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  1. Literally happened a couple hours ago while playing the amazon weight difference comp fortunatly recorded it so will upload and see what exactly went wrong. Id already landed a shark prior to it happening and stil had the same drag setting so will see once my kids are asleep
  2. Remember the bug were the monster fish would keep stripping our line even when the drag would be in reverse ( very common in alberta) and the redlining before our gear got snapped off??? All you oldschool players know this too well. I believe this is the new bug as iv had this a couple times happen to me in brazil while fishing the catfish using the long titanium leader as i guess for larger fish larger leader or if using livebait so to give lengh to swim around where it has been anchord to. Pointless if its just hooks and bait being lost but usually in the past fp where quite good at returning a lure if lost.....once they accept that this is a bug within there game

    Rod stands

    Welcome to fishing planet.....were the obvious just aint so obvious . Its a case of most probably never notice it and most have never tested the multiple rod stands either to work it out so not so stupid of a question

    Rod stands

    If i remember correctly theres a rod pod/stand that gives 2 or 3 seperate (single) rod holders placeable at once, perhaps that is what the eg; 1/1 means. Il have a check later when im on so correct me if im wrong
  5. If it isnt givin an option to remove the dead mice from your inventory then perhaps its glitched but if gives you option to remove (circle ps4) remove all 5 and hopefully it will alow you to restart the mission to collect the mice like most of the usa monsters of you ran out of said baits
  6. Scrap the game i want one of the real fishing planet rod and reel
  7. Came across this today on youtube thought people maybe as interested as i was to watch it
  8. 1 level away from catching sharks so i care not for any issues at the moment
  9. Id say a very good addition to the game when skipping time also being able to see what weather/climate it would land you in, also just going on screen to select climate time on custom comps using origional comp template also show the day in which that climate is held. Nothing worse than advancing 20 days to get a sunny ne2.2 at 2pm just to find it is sunny we3.4 or something plus the other sunny days you skipped to 2pm to check if it was correct weather/climate your already 20 baitcoins down and 40k lighter and still havent even fished for 1 fish thats practise and dedication to succeed......or aparantly watch youtube and pray for good rng on the day
  10. I think the balance will be not to persue the custom comps as i feel like the faults placed on me for giving players 45 mins of catching no fish it brings back memeries of when the devs 1st started playing around and messing with the fish ai a cuple years back after the euro update . After watching a few streams from friends especially after doing testing in some of there peramiters a see a huge difference and issue. The normal fishing has and from what iv been testung stil can be close to the comp and tourny peramiters but it does mean having to say skip 20 days to find the correct enviroment but then also remember for the next 20 and counting down days you will have to leave return and skip (rinse and repeat) everytime. Have you noticed the weather changes in real day time eg: 3 days sunny ne2.2 etc so tomorow real time that weather will be then moved to day 2 then next day as said day 1 wil be your sunny n.e2.2. It is why many people have trouble actually practicing since it does usually require alot of cash and baitcoins to skip to perfect climate. The best time is usually about 2 days (or the same day) before the tourny you will usually usually find your prime day on the cards for your practise run
  11. Every player on my team play comps regular and half are regular top 10 even top 3s. Tomtheflush as you can see is climbing the board, at the rate im going he will pass me tomorow or shud i say il be dropping down past him tomorow . Do u honestly think he isnt educated in the game enough to get mor than 4 fish in a 45 min window the same timezone as lucky spot is held??? Something very fishy (excuse the pun) going on. I feel the players have every right to be angry and disapointed with the devs. Such a shame since i really thought then took a great corse from were i left but aparantly not
  12. The thing is you can clearly (maybe not so clear due to rubish phone ) see that these scores were very much fixed to low biterates. Now as i said i am knowingly entering actual comps without a care about loosing points as i would of in the past because right now i shouldnt be on the leaderboards, i see players i helped when they 1st started a few years back are doing far better than me also, so entering now i am not worried were i will place especially since most of them i am trying new, old, strangeeeee new things sometimes i even fall asleep mid comp. I care not, but some things im strugling to ignore as it lets the game down completely and in turn letting the players down especially those who have stayed with fp all the way. As i say i left a couple years ago because of these kind of things. You mention eg: missing data , twilight zones etc as do many other players, well take a look at my sponsord comp thread above this 1, u will see i was missing a box that was needed to be ticked in order to send the comp details off for reveiw mite seem small but wow iv never heard of sumin like that now if things like that are randomly missing who knows what else is missing at what times spawn points?? Fish?? I thought maybe was just the usual thede people complain because they carnt just sit at there 1 youtube spot and farm for hours on end they now need to move....... or maybe they are right and the data for the fish spawnning is missing. Evrybody always say do they not, if no fish reset game. Im sorry but why would you want to play a game were it constantly needs swiching on and off seriously
  13. So iv just held my 1st sponsored comp and quite frankly im very disapointed. Quanchkin lake was once one of my favourate waterways, there were many people that hated the place and complained of the trip not being worth while. The abundance of spots (almost everywere) that could catch bass i showed mant many people in the past it was well worth a visit especially if you had a frogpopper of any colour they would most certainly make cash . The flathead cats was and stil is alot trickyer to get the jist of the changes and also after a few practice runs of lucky spot i realised i might aswell leave the frogpoppers at home. So i set the comp up to catch trophy/uni spotted and largemouth bass to my suprise i caught only 1 qualifying fish the whole 45 mins 2 fish caughr in total and id say maybe 5 missed strikes at the most and of corse i tryed many many spots for both bass. Now yes i know regardless of the lmb semi finals there a couple years back and also the lucky spot comp i was able to get top 10 very often, im very much outdated. However some of the players that were also in the comp are to this day very good and knowledgeable player yet ther score was i think 2 or 3 qualifying fish and i noticed they wasnt catchin alot of other fish either. See i thoufht nothing of it until now but it seems there are many other players that are getting the same veiw at the moment with the game. Iv had nothing but rubish during the comps iv played since returning and again have been passing it off as needing to gain knowledge as before, going from top 50 to probly nearly top 70s on the leaderboards now is fine im prepaired to lose many more as right now im not even a top 100 contender, not even fazed by barely reaching top 20s in most comps atm and yes even a cuple of not even top 50 finishes today , but the way i see it all of that is erelevent. I left the game a couple years back because the game was in a poor state and it just seemed the devs were only bothered about lining there pockets rather than valueing us as ther comunity of there revenue. i highly doubt if i was a normal player especially knowin what a great place louisiana was id even bother returning to quanchkin. Long story short i think this long time back might end up a short and sweet get to brazil catch a few sharks and leave again. I dont even want to get started with the constant game crash many times a day, every single time i check my connection and im running a steady 82mbps rather than a poxy 18-20 at a push like i used to back when i was a long stayer player. Thank you fp for all the new content iv returned to and for your efforts iv baught 2 lots of weeks premium as another contribution but unfortunatly thats your cracker. Maybe a month maybe a week or maybe a few days til i can jump 2 more levels n hit them bullsharks but sad to say, iv had enough disapointment in my life the last few years without adding these kinds of insults the devs continue to show there cashcows throughout the years. I think il stick to helping my kids on there fortnite game again instead......they have fishing on that game to you can actually catch fish aswel
  14. Or perhaps you are right and there is something seriously wrong within the game. What iv just witnessed has changed my veiw entirely
  15. Or when the screen shows a fine swich game off before pressing keep or release ......no fish but also no fine
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