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  1. I've reported crashes related to the "M" map as soon as it was put into the game. I've sent logs and so on and it was never fixed. I pretty much can't use this map in-game.
    Funny enough the crash which happens when you go to your friends list also still exists even tho it's not a new bug.
    How about developer fixes bugs which people report for months now. They are going to release a "full game" aka TheFisherman and this game lack a lot of polish and fixes.

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  2. I've been fishing with braid line for almost two decades and I've never heard any line "whine" or "squicking" while under normal load (while reeling in the lure, e.g. wobbler/crankbait). The only time when a braided fishing line or any line makes a sound is when it's under heavy load and that does not always happen.

    So why is this annoying sound a default sound for the fishing line which is not operating under heavy load? 

    I literally need to turn off sound or reduce it to not go crazy because of this sound when spinning fishing in FP. 

  3. From crashing game to crashed drivers. Yesterday I was playing 2-ish hours on Saint-Croix no problem. Today most of the time I can't even load the game and the only difference is that yesterday I was playing alone in a private room and today I went into public one with maybe 5 ppl near me. Same things were happening in one of the EU locations when I was pulling up the map. 

    This game is more bugged now than it was a few months ago. What the hell is going on?

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