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    Jedyny sposób to napisac do supportu, lecz z tego co wiem to nie zwrócą Ci sprzętu. Doradzą tylko wzmożoną czujność na przyszłość. Stracone na wieki, lecz warto choćby spróbować. Cheers Bradlley
  2. Nowa aktualizacja dostala oficjalną datę, 5 Luty stanie się dniem masowego ściągania nowego kontentu. Pozdro i widzimy się na łowisku.
  3. New update should be release to end of this month. Just be patient, remodeling pc version to ps4 is hard cous of totally different coding. We all want this update and we all are waiting. Cheers.
  4. It will take feaw months, they are still working on. Just wait.
  5. I use stop and go style, in game and irl too.
  6. There is uni cannadian walley in Emerald Lake. Picture in my native language.
  7. Danny in my opinion the best way to fish a walley uniq is taking a jig head #3 or #4 with fluorosence worm 7,5cm or 10cm and fish at night near rock in left side of docs, use kayak. The best time for uniq walley in 2am to 4am. If you play on ps4 you can call me in game, psn id : bradley1990 Cheers.
  8. Its just main menu of shop, select any type of line press confirm button and then you will go to shop page with lines, there select line that you interest and click buy. Bought line can be in your backpack or in your house depend where you have space for new line. With any other question feel free to ask here or if you play ps4 my id: bradley1990 Cheers.
  9. New update should be avaible in late days this month. We all are waiting for it.
  10. Tak jak w tytule, chcesz połowić i pogadać to pisz śmiało, psn id bradley1990
  11. Yes i have a microphone, feel free to call with any question.
  12. To disable exp penalty always use rods, reels and lines as near as posible to max size of fish you are currently hunting. If you need any ingame help pm me on psn or in game bradley1990
  13. This is awesome idea. In that cabin you would also add a buyable minigames like darts or 8 ball tables.
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