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  1. I would start on YouTube. Tons of content, but I would ask yourself what direction you want to go. Will you primarily fish for fun or work on getting good in competitions? If you want to make sure you can get All achievements, make sure to compete in the school bass comp. You have a small window of opportunity to play this one. If you turn to comps, be ready to get frustrated, it takes a LONG TIME to get good on your own. If you join a clan then you will get good faster than average. If no comps, then maybe ask yourself what type of fishing you enjoy in real life, if you don't fish irl, then just be open to the kind of fishing that kicks your adrenaline into gear. There are lots of fishing types in the game that can keep you going for years, seriously, but learning how to use each type of rod and reel is valuable as well. If you want to level up fast, most do, keep in mind you will need to focus on the fish that produce the highest xp not necessarily highest money. Take some time and search out on YT for the kind of videos explaining the kind of fishing you want to focus on. This game is really open to all kinds of fishing personalities, know your path and then get started. Hope this helps.
  2. Happens on TF too, but that game is destined to die. No real support or potential growth that I see. Just a game as is and that is it. I am happy to be back on F2P, I know about the problems, I expect them though.
  3. Everything was taken care of today. Thanks.
  4. I was charged for 1 year of premium and I don't want it. I do not play this game anymore, and I am waiting for the new game to come out. By the way, I have spent hundreds of dollars on this game. Never asked for a refund. There is no clear way to stop the payment of premium. I had no idea it was active, and had no idea how to find out if I was and how to turn it off. Please get back to me. I have sent an email without a response. Now I am here.
  5. You dont owe me anything. I was referring to other people here. One who you seemed to try and compare my posts to that person. You made a mistake on that, and assumed I was referringto you, another mistake. Fundamentally, I have no issues with you. I only signed in to make this clear. My posts are done here. No need to ignore what is not happening again. Happy fishing. By the way, it was not me talking shit it was precisionist or whatever the name is, on the other remark you made insisting I have accosted someone here before. Nope. Never happened before. And we worked that out in private chat on PS4. Peace.
  6. In a desperate attempt to prove I do the same thing.... I believe I was pointing out an issue/coding with the game. Nice try move along. Not crying over leveling up among other things. I'm done here. EDIT: I think I am done posting here. Small group of people can have this place to make their crying FP home. I will read the tips and stay away from posting. I have complained in the past about the game, but I dont bitch and complain and name call and talk shit about people. Have fun.
  7. Maybe this helps eliminate issues with comps. Helps people stick to rules???? Maybe...
  8. I'm happy with game. I don't agree with the above, just saying. I have fun in contests. I don't mind spending money on some stuff. I play one game, basically, and I spend my money on it. Love all the content, will keep me busy for a Very long time. Keep up the great work. And thanks!
  9. Those are scary results, makes me feel comfortable giving that one a go. And I will. I have a spot or two for grass carp. Time to practice. I hear ya (and Kyle) though. Thanks for sharing and good luck out there.
  10. I think this is because of how new the comps are, only the main comp people and a few others are competiting. Wait till the weekend and see how those numbers change. If we consider the old comps, some have been around for over 2 years, so the number of people who have tried the comp out and are willing to try again is higher than new comps. The number of participants will go up (on average) with time, imo. EDIT: Oh, and I have been playing since July, and I have not played all NA comps yet (excluding School Bass). I am not so gung ho as before when I had little to no points.
  11. I might be the only person that likes some of these comps and is your friend. However, I stopped playing the flouder comp (and all the Netherland comps that require 300ft+ casts to make it to the fish) because you cast 350ft + or -, and get a fish on only to have it be something else. Make a few of those, wait for fish and retrieve, and comp over (this one is 45 min I believe). Just not one I am find fun. But that is me. On the contrary, I do really like 'Catch'em All', on both days (partly cloudy-active and cloudy-low activity). I caught 11 fish the other day on cloudy, and I know I can catch more. 1st had 14 I believe. I have played that one from the very 1st time I could (eventually got a 2nd place), and I have watched the scores climb on both days from competitors, including my own numbers. I also like 'big headhunters' (those Silver carp drive people crazy - lol), 'party of 5' (got to get those unis), 'spin the trout' (Just keep catching trout - which I am also improving on - but I have heard some people catch zero fish > practice practice practice), and I am looking to add some new Euro comps in future as I learn more. I am still learning NA comps and find some of them suck too, like Gold Rush (which I have won and placed top 3), but now I could not get a decent score if you handed it to me - so I rarely play it anymore. I think expectations can get in the way of purely appreciating a comp for what it is. That is why some people get frustrated and leave early. I say if you are in a comp and you have not caught ANY fish, and it is almost over, just leave. You will not get a penatly, the game acts like you never played the comp, only entered it. So no loss of personal points, I know this from personal experience. I am on the road to top 100, last I looked I have climbed to top 150. So, bottom line from me on comps, be careful which ones you enter and be smart about your expectations. I find some comps in both NA and Euro to suck, so my expectations for new comps was not changed. I like some and run like hell from others. Thanks for sharing buddy (Kyle), see ya on FP!
  12. What lake? I have 2 uni flouder spots in Netherlands (don't remember if flouder are in other rivers/lakes).
  13. Hey there, I just sent you 4 bouy markers. 1 unique flounder, 1 unique ide, 2 trophy breams. I forgot to mark my unique bream, so I sent 2 from different parts of the canal. That should help a lot. Good luck.
  14. Free feeder rods dlc in PS store - see SaboScs thread I bumped earlier. Search - fishing planet starter bundle. These will help you drag across the bottom for cats. Cats eat all kinds of things, check bait details for specifics. Good luck.
  15. I had about a 20 min period in 1st qualifier where fish would not bite. Well, there were 3 bites, I quickstriked all and all bait was eaten. After a while of switching locations (all my spots a few times) with no results I reset the game and BOOM, fish started happening again. Oh well. I also, practiced right before Michigan, basically checking how far I could cast, ended up catching a unique and never got one during the tournament. I think that fishing before a contest with unique fish and catching a unique right before competition will give you a low uni count or none at all. The game should treat competition time as a unique time that is not effected by prior game play. Anyone else experience this? It also happened right before tourney in Moose Lake, I cast out to check something pulled in a unique and ended up with only one during comp. People were catching on average 3 and 4 unis in that qualifier.
  16. Yellow tiger med-spoon 4/0 - give this one a shot, make sure to try it enough before giving up on it.
  17. Kayak dock is a good place to start. They like structures, so look around for something like that by the train bridge. That is what I am willing to share. I put my time in and found 3 uni spots, prob more than that - for sure. Good luck.
  18. "Spinning tackle" refers to rod and reel, not lures or bait. Thus, no bottom rods or feeders, even though they use spinning reels.
  19. This happens to mine as well. Silly, but these issues usually get fixed, usually. Had the yeti at Moose lake snag my 1 of a kind lure other day. Pulled it up into the mountains. I closed the game asap and no loss of lure.
  20. Here is some advice, I was in same situation you are right now. Know what contest you are playing ahead of time. Ask whether you can make more money and xp where you are or where you are going. Also, what kind of money will you make from playing the upcoming contest, excluding if you win, just what you know you can earn. Put that knowledge together and fish accordingly. Sometimes you just have to suck it up and, either, choose to play a contest that you will go broke playing or earn more money and do a different contest later. Maybe just pass on contests occassionally and just put money in your bank. Don't convert baitcoins, way too valuable, you will see. Buying unlimited advanced lake license is super valuable. Another thing, figure out ways to practice for contests as well, which can often be one of the best ways to make money in that lake. Remember what time contests take place and what weather, then skip to the desired day and time, this will help you do better and give you a feeling of competing while practicing. Contests are their own kind of beast, so practice does not always translate into results for contests. Losing is learning if you are ready. Good luck in comps! EDIT: OH! make sure to take notes with the competition spreadsheet I created for everyone > Happy fishing!!!!!
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