlcs which i have no regrets about but my issue is the underhanded acts and cash grabs of the developers time after time which if cant be seen for your selfs i can only say your either blind or foolish or both. Many will remain to play for now me included mostly due to the fact of the game being more adictive than the sh!te the devs are smoking every time they have a brain fart each tourny update to change/bug something else, Anyway moral of the story, dont fix what isnt broke or in the devs case dont fix anything ffs youve broke enough Oh yeah and as the title is writen stick your disk up your ring piece
  7. This bug has been around since the euro update , time freeze no fish bite until time resumes. Its been a while since iv had it happen but if i remember right can just switch lobby and time will resume as normal. It was mainly russia i had the issue before
  8. Its always been the same, a future update will most likely give a a few more balanced setups but at the same time add a few that are unbalanced. I didnt use my dlc brutus for a year until euro update 4 the same reason
  9. Custom comps are in the works, my guess maybe only the paid game will see this feature though for various reasons
  10. Thats why fishing at night is best, after 1st cooldown timer is over so no waiting time. So florida is 10k minimum profit per real hour after paying your licence and day stay fee
  11. You see i never paid a penny the 1st couple of months of ps4 release, i made so many mistakes as all have and then some, having no clue the game had been out for pc 2 years before or the fact there was guides on youtube to help. But by level around level 33 34 i had enjoyed michagen so much i decided to buy a dlc of around 35 40 pounds which i would most definatly of payed for the game from a shop, only difference being it was free to download so like a try before you buy in a way. The fact is its mainly all the people that are complaining are less than level 30 claiming they put more hours in than most to progress. More time is needed to give judgement as i mentioned the cash and xp is far greater as they progress then all that is left to grind is cash for new gear if wanted. Unless they were like us that wanted to fish russia and uk which a few days of sturgeon soon sorts out
  12. So just a quik number crunch based on my sons level and gear as it stands now, Level 25 with a nero and breamer 12lb setup, jigwinner and breamer 12lb setup, 110lb and max fish 33lb stringer. Hes in florida and hopefully gona stay there for a while so within 20-30 mins real time he can fill the net and get around 8000-8500 per game day minus 1000 for each game day he plays. Hes roughly playing for around an hour a day so making 14k-21k each time he plays. The next real day he needs to buy a licence which is 4k so still in profit by 10k-17k plus plenty of experience and having alot of fun. Yes theres still a long way to go until he can earn big xp and hit the big waterways but in the time it takes is able to learn alot about the game mechanics so even without my help he will have more of an understanding of what is needed to make trips worth while. Go to florida and forget about your level and just have fun and learn before you know it you will be at a stage where there is no grind and no need to put your hand in your pocket either
  13. I think what hes getting at is that altho the rod is used for a certain type of fishing theres nothing in real life to stop you from putting something else on the end like a magnet when you drop ur keys down the drain or a kite to get it higher than everybody elses , however what cakejragen needs to realise is if there wasnt restrictions within the game on what can be atached there would be no point in different fishing rods other than lenghs and weights which would be pointless to the game
  14. I think the cash/xp is reflected on the game as a whole once you do get to max level it wouldnt make sence for the lower level fish to be worth more otherwise it would make it pointless to go to the higher waterways to fish. As for gear the low level gear does work well in alot of waterways,there is actualy only a hand full of fish that require the overpowered rods to tackle them eg: muski, chinooks, catfish, sturgeon. The nets are abit of an issue in my eyes as all low level players as you mentioned dont think about consiquences of traveling they just want to catch a variaty of fish and for people that can only play for a couple of hours find even if they stay at a waterway there full net doesnt cover the licence cost to pay the next time they play. Oh and bottom rods are of corse a real thing im from england and fished since i was a kid and seen many different setups all through the range of what we have ingame (oviously can add different rigs to certain types though) and did comercial sea fishing up until about 2 years ago, the sea rods we used for pleasure fishing while we would be waiting for the water level to rise to be able to re enter the docks are pritty much a bottom rod (big hook big sinker big bait. Oh yeh and my friend sent me an few images while the aniversary tourny qualifiers was on from russia using bottom rods that looked like he had taken them out the game with him so guessing there actualy a thing in other countries to
  15. Alot of your last statetment is true, fortunatly iv been able to oversee my kids playing this week to prevent half of those mistakes being made. From my take at seeing the game through the eyes of a low level player i think the 1 thing that would change the issues would be as simple as changing the levels required for nets/stringers, from what iv seen that seems to be the stumbling block enabling players to venture to these venues without being at a loss. Im not saying the higher level nets/stringers should be changed but atleast some of the lower ones maybe could do with dropping a couple of levels giving new players a chance to change the fish they target equaling more fun while grinding
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