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  1. btw the bull frog popper is tha shat! love that thing...and the patriotic walker...nice.
  2. got emerald lake...guess i have to get that one first? got em....thank ya
  3. i did. i threw my hook right at the sunken part of the canoe but nothing happned. what am i suppose to be looking for?
  4. i enjoy this event. very cool indeed....but i have no idea how to catch the relic chest...somebody give me a clue?? im in north carolina...caught all the historic fish there and found the canoe...now what? i thew my hook over there but it says catch the relic chest...how?
  5. NothingMuch

    NothingMuch's Album

    caught that bad boy earlier today you wil probably see FISH and places to fish put in that work tonight folks haha...been on here since I had my first son..and he's 22 love it tho...keeps me sane hahaha
  6. where are the fishing poles?? i sure dont see any in the water. details its all about the details.
  7. OOPS i just seen the sky is kinda pinkish..my bad. easy fix tho. sometimes fishing when the sky is purple aint too bad
  8. i found ot i got on the competition list...well the big bass catch in texas.....looked and i made it to #51 with a 2.172lb bass  15.7 inches       i didnt know.  i knew i caught a big fatty the other day but didnt check.   but there it is folks the highlite of my day.   now its back to kicking ass and chewing gum.   

  9. depends on how many people you know online and in the real world that also plays. i dont know anyone online on the ps4 until here recently. i just jumped in a rrom and started casting. met a few but lots of poeople just stop playing never see them again. suepollock yell at me if you want to when you get on. im lev 24 just trying to make it out of the kiddy pond in texas....i mean i can but i tend to spend my money....but now that i have some decent equipment i can just bass farm in texas for a minute and emerald lake as well...ill have 20k in no time. knock on wood. llike i told them....the name is NervousN just send a request if you want to....goes for anybody haha later
  10. hey...hows it goin....look me up on the ps4....im usually on there. i just found out that i got the number 51 spot in Texas for the big bass....2.172lbs um...but yeah send me a bud invite whoever wants to and we will catch some fish im sure. NervousN that be the name to look for....hit me up any time. heading in there now actually....i wanted to shout the news bout that bass hahah chaucho just too the 50 spot but he is a little lower lev than me..alls good. talk at yall later on
  11. if you see the float start running across the water but doesnt go under its a good possibility that that fish has got and gettin out of dodge...id jerk that thing out of the water. but someone said you gotta know when....cant just do it right off the bat let em take it for ride if it dont go under and its still goin good chance you can get him. chance you take tho. i see what you mean by that live bait running for cover too. i would. mmmm hard to say. i like good questions but it almost seems like you would know after a certain little bit of time went by..if its still moving along after so long and can see the route this thing is taking...can tell. if its going all over the place a fish probly has it and is freakin..if its goin slightly striaght forward then yeah its being chased. but like i said..its just my two cents. im outta here for a while
  12. lil off fishing topic a lil but not much. this a a game called God of War. came out last year and playing it will change your life. ill got ahead and say that. it has this sorta sophisticated camera mode in the game itself where you can pause the game anytime and use the photomode to place your cam anywhere within reason around where your character is. and the cam has many great filters and ya have to know your field distances and your focuses and your ins and outs...I got over 1500 screenshots of this game alone. but this I took I notice the last couple of days that something just isn't right by all the gods that they worship. anybody notice what I see that should not be.
  13. gotta a new album with some screenshots in it showing fishing planet side by side with and without Reshade.  check it out.....NothingMuchs album  hope it helps.  

  14. one thing on the guys running these gaming software companies..yaknow not like these billion dollar BLIZZARD empires but these little guys like fishing planet and others that are kinda small....wonder if this is just a thing these guys do on the side.....probably have full time jobs and just can get to us when they can. people are insanely busy these days with the rat race. so ya just don't know until you walk in their shoes. anyway haha ill talk at ya later....whats your handle on fishing planet and ill send you a bud request and well do some fishin
  15. hey I hear ya. I have a degree in AutoCad and a degree in 3dStudio Max but after I got out of school I went to work for a mapping engineer company making 3d maps of the USofA County by county. and there was not a detail that was missed. we got our photos from airial photography and the measurements was less than a half a inch. put those 2 same photos in microstation and put our 3d glasses on and calibrated the coordiance with the grand satilites up in space and started drawing.....everyting. get to a neighborhood and draw all the streets..with Z elevation plus x and y with freggin precision. I have probably mapped over 6 states. roads houses driveways mailboxes doghouses light poles center strips down the road patios sheds holes in somebody's back yard creeks rivers industrial plants colleges ditches the depth of the ditch and the elevation of both sides....on and on the details these contractors wanted started making me wonder what in the hell is going on. we mapped Kentucky and I can swear to ya if something happens and you try and run and hide...forget it. every cave has been located drawn with precise elevation and precise location according to gps. nothing got away. worked it for almost 20 years and when I left California was being mapped inch by inch with correct latitude and long..and correct elevation. hence 3d maping…..just makes me wonder. hahah almost like they are planning to build some sort of digital earth as soon as these companies have it all mapped. but yeah everything got digitized. stereo compilation was my title look it up. all the trees...crazy haha anyway yappin again. ive been up for way too long and I get this way. sorry I will tone down eventually. good talkin
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