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  1. Any proof that BDuetscher is using three accounts? Reason I ask is because I know him very well and I know that he doesn't cheat
  2. where have we said we are thinking about our selves? Yes, it may well be harder for newer players and I for one will be doing what i can to help them where I can
  3. I'm sorry, but this update has been long overdue.. big fish are supposed to fight hard and with how poweful bottom roda are in game, if you don't like it then tough.. the balance was awful, it shouldn't take a minute at the most to reel in a 70lbs muskie
  4. https://twitter.com/fishingplanetus?lang=en
  5. as someone who has never fished rocky untill today... this will be a nice learning experince
  6. Night time, with a #1/0 narrow spoon straight out from the docks with a stop and go retieve
  7. He has to accept your friend request before you can send him any gifts
  8. cheers, a massive congrats needs to go to @PH_Hilrond and @PH_Speedy aswell
  9. I might need to start doing the same then I was happy with one 47lbs, no idea what i would of been like if i had caught 3 big 47lb lol
  10. Yes, Congrats to speedy and yourself. my rng seemed to dissapear after that first day which was a tad annoying but it happens
  11. oooo never fished for Red Drum before... looking forward to this
  12. Good to know that it's being investigated
  13. Is there any update to when the drift at Willow lakes will be fixed?
  14. Just seen it on twitter, enjoy it. It's a great venue you can catch some very big carp
  15. I've been loving Willow on PC, knowing fishing planet, you'll get your notification of the servers going down in chat
  16. Yep, this venue is fantastic. every part has a different feel to it, the devs have done a fantastic job on this
  17. I've been having a few issues with my account recently anyway.. I'm already level 23 it's amazing what a few beluga can do lol
  18. had to get my account reset in the end there goes 47 levels and 15 ranks
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