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  1. How come fishing planet has missions for Christmas but fisherman doesn't? am I missing something here?
  2. I have commented on this before and this is why I don't enter events very often. this grouping together thing is ridiculous. VFF is putting so much pressure on the 2 poor guys from EZ that they are forced to create 5 or 6 accounts each on every platform including steam and xbox to compete and they still come up short. its a good thing our old president Obama gave them both new game consoles, cell phones and a lifetime supply of welfare checks or they would have to go to Walmart and work and leave the house which would mean they couldn't play fishing video games all day everyday for the rest of their miserable lives. I assume its the same in brazil no worky ,more game play. Here in north Carolina we have to work for a living and most are proud to do just that rather than sponge off American citizens so you can play games all day. as skybox said unless you are an unemployed bum who can sit in front of that tv all day playing the game you have very little hope of winning these events
  3. I had the exact same issue and that's why I just don't play events very often. turns out you actually need to be in the top 10 to see the top 10. now that you know that I would recommend you either get better at the events or do as I do, just fish for the adventure. happy to help
  4. The good news is they got all of your money for half a game that is just good business
  5. So has anyone managed to find the 35 DLCs we were told we would get with the game? All I see are 4 you can buy with baitcoins and 2 you can buy with real money which most got with the game. 35 - 6 = 29 more DLCs we should have access to
  6. Oh ya that is believable if the first bundle you bought was at lvl 47. im repairing equipment all the time I don't know why you would be any different
  7. To the devs of fishing planet and the fisherman, it would be a real good piece of business to actually LISTEN to the people that have been playing this game for years, they know of what they speak. Firstly, the fighting strength of the fish is waaaayyy overdone. I understand you wanted to make the game seem more realistic but you in fact made it ridiculous. It is beyond annoying to catch a fish at 100 feet out and spend 10 minutes reeling it in to 30 feet only to have it run out to 150 feet so you can spend another 20 minutes trying to land it. If you are in an event where catching more fish matters like nightcatchers for instance, 1 wrong fish can literally end your chances. I would suggest somewhere in between where the strength used to be and where it is now would be ideal, remember, its a video game not real life. people play it to have fun and this aspect of the game is NOT fun, trust me. Secondly, whats with all the false nibbles and snags you have put in the game? once again ridiculous. try to fish for trout in white moose with a lure I guarantee you catch more shells than fish. try to catch a salmon in Alaska these days is like trying to catch a fly with chopsticks. I see this as once again you have overdone things, there is no need to have the settings this high on these perameters. this takes away from the overall enjoyment of the game and frustrates people and I have a gard time believing that was your goal. once again half way between where it was and is now would be perfect. these are suggestions I and many others im sure hope you take into serious consideration. these issues annoy people and annoyed people move on to other games and then fishing planet/ big ben doesn't make any money. I will continue to play the game but more and more I don't play as much as I used to due to these silly settings you have imposed on this game. I certainly would not recommend anyone spend money on this game the way it is now. make these changes and it will improve the game quite a bit but above all, LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE THAT PLAY THE GAME.
  8. I agree there is nothing wrong with playing both platforms. I know people that did that but they literally released their fish near the end if they already qualified so they wouldn't pinch a spot from another player.we were talking about this today and it will be interesting to see if rtcomando and toddho/toniho playing in both semi finals. if so it means they are letting someone else in their group use their acct to play
  9. I don't think playing both of them is a big deal but as you said if you already qualified just release the fish so you don't take a spot from someone else. this has been a hot button issue on these forums for a long time and these guys know better. technically I guess it not against any rules to qualify on 2 platforms but it is so damn ignorant to other players. in tonihos case the guy has so many accounts im surprised he doesn't get turned around and confused and he qualified twice in fishing planet. these guys need a life
  10. Hey Roto and Toniho whats the deal with you 2 qualifying for the gar tournament with both the fisherman and fp? you cant play both semis when they are both at the same time. that is the most ignorant and disrespectful thing I have seen on this game yet. toniho or toddho or whatever his name is actually qualified 3 or 4 times with different accounts. roto comes across like a big hero and leader in this game and then pulls this crap. lost my respect that's for sure. I don't normally do these tournaments but thought I would give this a go. I didn't qualify which is fine but if I finished 21st and didn't qualify because of these clowns. damn ignorant, was the talk in the chatroom the whole time I played the tourney today. if you have that much free time and need a job I can talk to some friends and maybe hook you up of course you would have to move to the states and might cut in to your fishing planet time.
  11. I got the 18 cats in Louisiana and don't recall seeing a DLC pack arrive. Come to think of it, I wasn't sure how I had 80 candys, rotten minnows and pig eyes in my bait area so maybe I did get it just didn't see it. will confirm later
  12. also another ill conceived fishing planet snafu by releasing this game a week before Halloween event. nobody has time to level up to get the gear needed for the event or tournament. good luck bringing in a frankenfish with a Fenix rod.
  13. ok may be a false alarm. was just at white moose and landed uniques and they gave me 34 to 38 baitcoins. I guess I can see a point where baitcoins will be so easy to get this point will be moot. with the free time advancement people will just be unique hunting
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