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  1. I just purchased the topwatwr pack and now my game trys to load and throws a error code.... I'm on ps4 RemingtonRifles is my username
  2. This is the reason people are quiting this game making stupid changes like this
  3. How about you just delete all the other maps because that's everywhere else too. It's stupid that u want to ruin the fun for everyone else. Hey get a life.
  4. Fed up with this still no fish. 40lbs when I've been in Alaska for 2hrs my time like really
  5. Here we go again no fish biting and spend money for a trip I'm tired of this. It gets old time and time again. Do something about this.
  6. This bullshit is back like come on now.
  7. So it feels like there is less fish when I get in more days of a trip and it can be in prime time to and get nothing for 20 straight minuets. Very frustrating how they have the bite system. It was better on the pc.
  8. Everyone having this problem I had it for a little bit to it cleared up but this needs fixing.
  9. Fixed it for me haven't had any issues
  10. I'll give it to the devs after the few little updates it's getting better.
  11. I was just playing last night and it still does it so they didn't fix much.
  12. I've had the same problem with lure and or bobber fishing not in competition and it's been like a week they still haven't tried to fix it.
  13. The lift and pull method is fine. You can just feel on 2 clicks with the narrow spoon...
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