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  1. BigBen has no faults ?? Wrong, it is the BigBen who is guilty, bought the license and resells it, those of Fishing Planet have made various updates and support the game, so it is BigBen who must, update and support the game, or pay those of the Fishing Planet , to do the job for them. But here we are dealing with a company, which wanted to screw customers, declaring that it would have been a better game, without hidden costs and with future evolutions, instead none of this, there is no assistance, they do not respond to emails and messages . The only thing is that, whoever bought this game, request a refund, and if bigBen doesn't respond, then create a ClassAction against them, and make them pay for everything and more ....
  2. But are you all happy? Nobody joining to get a refund? BigBen doesn't have to get away with it, it doesn't deserve money, it has to reimburse those who bought this game, cheating on news and information, abandoning customers to themselves, and no support and updates for the product.
  3. As written on the post in steam I want a refund for this game. I also sent an email, but I am also writing it here, maybe others join the request. The game is dead, no support, no updates, there is not even a dedicated channel on the Big Ben official website, indeed, there is not even a game on their site. It is not acceptable that they bought the game, claimed money, and then abandoned it in this way, I believe that there are all the conditions for being reimbursed.
  4. The Bigben is as if it did not exist, and how to ask a wall .... Completely disappointed to have bought that version, among other things incentivized by you of Fishing Planet, with the advertising that you have done, and then today, see yourself downloaded and unsupported .....
  5. Is there any news if and when the upgrade for The Fisherman, like the one issued on FP, will be released?
  6. No deterioration has changed. Some equipment can be left to break, but not all, the basket of fish, the DLC, the 200Kg, to buy it with banknotes, you have to get to level 50, to buy it, but already at level 20 is to be thrown away, for those who he used it from the beginning, same thing for the jackets, rod holders, etc ... we bought the DLC to get these items, and then they don't last ....
  7. As mentioned elsewhere, and trying to get support for the message, the problem is not the cost, which has now been lowered and is more honest, but deterioration is everything. I understand that a line, if used in a certain way, deteriorates more quickly, like canes and reels, but it is not acceptable for a hood to deteriorate more quickly than a line, rather than repair the jacket after a short time, not to mention the fish basket, which seems made of paper, since a day of fishing, the door to 50/60% of wear, and what about the toolbox? A component that actually lasts a lifetime, here it seems made of cardboard, it is consumed like bread ..... This must be resolved, giving a more correct and balanced use and time of wear, some components must last months, not hours like now ....
  8. We are at November 6th, but on the Bigben website, we find the support for The Fisherman, if you want to send a report or request for support, you must send an email and hope to receive a reply, since it does not open any support tiket , unacceptable... And here, if you ask for support, they send you to that country and delete the posts, as if it were not the same game, by the same owners and programmers ....
  9. Ok sorry, I did as you said, and now it seems to be ok ... I still put the photos of the settings.
  10. No changes, my Graphics Card is an Nvidia GeForce GTX 970, but it's not my problem, since from the above post, they have the same problem on PS4 too .....
  11. When entering photo mode, the face and hands are completely white
  12. The problem is also that when you start the game. always set the settings with Imperial Unit, just leaving it in English, keep the settings, but as you change language, and exit the game, in the reboot, it returns again with the imperial unit .... Made all the tests possible, and I found no solution
  13. As the first approach to The Fisherman - Fishing Planet, everything seems ok, but, a first problem concerns the setting of the Units of measurement, which, is present only if the English language is active, while in all other languages, there is no setting. At this time, to change the unit of measurement, you must first set the English language, then set the unit of measurement and then return to the preferred language. I enclose two photos to better visualize the problem. Roby y
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