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  1. Yes, it would be very nice if someone could finally talk to their clients... Is it so hard to write a few words about what the latest patch is improving? So hard?! Can't you spend 30 minutes a week answering a few questions and graciously speaking to people? Seriously?! It's just sad and pathetic...
  2. Thanks for info. Sure, I can understand that. But I'm annoyed by the fact that neither BigBen nor FP developers have clearly defined the situation. I'm asking for a simple, honest answer. Something like an official announcement (on Steam too): - Dearly beloved, we haven't forgotten about you, but the events will only be on F2P. F2P needs money too. We are working on the updates and they will be introduced to Fisheraman in about X weeks. Or - Dearly beloved, we took your money and now you can only cry. So long losers! They should be honest. There's only silence on Steam. No contact, technical support or announcements from the publisher or developers. Even here - silence... The situation is at least strange. Is it so difficult to write a few words to your clients once a week? Dear FP and BigBen Teams, you have not only taken money but also responsibility! Be honest and start taking those who pay you seriously!
  3. Mam pytanie odnośnie jakości tłumaczeń na język polski w grze. Od wielu lat ich poziom jest tragiczny i przaktycznie nie poprawia się. Czy są w planach jakieś poprawki w tym obszarze? Często czytając podpowiedzi czy opisy można naprawdę spaść z krzesła. Google tłumacz nie bardzo radzi sobie ze specjalistycznym słownictwem. Może Twórcy mogliby opublikować słowniki gry do tłumaczenia dla fanów. Pewnie tłumaczenie poszłoby błyskawicznie i wyeliminowano by śmieszne błędy. And here's a Google translation. You can see that it is not perfect: I have a question about the quality of translations into Polish in the game. For many years, their level has been tragic and is not improving at all. Are there any improvements in this area? Often reading hints or descriptions you can really fall off the chair. Google translator does not deal with specialized vocabulary very much. Maybe the creators could publish game dictionaries for translation for fans. Probably the translation would go quickly and eliminate ridiculous errors.
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