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  1. I have one idea that has been on my mind lately. Maybe the devs could enhance the buoy/markers in game? How about the ability to color code the buoys or have the label of fish caught appear above the buoy? I want something to help me identify each buoy without going to the map. If anyone has other ideas maybe share here. Maybe leave ranting about how the game is 'broke' for another thread...
  2. Some people have spent a year or more earning their way to top 100. Those stats mean something to those that play the game with ranking up in mind. I don't think Rodrigo is crying, legit points imo. They need to work on the leaderboard more. You know how long it takes to earn 2k personal rating in this game? For most a year solid. The cost of travel and license has also left me picking which contests I will play. Some times I don't play because I'm too broke.
  3. If you want to see what you got without having to scroll through and find all the equipment, just go into inventory and move over to templates. Your set ups from dlc are there easy to put into your rod case. I have lots of dlc, and as hateful said the ones you want to buy depend on your fishing style. And you have to spend some time on YouTube and watch lots of beginner tutorials. The excitement begins when you find a fishing style and begin to target fish. Hope this helps.
  4. I would start on YouTube. Tons of content, but I would ask yourself what direction you want to go. Will you primarily fish for fun or work on getting good in competitions? If you want to make sure you can get All achievements, make sure to compete in the school bass comp. You have a small window of opportunity to play this one. If you turn to comps, be ready to get frustrated, it takes a LONG TIME to get good on your own. If you join a clan then you will get good faster than average. If no comps, then maybe ask yourself what type of fishing you enjoy in real life, if you don't fish irl, then j
  5. Happens on TF too, but that game is destined to die. No real support or potential growth that I see. Just a game as is and that is it. I am happy to be back on F2P, I know about the problems, I expect them though.
  6. I have noticed a few changes. When reeling in it no longer reels in 3 or 4ft at a time (excellent), seems like bite-rate is down across the board (I'm ok with this), the new rigs are great, some stuff like comps seem to be more balanced (might be wrong), overall I currently prefer the F2P version. Any thing I missed
  7. Also, if anyone could give me a short break down of the changes since Nov 2019? Please and thank you.
  8. Not saying the free version is bug free, I already notice old bugs, BUT, the game is better, by Far
  9. Bottom line, I feel like 'The Fisherman' is a scam. Paid full price and hoped updates and fixes would be obviously handled in a timely way. Old issues would be gone, and the game would run smoothly - without weird lags and glitches. None of that happened. I was in France tourney and the game began to act weird, then it froze on me with less than 9 minutes (in semi-finals). Had to reset, luckly I made it to finals. Then in finals I had a thousand bites, weird lags and basically sucked. This is happens in regular contests as well. Just over the b.s. and trash. So, I am going back to F2P version,
  10. I hear they are coming. Maybe F2P is a live beta testing place now, before it goes to paid version....????
  11. Everything was taken care of today. Thanks.
  12. I was charged for 1 year of premium and I don't want it. I do not play this game anymore, and I am waiting for the new game to come out. By the way, I have spent hundreds of dollars on this game. Never asked for a refund. There is no clear way to stop the payment of premium. I had no idea it was active, and had no idea how to find out if I was and how to turn it off. Please get back to me. I have sent an email without a response. Now I am here.
  13. I thoroughly enjoy these. Got super busy and was not able to fish the finals much, but that felt like an honor being in top 10. So please keep doing these FP! Big thanks to Sully and crew for their time. It is appreciated. I signed in to make this post and only for that. Sully asked everyone in top 10 to share here and help keep this going. No one did that I am aware, so I did.
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