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  1. I’m not sure if it’s just me but I can go to Germany and snag multiple uniques and a lot of trophy’s and don’t think I have caught a young one yet. Russia I find there is a ton of little Wels cats a trophy here and there and a unique maybe if you are lucky. I’m even getting young Wels on a 8/0 hook that’s a pretty big hook. It may just be R and G for me but that’s what I have been running into. I hope they go that route as well hoping they add the Nile or something like that for Goliath tiger fish the Mekong and the 600lb stingrays and the Amazon well for everything. As for unique alligator gar yeah that would be unbelievable don’t forget the paddlefish either. Hmm is that a hint that Oklahoma needs a pond in the game maybe with monster blue, and flatheads as well? Hmm could be. Noodling?
  2. I for the most part put the depth at 70 inches and have luck. There are different depths so you do have to adjust to keep off the bottom. Pretty shallow pond though so don’t have to max out depth. The channel cats are on the bottom so if you are on the bottom there won’t be any drift catfish eventually will come across to it. Hook size I would recommend is a 4 because the channel cats there are the young ones. Hope this helps.
  3. Oh wow that’s a real nice one. I haven’t got a unique yet plenty of trophies just no unique. I’ll get one eventually.
  4. Very good 26 lb tarpon nice fish. Great fight on the 12 lb test. I like to use light line as well. My rule of thumb is rod should be the strongest weight then the reels max drag then the line. I brought in a 24 lb tarpon with 8lb test a prima 9000 and a Jigwinner 8’10” and had an incredible fight. The gars May come when you aren’t trying for them. I think if you go over to the peg with the car and cast in that little channel you will get one soon enough.
  5. I catch both during the peak times mostly during the day but have fought both outside those times except tarpon at night. I haven’t caught one at night. Gars though very active in evening peak and night peak but any peak time should work.
  6. I catch the tarpon in the saltwater peg. Off the sock cast out to the right of that little island as far as you can towards the trees in the distance. For bait use 4/0 - 6/0 hooks shiners and shrimp work real well recommend 20 lb setup minimum because they get pretty big and really can fight. If using float put leader at 45 inches that’s what I have luck with. Occasionally you will get a snook or a red drum but that’s where tarpons are real active. If using a lure the medium spoon 4/0 1 1/4 oz red or yellow spoons work real well with stop and go or lift and drop on speed 2. Crankbaits work real well too at speed 1 or 2 . Different depths work I tend to catch them with the 8ft yellow or blue cranks. For gar I have caught them all over the place. Frogs and top water work real well.the little 3/0 crank bait is really good too. On the peg with the 3 channels the channel on the left and at the land to the left of the middle channel is loaded with them. For bait small minnows with a 2/0-4/0 hook work well at 35-45 inches with bobber. The gar though are all over. Can get them over by the sink boat as well. Hope this helps. Shocked you haven’t caught a gar fishing for bass. You get them a lot when fishing for bass. Shouldn’t need big line for the gar 8 lb should be ok for them I wouldn’t use more then 12 lb test though. Hope this helps.
  7. Glad to hear it. That’s the best combo and you maximize experience. Also gives you a bit of a challenge. The reel I couldn’t think of if you are looking for the big version is the double punch that can reel in anything including 100 lb gar, beluga, and Wels catfish with right fishing rod.
  8. I have caught them in New York using leeches. I aim towards the three trees straight out to the slight left of the dock and try to cast it out as far as possible. I’d say 135 ft minimum. I would use a 1, 1/0, and a 2/0. Any bigger and you may limit yourself. I would make your depth max so 98 inches. It’s deep in that location and the walleye are on the bottom. I don’t have as much success catching them on sunny days. If you don’t have the gear to cast that far out you probably will have more luck at night. Seems like they move closer to the dock or at least strike a lot closer to the dock. If you like using bait and still are not having any luck with the bobber. I would invest in a bottom rod or feeder rod. Doesn’t have to be anything big and a smaller sinker and no less then 4lb test and no more then 8. Get a little bell for the rod tip also and you may have better luck then the bobber.
  9. Good catch that was what I meant. That is correct silver works better in sunny weather and gold works better in cloudy. Didn’t catch that I had it the other way around. Thanks for catching that
  10. Love to see the Amazon and all it’s species. Love to see the Nile and the huge Nile perch and Goliath tiger fish. Mekong and the huge catfish and massive freshwater stingray. New Zealand and the massive rainbow and brown trout and really would love to see a little pond in Georgia with 22lb plus largemouth bass. Castaic lake would be cool but San Joaquin already in game if largemouth bass size was modified there then that would cover that. The United States and Canada has lots of options. I think any of the Great Lakes would be good addition as well. The Danube would be a real treat though goes through 7 countries would be great to catch a 400lb beluga and cry because you have to let it go.
  11. If you have a kayak bring it and paddle out toward the crane and turn to to right and fish for Wels catfish. Can catch a ton of trophy and uniques in this location if you aren’t into carp fishing. There’s pike here as well but I’d stick with Alberta and Michigan if you want them. If you do like carpnthere may not be any unique carp here(yet) and trophy’s don’t come easy but there are plenty of mirror and leather carp to be caught. Don’t need huge gear for the carp unless you are targeting big heat and silver carp they get real big and hang near the top of the water. Grass carp are nice to catch too. Medium sized carp. Plenty of common carp as well not as big as the ones in California but good sized.
  12. This is an excellent little pond. It may not have big fish but it has a lot of fish a real lot of fish. I tried 4 bottom rods here with various different baits ranging from sweet peas to red worms and I had alarms going off like crazy. Had 50 lbs in 2 hrs in game time which at low level pond like this is crazy. A lot of fun and when you have multiple rod setup it’s even more fun.
  13. I recommend on a budget the Jigwinner 8,10 rod with a prima reel. Use 8 lb test doesn’t matter if it’s mono fluoro or braid and when you unlock the frog buy a few of them. Absolutely deadly on the largemouth bass at Florida and Louisiana. I’ve had luck with it even at North Carolina, Missouri, and even lone star. Put it on 2 speed give 3 rotations followed by short pause followed by two reel rotations. This technique works well with spoons and cranks as well.i know that may sound crazy using 8 lb test to haul in unique largemouths which can weigh a shy under 14 I’ve caught them using this setup because the rod is doing the work and can handle the bass. If you want know worries and have the cash then get a baitcaster I recommend the bass caster 7’3” rod and any of the yellow baitcaster reels the higher the level the better the reel. Use 20 lb braid and no bass will ever give you an issue including the striped bass at California. That setup can bring in pretty much anything.
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