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  1. themonk1992


    Same problem on a new account too
  2. themonk1992


    Same as mr bears problem, I will try a new account and see what happens
  3. themonk1992


    Are we meant to only have 1 message allowed in inbox? It’s rather annoying to only be allowed to message on person at a time on here lol also good to be back
  4. I have not received gold baitcoins either but I was only worried about premium that i list so double XP solve that problem for me thanks Devs.
  5. Assuming the devs did good and and kicked that bugs backside! Are players going to get lost currency and or loss of premium compensation? And how to go about it? As I did message support team but had no reply. Thanks.
  6. No problem, Don't hesitate to ask if something arises.
  7. Coins for unique were from much earlier versions of the game,before they changed the currency system. This is why most YouTube videos are outdated.
  8. Hi, yes you do need th advanced lisence tha can be purchased at the shop. Secondly there is a bug in game at the moment causing the hooking issue. So nothing you can do at the moment. But the devs are working on it an should be fixed soon. Hope this helps
  9. Things still no good for me at Colorado . Young specimen only.
  10. Yeah im sure it wont be to long.._
  11. But people the devs fixed it once they can do it again. Just have faith and patience
  12. Guess who's back , back again Bug is back , tell a friend
  13. Depends on what your going for? As match rods have the ability to cast further than telescopic rods. I myself prefer match.
  14. I think you are right the only other option is that its 20lb over 100 yards. I only say that because the line is sold in spools of yards not ft. But I could be wrong also
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